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  1. gam0reily

    Gettin super Low speeds at USB 3.0 (27 MBps max)!!

    Hello, Sorry if it isn't the right forum. But I am having trouble transferring my files via USB 3.0 from my External drive, a seagate GoFlex 500GB to my laptop, an HP Pavilion g6-2005AX. I am new to USB 3.0, since I got this lappy today itself. So, I did a normal copy-paste to my laptop's...
  2. P

    Install Windows on external drive

    I am having Dell E6410 laptop (Windows7) which has esata interface. I have an external Hard drive on which i want to install windows xp. Is it possible to install windows xp on external drive and at boot time i can decide whether to boot from internal hdd (windows7) or from extenal hdd (windows...
  3. A

    Backup my library from ipod touch

    Hi guys, Ok so i messed up i last backed up my itunes to external drive in January 2011 and thought i had made a back up before i sold my laptop last week however i appears i did not i did make a complete backup to external hard drive but not specifically for itunes However my only hope is i...
  4. J

    Solved! Xxxxllll

    I have a dell inspiron 9"...screen went blank and said i needed to reinstall.....error....I am trying to reinstall with the operating disc/mini external drive...and it loads, and then stalls and reads that it is examining the fields...and nothing happens...what should i do?
  5. T

    USB Drive Not Recognized

    My external drive stopped being recognized by Windows explorer. I use XP Pro and one moment everything fine and next thing I know I can't access anything. Already re-booted, tried a different USB Port, nothing. Windows shows the drive is there but no accessibility.
  6. N

    Is there a Sync utility that will run realtime?

    Am using SynToy 2.1 and have read over Allway Sync, and need something that will detect changes to a document and sync automatically to a USB external drive, immediately, almost realtime. SyncToy doesn't do that.
  7. 505090

    Recommend backup or sync program

    I have all my data on it's own drive and am looking for a program to sync the data drive to my external drive. I tried using windows backup feature but don't like it, so i'm looking for an alternate solution ideally it will be freeware but if not o well, I don't care about the programs or...
  8. E

    Recommend a solution to backup files - home pc to external drive

    I'm looking for recommendations on software to backup files from my pc to an external HD. I'm not looking to image the drive or anything like that. I just want something simple (and of course preferably free or cheap) that I can setup once and run from time to time to back up files from a home...
  9. S

    First ever laptop repair! Help...

    I just posted a long in depth version.. but didnt set a sub category so its gone... So here is a very short to the point description. Broken Laptop HD and Optical Drive On a budget very small one. HD 20$ taken care of Optical drives internal are 100$ or more... found an external for 30-50$...
  10. Y

    Acer Aspire one D150- e-recovery to external drive

    Hi All, I recently bought the Acer Aspire one D-150 net book. however it doesn't dome with an cd/dvd drive. Now the e-Recovery manager in Acer asks me to burn the s/w on to DVDs using an external drive. Is there by any chance a way that I can burn the Acer's e-Recovery manager files while...
  11. G

    Laptop & External drive & mouse & Ipod = USB Problem

    I have a Toshiba 6100 Laptop with only 2 USB Ports in the back. I am running a usb mouse and a usb Ipod, and I am in need to buy a external hardrive. Is there any portable external hard drive thats usb that I might be able to daisy chain to the computer. I thought I can use one usb port for...
  12. G

    Card adapter 2Ah for charging and external drive

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, DiI ave an Asus A730 connected to a 2.5 HDD on the USB Hos port. I'm using this in my car to be able to play my music and my videos on the road. I need to charge the pocketpc and power the HDD a 12v to 5.5v power supply with a...