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    Solved! I want to install SSD in my Laptop by replacing hhd in cd drive and ssd in main slot. Can anyone give better description on it?

    I want to install ssd in my pc. Should i put it in cd drive or in main slot? Also i want to keep my data of hhd. How should i install windows after it? A clone to ssd or a new fresh install? Appreciate if anyone answers! Tysm in advance
  2. K

    Question Use the cd drive bay

    I have a Dell laptop that has a CDDrive in it which I have never used over the last 4 years. I know I can swap it with a HDD/SSD but I already swapped the main HDD with a 1TB SSD so I don't need much storage. Is there a product out there that would let me use the SATA port of the CD Drive to...
  3. G

    Solved! CD Drive

    I recently upgraded my HDD and while the computer was scanning it I tried to put back in the CD drive. It got stuck right before it clicked into place, and when I tried to pull it out it was stuck. I re-opened the computer to find nothing was blocking it. So I tried again and same problem. Any...
  4. P

    Solved! Acer Laptop not playing DVD's

    Hi, I have a Acer Aspire E15 (E5-521-45BU). I was given it from a friend moving abroad (i.e. didn't buy it new, don't know the history). The first thing I did was reinstall windows 10. We now use it to watch moves on, however recently it has stopped been able to read the DVDs. Then it will read...
  5. C

    Solved! My laptop has a CD drive with a button to open it but it wont open

    i have a CD drive in my Acer Aspire V 14 Touch ( Win10 ) and when i press the button to open the tray, it wont open AT ALL, when i look for a CD drive THERE IS NONE! how can i get my CD drive back? would be useful for music and if i ever need a backup or restore disc.
  6. F

    Solved! Can i use an external cd drive to plug into a subwoofer usb?

    I have a subwoofer speaker with radio and usb, I always used this usb playing my music, the cd palyer of my old component is not working properly so i would like to know if the usb drive has enough power to run external cd player
  7. E

    Solved! How to ooen CD drive acer aspire ES1-132

    Acer aspire Es1-132 .where is the CD slot
  8. R

    Solved! LENOVO Z51-70 replacing DVD/CD drive with SSD with caddy not recognised by BIOS

    I've had this laptop for 3-4 years rarely used the dvd drive . Found out about the whole drive-ssd replacement to boost booting speed and some programs while still having the good old HDD as bulk storage . Anyway , I got the crucial mx500 and decieded to embark upon a journey of messing around...
  9. T

    Can I use an external CD drive to plug into car AUX port?

    playing cd's in car without a slot
  10. D

    Solved! how to fix cd drive that fail to eject

    when ejecting cd drive an error will occurred
  11. C

    How to open asus x441n cd drive

    How to open the asus x441n cd drive?
  12. A

    There’s no longer power supply to my cd drive. It won’t open with the button unless I use the small hole and it won’t re

    There’s no longer power supply to my cd drive. It won’t open with the button unless I use the small hole and it won’t read the disks either.. am using Asus X441S
  13. P

    Install Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro from USB Flash Driver

    hi I need to install Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to my laptop that doesn't have CD drive. I only have the installation pack in the CD. Can I copy all the files from CD to USB flash driver and install it from there? Which files should I click to run the installation? Many thanks.
  14. Lutfij

    How To Install Windows Laptops Without CD Drive

    Advancements in technology and improved lithography have paved the way towards powerful components on a smaller die package. This eventually gave birth to slimmer, lower profile laptops. Although providing a solution, it’s brought up challenges and compromises along the way. Do you have a laptop...
  15. N

    Old laptop opens the cd tray when powering it on.

    It's an old Compaq 1245. I want to restore it just for fun. I've replaced the CMOS battery, cleaned it and reinstalled WinME (will swtich to 98SE later). But this is driving me crazy. Whenever I power the laptop on, the cd drivers opens automatically. There doesn't seem to be any other...
  16. M

    how to unblock cd drive

    how do i un blocked my cd drive
  17. W

    run 2 instances at the same time

    run 2 instances at the same time on different cd drives
  18. L

    Cd Drive on Toshiba L850 Laptop

    I am having problems with my CD drive on my Toshiba laptop, it is to do with the metal sheet that is inside of the drive, one of the clips has broken off, so an edge is pointing upwards which makes a grinding sound when a CD turns inside of it. I do not want to buy a new CD drive for it, due to...
  19. C

