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    i have a 5.1 surround system for my pc out of the 6 speakers which includes my sub woofer only the 2 front speakers are worki

    # 1 I don't know what a thread is ? I have a 5.1 surround sound speaker system hooked up to my computer and only the 2 front speakers are working. I've already went into the control panel and set it for 5.1 sound but it's still NOT WORKING, what do I do to fix this problem ? Thank You Gary
  2. V

    Cannot find Repeat Delay or Repeat Rate under Keyboard in control panel.

    Cannot find Repeat Delay or Repeat Rate under Keyboard in control panel. For Lenovo 900 yoga laptop
  3. S

    to download huge data from cpanel

    need help to download 50gb backup data from cpaanel to pc??
  4. P

    Solved! My locked folder still show the contents

    I have created a locker folder with a batch file, and it works fine, except when i lock my folder the only thing that happens is that it changes name from "Locker" to "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}". If i klick on it it still opens and shows all the files inside, and I can...
  5. H

    Solved! Accidentally uninstalled nvidia control panel.

    I was trying to uninstall some unnecessary programs using CCleaner tool, and I accidentally uninstalled my nvidia control panel and now it's gone missing. I did some research into it and tried everything I can like reinstalling the drivers, reinstalling geforce experience, even did a DDU but my...
  6. T

    Solved! Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel reverting back to 60p Hz framerate unplug battery recurring

    Hey all, So I'm dealing with my ASUS Strix Hero II (GL504GM). It has both an Intel and an NVIDIA graphics card, but I believe we're just dealing with the Intel, which is a 630, driver version When I first got the laptop, I found it was annoying how the screen constantly flashed...
  7. W

    Solved! Laptop won’t find my iPhone

    I’ve tried the control panel trick but it won’t work, my laptop.. (Windows 7) wont find my iPhone when I go to person hotspot.. it has been like this for months. Before this happened it wouldn’t connect to my internet .
  8. L

    Error 1053 Iphone no longer recognized in control panel or ITunes

    IPhone disappeared as device in control panel, and In I Tunes. I can not download my photos to my computer now.
  9. P

    Unable to access the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel

    Hello. I'm having trouble accessing the Intel Control Panel meaning I don't see an option to open it at all apart from going to where its installed, yet it still doesn't open anything instead leaving processes open of it ( I have tried multiple answers to threads from...
  10. M

    Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti

    I had this problem at the beginning, where i would open the nvidia control panel, and there were missing options. The only available option was " 3d settings ". Read a few things about the issue.. So i uninstalled the nvidia drivers and reinstalled them, however it did not work. Not only did it...
  11. F

    Solved! the setting is not found in control panel

    brightness control is not found on my control panel and the short cut keyboard is also not working
  12. G

    Solved! My logitech z506's center speaker is not working.

    When testing if all the speakers are working by going to the sound control panel and right clicking my "speakers" and selecting "Configure Speakers," all my speakers are working just fine at the right location and everything but the center speaker. When the center speaker is tested, only the...
  13. B

    Solved! How do I uninstall BitDefender Total Secuirty? BitDefender want money to do it!!!!

    I bought BitDefender Total Security 2019 3 days ago. I installed it but when I went to run it, nothing happened. I tried to uninstall it from the Control Panel with the intention of reinstalling - "just a hiccup" I thought. STUPID STUPID ME. I emailed customer services and, taking them as...
  14. M

    Solved! NVIDIA Control Panel Missing often missing....

    So im noticed that NVIDIA Control Panel sometimes often disappears,it happens when you starting computer after tomorrow or after few hours and when you right clicking mouse on the desktop you see that NVIDIA Control Panel is disappeared :fou: Im always updating driver but this disappearing not...
  15. EyeOfHarmony

    Solved! A/C Control Smart Upgrade

    Hi All, Looking for some advice on upgrading my default A/C control panel so that I can control it from my phone etc. I'm looking to do this as I live in a two story house and the control panel is downstairs, and, it doesn't support / come with a remote. I've taken a look online for some...
  16. N

    Screen Display Asus Lapotp A411U

    my screen display on laptop asus A411u is not sharp. when i search the problem, the problem is from the setting of intel hd control panel. do anyone has best setting optimization for intel hd control panel? do anyone has same problem?
  17. M

    "Intel HD Graphics Control Panel" doesn't show anything

    In The Name of GOD, Hello When I open the Intel Graphics Panel, I can't see anything (just topics) What should I do???
  18. N

    I can't access to NVIDIA control panel

    Whenever I open the NVIDIA control panel, it says that I am not using a display adapter is not attached to a NVIDIA GPU. After spending days, I realised that my computer display was using "Microsoft Basic Display Driver". I have searched and people had said that it should be named as NVIDIA...
  19. Z

    G-sync disappeared after re-installation?

