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  1. W

    windows 10 cd drive

    Upgraded from 7 to 10 and cd drive will not work
  2. A

    How do i open the cd drive of my kogan laptop?

    It looks like there is a CD drive on the right side of my laptop but there isn't a button nor is there anything about a CD drive in MY COMPUTER please help if you can...
  3. V

    Dell studio 1558 is not booting up.

    My dell studio 1558 laptop is not booting; last night only it was working perfectly fine. There is nothing coming up on screen, not even dell's logo but all the attached hardware like HDD and CD drive is ruining fine, power light on power button is also up; and whenever I press the power button...
  4. D

    How to make a cd drive to boot in bios on toshiba tecra a4

    How to make a cd drive to boot in bios on toshiba tecra a4
  5. H

    How to open my cd drive on my acer labtop

    hi everyone I have a acer windows 8 labtop it looks exactly like an acer e 15 but idk if it is but here I go my disk tray does not have a button to open it I have searched threw the computer and I have found that it does have one, it has options for blu-ray dvd's and regular dvds so if u could...
  6. J

    how to open the cd drive or room of topshiba c55b5299

    how to open the cd drive or room of toshiba c55 b5299
  7. G

    how to replace dvd/cd drive with hdd in lap top

    i have put ssd where was hdd. i would like to put that hdd instead of dvd/cd drive but the hdd drive conector is wider.
  8. K

    How to open the toshiba laptop tray

    I keep on looking to find a button or something but there is nothing why did it say it had a cd drive if it does not
  9. S

    Problem with CD Clock Radio Playing CD

    Hello. I have a GPX CRCD6306DT CD Clock Radio that is not playing any CDs. When I put the CD into the drive, it will spin and load as if it was going to play, but then there is no sound. I know that the speakers work because they work fine when I turn on the radio. I've taken apart the radio to...
  10. J

    Nothing happens when I press a key "Insert boot media in selcted boot device and press a key"

    Just built a new computer. Have windows 7 installer in CD drive. When I start up computer, it keeps saying "Reboot and select proper boot device, or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key." When I press a key, it doesn't do anything. I have the CD drive as my main boot...
  11. M

    cd tray not working and doesn't say I have a cd drive

    I have a CD disk tray with a button on the side but it doesn't work. Also when I go on to my computer to find my CD drive it doesn't show up. Please help. It's an Acer Aspire E 14"
  12. R

    how open asus x553m cd drive

    I can't see any buttons there. How I open
  13. L

    how to open cd drive on acer E5 411 C7HR

    I can't seem to find how to open my cd drive on acer E5 411 C7HR.
  14. F

    acer open cd drive

    My computer is dead and I can't get my disc out of it Btw it's ACER
  15. A

    Is there A WAY to fix this problem... I need answers.. I am late on school stuff because of my CD drive

    My drive is sratching my CDS. any ideas on how to fix this.. I am a replacement and it still scratches it!!
  16. O

    Help with my Toshiba Qosmio G30

    My laptop will not boot from CD or USB, I put either CD-drive or FDD as boot priority and it just has a blinking underscore and then goes to establishing connection, I am trying to install windows but cannot please help
  17. G

    looking for CD drive

    I have a ACER ASPIRE E1-470P it doesn't come with a CD drive built in but looks as if it will have a port on the side for on installed is there or can I get a CD drive installed in it please help.........
  18. E

    CD drive on a Acer Aspire e15 es1-511-c723

    I cant seem to the get the cd drive open, if even what i see on the right side on the laptop is even a cd drive, if it is or not can someone please help me
  19. alpacino2368

    Squealing Noise coming from laptop

    Hey guys my laptop makes a weird high pitch squealing noise and Im not sure the cause although I have an idea. It doesn't happen all the time but appears randomly. Now I know most people are thinking its the hdd except this laptop has an ssd so it can not be that. It has a cd drive but the sound...
  20. P

    How to open cd drive

    Need to khow to open CD drive
  21. J

    Denon CD Player Drawer won't open

    I've a problem with my Denon Cd Player. The drawer wont open sometimes. On closer inspection, it appears to be due to the magnet above the drawer being too strong and not releasing the drawer. Is there a fix for this?
  22. M

    Asus x552L , don't know to open CD drive

    I've just bought this laptop and cant find any way to open the CD drive , no button , no cd drive in my computer , there's a little "lock" hole near it but i've sticked a nail , and nothing happened . please gimme a helpful hand here, i'd appreciate (sorry for bad english).
  23. B

    How do I open the CD drive on my laptop? It's a Acer aspire V3-472P-52Ib

    I got a new laptop few days ago, Acer aspire V3-472p-51jb and the CD drive won't open when I press button, been googling and youtubeing to find how to open it but can't find how or idk how,
  24. S

    I can't find my CD drive on my Acer e 15 touch

    I have looked everywhere on my Acer e 15 touch and can't figure out how to open my CD drive. Please help.
  25. G

    No cd drive in the Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14Z...