    Once file from disc is entered how do you find it on the screen

    Once you loaded disc to CD drive and it's been loaded how do you find it on the screen
  20. A

    Your PC/Device needs to be repaired

    Hi. I've been using my laptop for 2 months now it's an ASUS X442UQ. Last night i restarted my laptop and then after that it showed up the "Blue Screen Of Death". I do not have any recovery tools for this and i'm really scared that my parents will get mad at me :(. At the bottom it says error...
  21. V

    Hey my laptop when I reboot I unfortunately switched off so it's not windowa and keeps on restarting and I don't have a flash

    I am not having any flash drive or CD drive plzz help me So plzz help me to correct my lap and how to start windowa
  22. R

    How do I open the CD drive on my Windows 10

    How do I open my disk drive
  23. B

    External CD Drive (USB or AUX) Quality over Digital Files

    I was recently bought a few CDs and would like to play them in my car but it has no built-in CD drive. If I were to buy an external CD drive to plug into my car by way of USB (or AUX?), would the sound quality be degraded? And hence would there be any point in using the CDs over just digital...
  24. M

    Connect a CD player to an old Sony mini component system with broken CD player

    Old Sony mini component system with CD player broken.... currently connected to a vcr, tv, cable box, and DVD player...need to connect a new 3 disc CD player
  25. B

    CD drive runs continuously

    My vaio model PCG-7184L CD reader runs continuously. Empty drive begins to run at start up and runs continuously. Only way to stop the drive is to open it.
  26. H

    Solved! Cd is rotating but after few seconds it stops and even my computer dont show any icon change of dvd rw drive

    I havent use it for many months And cd drive is unable to read dvd
  27. C

    I need best free program for checking cds/dvds for errors?

    I simply need the best free program for checking to make sure that the scratches on cds, dvds, games aren't going to cause them to skip or not work. I found a list here but idk which one to use. Thanks a lot in advance!
  28. J

    opening cd drive

    how to open cd drive on Lenovo ideapad 110?
  29. S

    does my acer aspire ES 25 ES1-523-6312 HAVE A CD DRIVE ?

    I can se a disk drive slot but no button to open it
  30. S

    how to open the cd drive

    how to open the cd drive
  31. E

    asus laptop not playing blu ray movies through external drive

    I have the Asus TP500L laptop with no CD drive. So i bought an external CD drive which is bue-ray compatible with the intention of playing blue ray movies (it is USB 3.0). I can easily play normal DVD's through the external drive but whenever i put a blue ray movie in and play it through a blue...
  32. D

    how to block cd drive

    Hey guys i want to make that my laptop cd drive cant run cds,wont explain why but i just want to make it not accessable
  33. A

    Asus rog G551

    Can i swap my cd drive for a fan?? Is it possible?
  34. P

    Laptop needs several tries to boot properly

    Hello, A few weeks back my laptop started to have booting problems. It's kinda inconsistent and I haven't really figured out what might cause it, but I'm suspecting some sort of electrical overload maybe. It feels like it helps, when I take out the battery and power plug over night. The...
  35. L

    Cd drive will not open

    Inserted blank cd! Laptop doesn't see it and will not eject!
  36. A

    Looking for a laptop for mother in law

    I am looking for a laptop that can play civilization 5 and around the 300.00-500.00 US dollar price range. Been looking on some local stores but some online stores. Just not sure what is the opinions I should be look at.
  37. C

    does my toshiba satellite c55b5299 come with a dvd/cd drive and if so how do i access it to open

    i bought my toshiba satellite c55b5299 used from a friend and lost the manual it came with and never knew if it came with a dvd/cd drive, does this series have one installed or do i have to have one installed?
  38. S

    my cd wont eject how do i fix it

    turn o ncomputer screen wont change to boot or setup its just stuck there and cd drive didnt read it its stuck in t5he drive Dell VOSTRO #1510 laptop
  39. Carl54

    Does Anyone Know Where I can Get a Laptop With No OS?......and.....

