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  1. W

    Dvd-cd drive makes weird wiki-wiki robot type noises when installing..

    a game. It's like a gentle screeching as if you're spinning disco cds or something. I don't know how else to explain it... but yeah. It worries me because I just got the new laptop today. It also makes a chuck-chuck noise at the same time. It's completely random... Here's my laptop model if it...
  2. E

    Small laptop with optical, DVD, cd drive

    Hello I would really like to buy a small laptop/notebook that has an optical drive. I would like one that is not too expensive but I am willing to find a lightly used one off of eBay as well. Not too expensive meaning less than $800.00. I don't need a laptop/notebook that is too fancy or great...
  3. C

    How to format and recover a hdd without a cd drive

    Hello, i need to rebuild my notepad after formatting the HDD; the NP does not have a CD drive
  4. S

    Desltop cd drive on laptop

    Hello, can you help me regarding the use of desktop cd drive on laptop. i.e., how can i connect it to my laptop.
  5. T

    Weird boot situation

    I have bought a gateway w350a and am having a weird issue with the boot. If I dont have the cd drive in the notebook, the maching boots fine, and I can easily get into the bios. However, if I put the cd drive in the machine, the computer runs very sluggishly, taking around 5 minutes to get into...
  6. A

    My laptop wont recognise cd drive

    in my laptop cd drive is not recognise in my computers there is no cd drive ikon
  7. D

    How to format laptop without cd drive

    format my netbook
  8. T

    How to repair a laptop cd drive

    Hello, My laptop was dropped and now I can't open the CD/DVD drive. I tried the paperclip in the hole it won't open. Can anyone help
  9. R

    I purchase my hp in 2007 do you think it need up grading or buy a new pc

    I purchase my hp dv6000 in the year 2007 and now i need the full window 7 and also my dvd/cd drive is not working. I'm thinking if i should wast money to upgrade or to purchase a new laptop Thanks Aminah
  10. A

    Solved! How to reformat netbook without a cd drive

    Hello,how can i reformat my notebook without a CD ROM drive?
  11. J

    Code 39- driver corrupt or missing

    Hello,computer does not recognice cd drive at all. I have unisntalled & reinstalled but doesn' tnot work- also tried updating but still not working. driver: SD-R6112 Computer: TOSHIBA TECRA A2 MODEL: PTA20A-029002- would like to fix manually
  12. S

    Solved! Multiple hardware Failure

    my laptop dell c600 isnt working properly running xp sp2 the battery cd drive & network port arent working i updated these to the latest hardware updates including the bios still nothing i think its something to do with the software communicating with the hardware & vice vers any help is much...
  13. C

    Weird connector port from external cd drive

    I have a dell external cd dvd drive and the connector is weird looking. I need to know how to identify it. please help.
  14. D

    Why does laptop cd drive sound like it is opening

    Hello, My brand new Toshiba laptop keeps making a noise like the cd drive is trying to open. It does not open, but it keeps making the noise and I can feel it through the machine. Is it defective? Should I return it?
  15. B

    Solved! Corrupted registry file

    I have a laptop with this error: registry file failure systemroot/system32/config/software. The laptop also doesn't have a functional DVD/CD drive. Is there anyway to repair the corrupted file without a functional dvd/cd drive? I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks. Brandon
  16. D

    Harman kardon cdr20left drive keeps reading disc error

    my harman kardon cdr20 recorder on left cd drive when i put disc in and push play it turns the disc about 3 times then reads disc error
  17. J

    Solved! Can the Acer Aspire have a CD drive?

    Pls help me!!! And can ou also give me advises what to type of laptop should I buy? Thanks...
  18. C

    CD drive to hard drive

    i want to replace my cd drive bay with a hard drive for more storage. i need and ide to sata 2 converter i believe. correct me if i am wrong. is there any easy ways of doing this or will i have to make my own? also what speed limitations will there be through this connection?
  19. I

    Software downloads to restore cd drive for toshibatr laptop

    Problem with the CD drive, when CD or DVD disk is placed the computer does not register. even the opening lid as developed a problem
  20. G

    Audiolab 8000CDM Broken Load Drawer

    Hello, Does anyone know how to obtain a secondhand cd drive for my Audiolab 8000CDM CD player the drawer no longer will respond to the eject button but will manually move in and out and play the disc
  21. J

    Solved! Laptop won't boot from external CD Drive

    My dell Inspiron has a bad hard drive and CD Drive. I have an external drive I'm trying to boot Windows XP from to install on the new hard drive. But it won't boot. Any advice? Thx.
  22. L

    DVD/CD Drive not recognised

    Cant olay a Disney cd . on my mac book
  23. G

    Solved! Reinstall windows root system32 ntoskrnl exe without cd drive

    we have an acer netbook that is missing the windows root system32 ntoskrnl exe file. how do we reinstall it without a cd drive?
  24. M

    Solved! There\s a cd in the drive, and i can;t eject it.

    there's a cd in my cd drive, but, if i try to eject it, it won't. everytime i try to eject it through My Computer, it does not respond.
  25. N