    Can I get one installed? I know I can hook up a portable one but would rather an internal one. Thanks.
  26. J

    How to open cd drive tray on my toshiba c55t-b5109 i can't find the eject button!!

    I can't open my dvd drive on my toshiba c55-tb109
  27. V

    i cant find it in the windows any where

    i cant find the cd drive in any of the programs and searching for it in the start menu doesn't work either
  28. G

    cd paint error message

    I have a manual on a disc. Everytime I place the cd into the cd drive I get this message G:\Index Htm Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file or its format is not currently supported. This cd used to run but not now. Can anyone help. I am using a windows 8.1 OS.
  29. D

    Open CD drive

    I definitely have a CD drive on my Toshiba Satellite C 55 laptop. There is no button to press to get it to open though and the drive doesn't show up under the drives in my PC so please don't suggest that I right click the drive and press eject. That won't work.
  30. C

    how to open cd drive on my toshiba satellite C55-B5298

    cant find a button to open the cd drive not used to computers
  31. Z

    my cd will not drop completely in the cd drive will buttons are potted out

    cd does not want to completely drive into the drive center piece buttons are out
  32. A

    my dell laptop stopped last night with a loud hang sound so I turned it off by long pressing the power button. after that when

    Dell studio 1550 no display hard drive running cd drive running
  33. W

    Laptop recommendations under $500 w/ optical drive

    So the title says it all. I'm looking for the cheapest laptop possible for my father to carry with him on business and can use Dragon speech recognition software on. Other then that, he would only need basic word processing and light internet browsing. The main kicker is he needs an optical...
  34. R

    Can't boot laptop from disk

    I'm trying to install XUbuntu on an old laptop of mine in the hopes that it will get rid of the problems it has. Long story short, it blue screens ALOT and no one knows why. Either way, when I choose to boot from the CD Drive, it just shows a black screen with a flashing cursor up in the top...
  35. S

    Office 2013 Install

    Just wondering I found office 2013 for $148 at jbhifi while on Microsoft site it is $169. If i buy it at the store does it allow me the option to download it form somewhere and just use the product key? Cause I don't have a CD/DVD drive on my ultra book and haven't yet got an external one. Also...
  36. P

    "Toshiba Satellite L40D - B" No eject button on CD drive

    I just got this as my new laptop and I cannot eject the CD/DVD drive; there is no butto to eject it from the side, but it looks like there is a visible cd tray on the side. Any way to open it?
  37. D

    Need driver for Toshiba Satellite cd rom for imaging

    Hi, I need help finding a driver for my laptop. I'm using a cd to put windows 7 onto my laptop but its asking me for my cd rom driver? i don't have. How can I get this put on to laptop that doesn't work so that i can image it with this windows 7 cd? My model is L645D-S4030. Any help would...
  38. A

    laptop without cd/dvd drive built in

    I've been told that I can purchase an external cd drive and plug it into a laptop in order to listen to music and watch DVDs. - can I store my favorite collection of cds on my laptop like I would have with an internal CD drive? How easy is it to do? - can I easily use other software I would...
  39. G

    cd drive on ascer aspire E1 510 2821

    How do I open cd drive on ascer aspire E1 510 2821. This model has an optical drive according to specs.
  40. C

    How to open cd drive on a Acer e1-570

    pois mas nem todos eu tanho um Acer aspire E1-570G e a drive não tem botão ao meio e gostaria de saber como fasso para a abrir
  41. H

    I can't open my cd drive. I don't see a button or anything. I have an acer aspire e1-470p-6411 model Help pleasee?

