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  1. B

    can I back up an iPhone wirelessly to an external drive plugged into our router?

    I know I can back up to iCloud, but I was wondering whether I can plug in an external drive into our router's USB port and back up an iPhone (5S) to it wirelessly. Thanks!
  2. B

    MBP Blue Screen after running SSD externally

    While I wait for a new internal HD cable for my 13' MacBook Pro (2012 model) I've been running the main SSD (which was the internal drive) connecting externally via USB-SATA adapter. That was working fine for several days, but today it starting getting glitchy - files that I deleted wouldn't be...
  3. F

    External drive password without encryption

    I have a USB drive that's used to backup my 'live data'. I have heard of malware that will encrypt all attached drive so I would I'd like to give the the backup drive some extra protection. Encryption would slow down the backups so I'd like to simply have a password to protect against this...
  4. H

    Solved! Checking if external drive has virus

    Hey there. I just removed my old and dead laptop's hard drive, and I want to somehow make sure it doesn't contain a virus before I go through the content of it on my new PC. What is the best way to check if it has a virus or not without risking my new PC getting infected (in case it has one)...
  5. M

    Formatting-External drive not found... on xbox one/pc or mac

    I just got a Samsung M3 portable 1TB drive... I hooked it up to my xbox one and it gave me the option to format for media or games and apps.... I picked games and apps it formatted but when I go to storage its not there, when I go to back up and transfer it says external drive not found. So I...
  6. A

    How do I Transfer my Data from my dead laptops Internal HD to my new laptop?

    So my old laptop's charger stopped working and the battery still has a 50-60 percent charge but I doubt it'll be enough for me to cut/copy paste stuff onto my external drive (it's 1TB). I have around 500GB worth of data, if not more. I'm talking about transfer data like documents, images, videos...
  7. N

    Unlocking Bitlocker enabled drive

    My laptop had Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7. It was hit by a virus named Ransom. By the time I tried defending the Ransom virus, it had encrypted the C: and D: drives. I had reformat the entire hard disk and install Windows 7 as the OS. The external hard disk is bitlocker enabled. Earlier...
  8. S

    Boot from an External Drive On MacBook Pro

    Sometimes your MacBook Pro requires to be booted from an external hard drive instead of a primary start up drive. A few reasons might include update, troubleshooting, repairing of disks, partition, etc. For conducting the booting procedure, it would require an external hard drive that would be...
  9. M

    Backup software help

    Im searching for a program that i can use to backup/sync my WD external drive to my other WD external drive... normally i do it manually, copying files and stuff... so if i rename a folder on my first drive and then need to back it up to my second i have to manually go thru and the...
  10. canexicans

    Toshiba Satellite powers off instantly without warning, I'm paralyzed so that's bad because I cannot push the button myself.

    It usually happens after starting a 2nd or 3rd application. The surest bets to cause it involve videos or Java, maybe Flash but not confined to. It doesn't "Shutdown" or go through any process. It's just instant off which means no log. (I like Who Crashed Me but it can't help me this time) As...
  11. I

    Solved! loosing usb ports

    hello good ppl. i hv a Thinkpad E530 machine. Some time after reboot the external drive is lost. Have done the followings: checked the
  12. H

    External Blu-ray Player MacBook Pro HDMI No Audio

    So I have an external hard drive that I'm plugging into my MacBook Pro. Then I'm using an HDMI to play it from a Roku TV. The image of my laptop is coming up fine on the Roku, but none of the audio is playing. When I play the sound of other tabs from my laptop they play on the TV just fine...
  13. O

    Looking for a backup solution with these features

    Hi, I have very important data and need to keep them backed up always, I am looking for these features 1) the software must sync the data to multiple destinations simultaneously, like another local drive, external HDD or shared folder, and cloud like Google Drive, One Drive 2) it must support...
  14. H

    transferring movies from dvd to external drive to view on notebook (no dvd/cd slot)

    My husband travels to a lot of areas that don't have Wi-Fi and internet access. How do I record our store-purchased HD movies onto an external drive so he can view them on his computer? He only has USB ports, including a USB 3. I can transfer from DVD to the external drive, but I don't...
  15. T

    deleting from internal drive

    i have moved my apps and pitures to mo my sd card can i delete them fom my external drive and se them from my sd ard?
  16. Halo Diehards

    Will Bitlocker stop other users from accessing my external drive? And will Synctoy still work?