    Hi All: Does anyone know where I can get a laptop that doesn't have an OS installed? I'm also looking for one with no cd drive. Requirements are at least 4GB memory and 200 GB storage. If anyone knows, please contact me at..[don't post your email on the forum]. Thank you. Carl
  40. A

    Cd drive problem

    I have Acer aspire computer e5 551g f794 and I can't find a cd drive and the button
  41. J

    acer aspire v5-573g how to clone new ssd drive without having a cd drive as this model dose not have one and most new noteboo

    acer aspire v5-573g how to clone new ssd drive without having a cd drive as this model dose not have one and most new notebook , I wont to upgrade my laptop but every online help ive seen they have a cd to install and its hard to do just that with out cd drive
  42. J

    Acer aspire e 14 cd drive

    How do I open the cd drive for Acer Aspire E14? The model is E5-473T-56L9. Thanks.
  43. G

    Cd Drive issues

    The optical disk drive in my laptop will not eject, read cds at all! For the longest while I noticed it was giving issues. Made a loud enough noise when a cd was in there. Normally when I turn my laptop on I hear a sound from the optical drive which means it's working. Now no sound/won't eject...
  44. G

    my computer is toshiba and the problem is thAT i cannot see icon of cd drive in my computer

    how can i instal it
  45. N

    I have a Salellite L300 series purchased in the beginning of the year and the cd drive will not open and I did try to reboot.

    I have a Satellite L300 series and the CD drive will not open I have rebooted and still it will not open is there any way in getting this open?
  46. M

    cant open cd drive

    I have Asus Windows 8 x453m laptop and I don't know how to open the disk drive, can you help me?
  47. JustGetOwned

    Home audio/theatre problem

    Greetings fellow tech enthousiasts. I'm planning on buying a new TV and would like to connect it to my stereo-tower. This way I can buy some new speakers, perhaps a soundbar, for my TV, CD player, pick-up and radio. All of them, apart from my TV, have already been connected to the receiver. The...
  48. S

    Laptop black screen at start up

    Hi everyone, Yesterday my laptop stopped working. It was running windows updates so I left for a while but when I came back the cd-drive was doing weird and the screen was black. Then I turned it off and on again but the same thing happened. So I think it's broken now. I tried different things...
  49. M

    how to use the paper clip trick to open cd drive that is stuck

    toshiba laptop - eject button not opening the dvd drawer - any tips on how to open it, please?
  50. L

    New laptop no OS, USB 3.0, no CD drive, no network capability

    As the title suggests I just bought a new laptop. It came without an OS which I thought I could handle but apparently not. It only has USB 3.0 ports, no optical drive and no network capabilities. I managed to get windows 7 installed using the Intel USB 3.0 drivers tool but I can't work out...
  51. C

    how to open cd drive on toshiba laptop satellite pro

    I have just purchased a new Toshiba laptop, Satellite Pro and cannot open my CD drive. it came with a CD to install Microsoft Works Suite 2006 but there is no eject button located anywhere on my laptop, what do I do?
  52. A

    how to open cd drive on acer aspire e 15

    Hello, I just bought an ACER Aspire E15 this morning for an assignment. I am wanting to install a CD. I noticed a slot at the right side but no buttons at all. How do I open the CD drive? Please help! Thank you.
  53. A

    how do i open my cd drive from aspire ES1-511-C723

  54. C

    looking for a good laptop in the $2000 range that can run fast

    There are some things that are a must with this laptop -Full keyboard -back lit keyboard -CD drive preferably blue-ray The following are minimum requirements -Intel i3, i5 or i7 or AMD equivalent -memory of 4 GB or greater -High performance video card capable of supporting AutoCAD and Revit...
  55. D

    Windows 7 doesn't detect my external cd drive

    Months back I took out the cd drive from my old system unit that ran on windows XP. I connected it to my notebook using the SATA to USB adaptor and it doesn't detect it at all! I've tried everything. It doesn't show up amywhere, device manager, disk management....yet nothing! When I first linked...
  56. A

    Cd-drive toshiba satellite l50-b-2d4

    I can't eject my cd-drive on my toshiba l50-b-2d4. Can someone help me please?
  57. J

    Asus cd drive

    I can't even find a cd drawer on my Asus 8500C. Does it have one?
  58. T

    Installing SSD and Window without CD Drive

    So i want to install a new ssd into my lap lenovo y50 then i noticed that the version i bought is using window 10 and from what i understand is that you cannot transfer the window to another hardware. my solution was to install window 7 with my old CD and i noticed that my laptop does not have a...
  59. N

    Do PC game disks work on Laptops?

    [b]So me and my dad found this really good gaming laptop (Asus ROG G501) and unfortunately it doesn't have a CD/DVD drive... I can't change to another laptop cause it took us at least a week to find a good gaming laptop in stock, but i'm thinking of buying an external CD drive. Here's the...