    I've looked all over for a button to open my cd drive but I can't find one. I was just wondering if there is even a cd drive on this model?
  42. S

    Satellite C855D won't boot from external USB DVD drive

    I have tried everything to get this laptop to boot from an external cd drive to no avail. Windows will recognize the drive but the BIOS won't boot to it. I have the newest BIOS version. I already have secure boot off with the boot setting to CSM. I also have the 1st boot priority set to USB. The...
  43. M

    using broken laptop as a external cd drive

    Hi, i have a issue i have 2 laptops one of them the screen is broke and the other one its noit reading any cd is there any way i can use the laptop with the broken screen as a external cd drive so i can be able to burn cds
  44. S

    What driver do i need

    What driver do i need to get past this error message ''a required dvd/cd drive device is missing. if you have a driver floppy disk, cd, dvd, or usb flash drive, please insert it now''
  45. Dizturb3dwun

    Error Code 0xc00000000f. Won't boot from CD Drive at all.

    I have a Gateway NV53 laptop, and a while back I restarted it and it just wouldn't turn on. I've tried windows install disc, windows recovery disc, but i keep getting this "Error Code 0xc000000000f" it is telling me it wants me to boot from my recovery CD, but it won't let me. Anyone know what i...
  46. I

    Secondary GPU in Laptop

    Can a cd drive be replaced with a secondary GPU like the cd drive can be replaced with a SSD? I have a Asus G750JW and was wanting to add or see if it was possible to add a new GTX765M in it to have games run more smooth.
  47. P

    How to open cd drive on a Acer e1-570

    do not know have to open my cd-drive? no botton ore sign for it under my computer it´s a acer e1-570
  48. hamed033

    CD drive isn`t working.

    I have an Acer Aspire 1410 ZL1, with an Slimtype DVDRW SOSW 852S. I got that laptop as a gift from my cousin, and it was working fine for about 6 months, then the CD stopped reading any kind of CD`s,after that it stopped ejecting when i press the button, so i need to force eject it. I tried to...
  49. S

    cd player fails replicate well high freq sound

    all my cd players and even more my laptop run into problem playing certtaind cd recording in the range of high frequency's where the tweeter and treble sounds come from ;and as well ,by using a sound enhancer to enhance those freq '; ends up in cd playback failure ' from better to worse on...
  50. vileynye

    Best Low Budget Laptop?

    When I say low, I mean low. I have $400 to spend on a laptop. So the price can't exceed that after tax. This is the laptop I have been looking at: It seems to be a pretty...
  51. K

    can i use ps2 as cd drive for my laptop

    HI this may be bit strange to see i have a old laptop.Its cd drive not working. So can i use my playstation 2 as cd drive to boot it. Thanks
  52. K

    access another laptop cd drive

    Hello can anyone tell me Is there any way to connect cd drive of my laptop to other laptop. coz to install new os. the other laptop cd drive isnt working. no usb flash drive booting Thanks
  53. K

    linux,install os on laptop without cd drive and usb

    Can anyone tell me the procedure to install linux coz no cd drive and no option to boot from usb flash drive in my BIOS. help will be appreciated Thanks
  54. K

    rebooting,cd drive broken,old laptop

    I can't load past the BIOS screen with my laptop, and i want to use the windows recovery disk to reformat my pc. But. my laptop's CD Drive is broken. Is it possible for me to use another computer's CD drive to somehow connect to my laptop's hard drive or something and use that to reformat me...
  55. N

    Recording and duplicating church services

    What equipment would you recommend in order to both record and then duplicate services using CD's. Just want functional low cost system
  56. S

    Aspire One will not recognize external cd drive

    Help please. I have an Acer Aspire One and am trying to use an Acer external CD drive (with USB connection) and computer is not recognizing the CD. I tried the CD drive on another computer and it worked just fine. Help Please! Thanks!
  57. A

    Anyone else have a bad experience with Eurocom?

    I ordered a Racer 2.0 a month ago after hearing good things about Eurocom, on here mostly. I received the laptop a month ago, and promptly shipped it back within a week for the issues of a damaged CD drive, a damaged keyboard, and a nonfunctional graphics card. It has since been a month from...
  58. I

    acer aspire one bootable device

    please help this laptop doesnt hv a cd drive to insert disk
  59. S

    External drive for my netbook problem

    Hello, I have bought a cheap external CD drive for my Samsung N10 netbook. The netbook recognises the drive and the drive will read files from a CD with no problem and displays then on the netbook and will transfer them to the hard disk BUT when I put a program CD into the drive to install...