    I'm frustrated to learn that other users can access my external drive when they're logged into my pc. That external drive backs up all of the stuff that is kept private in my own user account. Does anyone know if I can use Bitlocker to protect my external drive so only my user account can access...
  17. D

    Moving apps to external storage (memory card) permanently

    I have the Samsung J7, my problem is that my apps won't stay on my external drive (memory card). How do I prevent them from going back to my device's internal storage?
  18. E

    asus laptop not playing blu ray movies through external drive

    I have the Asus TP500L laptop with no CD drive. So i bought an external CD drive which is bue-ray compatible with the intention of playing blue ray movies (it is USB 3.0). I can easily play normal DVD's through the external drive but whenever i put a blue ray movie in and play it through a blue...
  19. K

    playing steam games off a external hard drive?

    Apologies for not knowing, but I wanted to know if it was possible to play steam games off a external drive? I heard that it would need to be at least 7200 rpm and usb 3.0. Is it okay? and regardless whether or not it does, can anyone recommended one?
  20. D

    Solved! Need help moving movies to an External drive to watch at home on the TV and on the go on Kindle Fire

    I am trying to store all of my movies on an external drive to watch at home and then to take with us (portable) on trips so my kids can watch from their Kindle Fires? Any suggestion on what I would need to make this happen? Our TVs all have a fire stick, xbox one, or a smart TV. I have not...
  21. saas1980

    Incremental backups vs full backups? Help!

    Incremental backups I use Cobian Backup for 'full backups' of my files and folders on a weekly basis. In the past when errors were made or files had been lost, the full back up weekly feature has always helped in quickly finding those files or the previous versions of those files. Only problem...
  22. E

    Any software like CrashPlan but for drive image backup?

    Hi, I've been successfully using CrashPlan to backup my files to an external drive for a while. One of the main things I like is the ability to just work out the changes to any files and just back that up (after the original backup) and then the ability to restore that file from any date it was...
  23. D

    usb drive to composite a/v

    I'm looking for a device that uses as input a pendrive or an external drive and output as a composite a/v (Old tv). I just want to watch some movies on a usb key to an old tv. Any advice for me. Thanks all.
  24. S

    Can't see newly ripped music files on android phone apps

    I have an external drive that I use to store music, photos etc at home. I am still going through my CD's, ripping them to the external drive using iTunes. I then play the albums on bluetooth speakers using the app on my android phone (BubbleuPnP). Recently, the CD's I have been ripping appear...
  25. Shula 7

    Browse to DRIVERS Folder Location?

    Please, why does DRIVERS folder not appear in C:\Windows\System32 from AOMEI Backupper dialog to add driver for USB connected disk to create boot/restore media? I can browse to that DRIVERS folder location with Windows 7 Explorer but I cannot see it from software dialog. Under Folder Options...
  26. wuubb

    3 way sync between cloud, computer, and external drive

    Like many professionals, I cannot afford to lose my projects and data due to a computer malfunction, cloud screw-up, or anything else. Through dropbox, google drive, etc, I already sync the cloud and computer content, across both my Macbook and Desktop running Windows and OSX. However, I want to...
  27. watrhous

    External Drive Virus/Malware

    i'm looking for a antivirus / malware software (free) that I can point to scan external usb drives.
  28. Madmaxneo

    Any recommendations for a good free folder sync program?

