dell 14z windows 7 restore from external drive not working


Jun 21, 2012
I made an image by going to the control panel in Windows 7 and went to backup and restore and made a factory image after I set my laptop up when I first got it. I have an external USB drive a Western Digital my passport USB 3 which is where I backed it up to. when I use my Windows restore software made from the Windows 7 control panel I try to direct it to the external hard drive but it does not show up. I read somewhere about Windows 7 not supporting USB 3 or drivers not being installed?? Not sure if that's the problem and if so I'm Not sure exactly how to get around it if that's the problem. I tried plugging in a USB 2 flashdrive and that did not show up either. can someone help me get it so I can restore my laptop from the external hard drive? Thank you in advance.