    DVD/CD Drive not recognised

    Hi I'm currently having a problem I've seen alot with other HP DV 2000 (and others in that range) laptops. The DVD/CD drive is simply non existent even though it's physically working. I've seen the problem by googling the issue many a times on different forums but never a clear resolution...
  26. J

    Solved! Replace cd drive in averatec 5400

    I need to replace the cd/dvd drive on my Averatec 5400 laptop. Can anyone help me?
  27. G

    Replace cd drive sj51

    I am trying to replace the CD/DVD Drive on a Packard Bell SJ51 but it seems there is no quick release. Any forum members have ideas on this one ?
  28. R

    Cd drive not working

    Hi, Please can you help,I have a toshiba satalite pro a300-2c3. when a dvd is inserted it works fine but when trying to burn a cd nothing happens at all. any idea? thans.
  29. G

    Change device boot order in bios ACER aspire 5534 instructions

    Can anyone tell me how to change the setting in the BIOS so that the computer will boot from the CD drive? I am able to move the CD drive to the top of the I then hit "ENTER" to close out the window on "Yes"?
  30. G

    Cd drive

    Hello, i seem to have lost the cd drive off of my acer aspire 5810t laptop . how ? more to the point what can i do
  31. shovenose

    Toshiba portege 3500

    how do i get it to boot from usb cd cuz it has no cd drive. thanks.
  32. H

    Solved! CD Drive Not Detected on HP notebook

    Hello, HP notebook thus not read cd/dvd drive. It thus not show, used all the NONE help from tech support, even full system recovery, no cd drive found, even installed new drive, same problem...HELP ME
  33. F

    Upgrading Acer Aspire 4520/cd drive not working

    First: I recieved this laptop as a birthday gift a couple years back, and it is getting very slow on me. I've looked at the specs online, and it says its upgradeable to 4gb ram. Now would I be able to just go out and buy any laptop ram and stick it in there? Would I have any issues in upgrading...
  34. G

    Cd drive wont open

    Hello,the light flashes on nothing happens
  35. G

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 9200 dvd drive

    Hello,Have the above mentioned Laptop and I cannot play DVD's any longer. My DvD drive only shows up as a cd drive. Any suggestions
  36. T

    Solved! Matshita uj 840d

    Hello, my laptop crashed. i have recovered it, but now i need the software for the dvd/cd drive. any suggestions?
  37. P

    Add a program from a cd to a computer without a cd drive

    Hello, Can anyone tell me the easiest way to add a program that is on a cd to a computer that does not have a cd drive. It does have usb ports
  38. G

    My Cd Drive Popped Out And A Silver Rod Came Out Of It NOw My Brother Tried To P

    WHat Should I Do To Get The Silver Rod Out To Put It In Properly To Fix The CD Drive?
  39. K

    Solved! Dell 600 samsung sn-124 cd drive firmware failed

    I have a dell lattitude 600 with a samsung sn-124 cd drive. i tried to update the firmware and the update failed. i then rebooted and the bios starts up and then i get a white screen device not recognized. the light on the cd drive blinks rapidly but the tray wont open. and the message says to...
  40. G

    Solved! Hitachi dvd driver for model #DK23EA-30

    Hi, I am trying tofinnd a driver fir the dvd/cd drive in my dell inspiron computer. Can anyone help? Thanks Tim @
  41. F

    Cd drive not working

    Hello, I have an hp presario V6500 notebook. The cd drive stopped working a few months ago. The disc player is working as I can hear it whirring on boot up and I can hear it spinning if I put a disc in. It's listed in BIOS but not in device manager. I'm on windows vista and have itunes. Not very...
  42. G

    Solved! Acer restore no cd drive no boot screen

    Help! I need to restore the acer aspire one laptop my stepdaughter uses but it has no cd drive or boot screen, and when her mother tried to fix it she deleted important files that won't let it connect online anymore. also no exe type file in erecovery folder
  43. T

    Solved! Connecting an external CD drive to aspire one D150

    Can I connect an external CD drive via USB port and download printer software to tha Acer Aspire one D 150 netbook without causing problems to the netbook?
  44. I

    DVD/CD drive is not recognized on the laptop

    What would cause a computer to just stop recognizing a dvd drive, just out of the blue and is there any way i can fix it myself
  45. jetblack357

    Thinkpad r40 will not detect cd drive

    My thinkpad r40 will not detect cd drives in the ultra bay but it will detect a floppy drive in the bay and I want to know if somebody has had this same problem and knows how to fix it and if someone tells me to get a new laptop i cant because im 15 and am not able to get a job yet. The problem...
  46. G

    Compaq 7330T

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Anyone know how to get windows on a compaq armanda 7330t that don't have a cd drive? -- Jeff Parks Jeffs Computer Service
  47. E

    Reading DVDs in a CD drive????

    Ok, i thought id ask u guys on this i have heard about software that exists that enables you to read a DVD disc in a standard CD drive. Is this possible and if so can you give me the name of the software? Thanx Judge me all you want; just keep the verdict to yourself!!!