    I need to sync a bunch of folders to my portable external drive every so often. I use the external drive on my laptop and my tablet at times to access various files and folders. I have tried the Windows sync but it does not work in the same way as I want. I need to be able to access the folders...
  29. S

    I have aWD External drive that I've been using for a few months now. I recently moved it and and now it's moving extrememl

    I have aWD External drive that I've been using for a few months now. I recently moved it and and now it's moving extrememly slow. It's also slowing down the computers I plug it into. I tried checking for new drivers, I really don't want to have to format, and Itried unplugging and replugging...
  30. V

    can i access my pendrive when my antivirus is scanning it?

    my eset smart security scans any external device when i connected to my pc. now when its scanning my pendrive, during the process, is it safe to access my pendrive, open documents, run programs in it or wait for the scan to finish, clean any Trojans, if any, and then proceed?
  31. M

    need an external DVD reader

    Recently I bought a laptop , sadly which don't have disk reader and writer. I would like to buy an external DVD drive ; and I also want this to support DVD reading , DVD writing , Blue-ray reading and I don't need a blue-ray writer. please suggest me one.
  32. D

    Windows 7 doesn't detect my external cd drive

    Months back I took out the cd drive from my old system unit that ran on windows XP. I connected it to my notebook using the SATA to USB adaptor and it doesn't detect it at all! I've tried everything. It doesn't show up amywhere, device manager, disk management....yet nothing! When I first linked...
  33. klear6

    Can't Transfer Files On/To External Devices

    I am having an extremely serious and irritating problem - please help if you can. I am having trouble moving data to external sources via USB. It always happens partwaY through a transfer. It gives me messages like the transfer could not be completed, that the device is no longer found, or the...
  34. V

    Can I make a external hard drive from a dead macbook

    Hello guys, I have a dead macbook pro... Is it possible to build a external drive from internal hard disk of macbook.. And use it with windows pc...??
  35. R

    Western Digital Backup Software vs Windows 10 Backup

    I recently purchased a Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB. I was wondering whether I should use the included software or use the backup options built in to Windows 10.
  36. T

    Moving Windows from an external SSD to a new OS-free laptop

    I recently bought a new laptop after my old one stopped working (probably motherboard). However, I managed to pull out the old SSD with Windows 7 and all my data (as I checked on a PC, it is still functioning perfectly). How can I move the data from this SSD (which I can connect through USB) to...
  37. D

    no video file currently

    All of a sudden this morning when I try to play programs from an external drive connect to my Samsung Smart TV by USB I get a message..There is no video file currently available. Last night it was working just fine. How do I fix this? Thanks, David
  38. B

    Backup external drive

    I use an external hdd for data due to frequent carrying. Make backup manually once per 14 days on an other external storage. How can this be a way to relieve automatic incremental backups, so that data on both disks are up to date? It operates some sw this style?: 1/ primary backup data to...
  39. N

    Alienware 14 Laptop External GPU

    Tl;dr kinda guy? Here's it short: I have an Alienware 14 laptop that has a mini Displayport, mSata/mPCI-e port, and another mPCI-e port for the WiFi card. I do not want to build a desktop, I want to have an external GPU that can be attached to my laptop. Is this possible? Thanks...
  40. P

    Help booting from external drive?

    I just got the Acer E5-571-53S1, which comes with 8.1 installed on it. I have an SSD which has been running 8.1 for a few months already. I want to be able to boot into my SSD, which you know is a lot faster than these old disk drives. So I stick the SSD into an external enclosure (USB3.0) and...
  41. J

    Looking for a solution.

    My Laptop toshiba satellite C50 -A was on Win 8 OS, I formated the hard drive using it as an external drive on another PC. Now that i tried reinstall a Win 7 OS it keeps saying "No bootable Media found, please restart". From BIOS, I can see that the HDD, CD Drive and USB are all connected when...
  42. K

    Restore BIOS to HP Laptop from external drive

    Long story short, ended-up with a corrupted BIOS tonight. It turns on, the screen doesn't come on, and it's giving me the corrupt BIOS blinking lights error. On some tries to turn it on, the lights do not flicker and the screen comes on, but the underscore up in the corner just sits there and...
  43. V

    Unable to restore my Acer Backup files located in my external drive. I have backed up latest files on Drive F are called NEW

    Unable to restore my Acer Backup files located in my external drive. I have backed up latest files on Drive F are called NEW Backup 2014-11-07 20-34-58_C_1NBF i HAD DONE A DISC COPY AND NOT A FILE COPY. cAN YOU RETREVE INDIVIDUAL FILES FROM A DISC COPY?
  44. T

    Using an old hard disk as an external drive on a new laptop.

