asus laptop not playing blu ray movies through external drive


Aug 26, 2017
I have the Asus TP500L laptop with no CD drive. So i bought an external CD drive which is bue-ray compatible with the intention of playing blue ray movies (it is USB 3.0). I can easily play normal DVD's through the external drive but whenever i put a blue ray movie in and play it through a blue ray player it just states "invalid blue ray file". It does it with every blue ray disc - new ones, old ones, regular ones, 3D ones. I have downloaded multiple software and all do the same - AnyMP$, VLC, Macgo, Aiseesoft. Am I missing something? Is there something else I need to download? Thankyou!!!


Sep 14, 2012
Have a second computer to test the drive with? The blu ray laser could be malfunctioning, but the only way to really test if it's the drive or your computer is to test the drive on a different computer.
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