    I was considering replacing the video cards on my 6 year desktop, but I figure its a losing battle since I'm sure as soon as I replace them something else will break. I have decided to get a new gaming laptop and was wondering if it would be possible to pull my hard drive from my desktop and run...
  45. R

    Can this laptop run blu-rays form a external drive and play civilization beyond earth.

    I was wondering can this laptop play blu-rays form a external drive and play civilization beyond earth. The laptop is Asus X550CA-XX957H http://www.amazon.co.uk/X550CA-XX957H-15-6-inch-Multimedia-Notebook-i5-3337U/dp/B00I1BRCLK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1414969235&sr=8-3&keywords=i5+laptop...
  46. F

    Can you unlock an encrypted folder?

    Hello, A friend locked a folder on his external drive and now cannot remember the key to unlock it. Is there a way to remove that key or unlock that folder? Thanks
  47. S

    dell 14z windows 7 restore from external drive not working

    I made an image by going to the control panel in Windows 7 and went to backup and restore and made a factory image after I set my laptop up when I first got it. I have an external USB drive a Western Digital my passport USB 3 which is where I backed it up to. when I use my Windows restore...
  48. K

    Partition in external drive?

    I have a 4-Tb WD "My Book" intended for external backup which I would like to use with a multiboot system which includes XP and Win 7. Will the XP back up to it, ignoring the unreachable space? Can I partition the unit to stay within XP addressing limits? Or am I limited to using it for...
  49. I

    windows installer keeps asking for cd when try to install software from a external drive

    I have software that I copied to a extenal l drive to install it on a laptop with no cd drive. Every time I start the install process it after i put in my product key code then it click install it ask for the cd to be put in the cd rom drive. Now I have installed this program on 2 other of my...
  50. A

    160 gig ipod as external drive for android?

    I've got an old iPod 1st gen 160 gig and I was wondering if it could be used as an external hard drive for my android tablet?
  51. H

    log me in software to access external drive for cloud use

    This had to do with different things but basically uses the free log me in software to use a laptop elsewhere to log in to a home pc and access a external hard drive . My question is can it be done to watch my movies on my laptop from my external hard drive . like a cloud for instance if i...
  52. C

    Laptop doesn't recognize external drive.

    I recently bought a Samsung Book 8 Windows 8 and replaced the 1 TB hard drive with a solid state drive. I put the 1 TB hard drive in a case, planning to use it as an external drive for backup. However, my laptop won't recognize the drive. I also tried attaching it to my PC, but it wasn't...
  53. T

    recording system to external drive

    I just bought a 2tb external drive and also just bought Dxtory to record some pc gameplay. When i record the gameplay it always goes to my main drive instead of my external drive. Is there a way i can fix this so all the recordings will go to the external drive? If you know what to do please...
  54. T

    connect external drive to aspire one

    I have a ONE 722 Aspire. I need to connect an ODD via usb. Which port on the Aspire should I use for data and which port for power?
  55. A

    BitLocker ask me only recovery key, not password?

    My external harddisk has bitlocker and I know the password but I don't remember whether I saved the recovery key or not. Now it is asking for recovery key. I use windows 7 and I formatted the windows yesterday and reinstalld it I don't know if is because of that! Can anyone help me please?
  56. J

    Cable to run desktop as external hard drive for laptop

    I want to use my desktop as an external drive for my laptop
  57. B

    Western digital pasport needs no password to log in

    Hello, why do I need no password to "unlock" my western digital 500 gb "my passpot" external drive. This is only on one of my computers. any other computer requires the password??? I plug in the external drive and the "unlock" menu pops up. If I just hit "unlock" with no password it unlocks...
  58. S

    External drive for my netbook problem

    Hello, I have bought a cheap external CD drive for my Samsung N10 netbook. The netbook recognises the drive and the drive will read files from a CD with no problem and displays then on the netbook and will transfer them to the hard disk BUT when I put a program CD into the drive to install...
  59. I

    Dropped laptop- restore via external drive?

    Hello so I have what may or may not be an interesting situation. I dropped my wife's laptop the other day and on starting it up it went to the startup repair prompt (before "starting windows") however whether I select to go through the startup repair or try to start windows, the result us the...