    I upgraded my laptop (Asus rog strix gl702vm) to windows 10 pro and g-sync seems to be gone from the nvidia control panel. It was there before I upgraded. All drivers and windows is up to date. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  20. M

    Lenovo Legion Y720 Battery ~30 minutes while gaming.

    Hey, i just bought the legion y720 - laptop 1 day ago. When i tried gaming on the battery (full 100%) i could only play for about 30 minutes, before the battery was dead. I read on the forums, that normally it should be able to play for about 90 minutes.. What i have done: - NVidia control...
  21. C

    Headset mic not working in games and programs

    My mic under control panel > hardware and sound > sound shows its picking up sound but in programs like Discord and CSGO a mic is not recognized. It randomly started doing this the other day and I can't fix it. Specs: CPU: AMD FX-8320E Eight-Core Processor 3.20 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050...
  22. S

    Nvidia GTX 950M FPS issues

    Whenever I play games such as LoL on high settings with a fps cap of 60, I always get frames of 50-58. These are my specs: My nvidia control panel is on low/optimised settings which still doesn't help the issue.
  23. C

    Solved! nvidia control panel wont let me choose my graphics card over integrated graphics

    if i disable my integrated graphics it makes my resolution go wack and runs games with screen zoomed in, then the nvidia control panel wont open because it says im not using a nvidia GPU on my laptop. Ive had the laptop for a year now and it used to run everything perfect but i can hardly run...
  24. D

    Random different sounds from laptop

    Keep getting random sounds from speakers. Have yellow triangle with exclamation point in control panel sounds tab
  25. H

    Solved! Integrated Graphics Card - Missing NVIDIA Control Panel Options

    Hey guys I'm in quite of a pickle :( What I wanna achieve: - Pushing ~70hz refresh rate on my 60hz laptop (for gaming) - The digital vibrance settings from the NVIDIA Control Panel (Saturation in Intel Graphics Control Panel wasn't quite cutting it) My laptop (OMEN 15) has integrated...
  26. T

    Realtek Audio not showing in control panel

    Hello, i must have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled Realtek HD audio like 10 times, in hope that the Audio manager will show up in the Control panel but it never does. i tried going into task manager and finding HD audio and opening the file location and launching it manually, and it never...
  27. M

    H being typed twice

    I just got a new keyboard, and whenever i press the letter "h" it types it twice. And the only way to prevent it is to slam the h so it doesn't type it twice. Any ideas? I also tried the control panel, keyboard thing, but it still happens. Here's a regular sentence without slamming the h...
  28. L

    My laptop icon for internet is not working. It won’t respond with right click ether.

    My laptops internet icon does not work. Even right clicking produces no response. I can’t enter my control panel nor my internet settings. Troubleshooting says can’t diagnose the problem. I can’t even shut the laptop down. My other icons work fine. It’s just the one for internet.
  29. S

    Solved! Rca ares 11

    How do I get to control panel
  30. D

    Nvidia Control panel wont open

    im using a inspiron 14 7447 with gtx 850m, when i try to open it says that im not using a display attached to nvidia gpu?
  31. N

    ASUS GL553 geforce 1050 BSOD (Driver Power State Failure)

    OK So I keep getting this error on my 2 months old laptop. By going through other posts about it I can see its probably a failure in nvidias power settings meaning the graphics card is in sleep mode and dont wake up fast enough. To fix it I see several people suggesting that I change the power...
  32. C

    Is this something i should uninstall? gtk# for .net 2.12.26

    Found this in my uninstall programs page in Control PANEL and have no idea if it is a legit thing or not. Usually when i search something like this out i find windows or people here saying whether it's legit or not. all i get back are what I usually consider fake links. Help? :~)
  33. thegamersite1

    Could Not Create Java Virtual Machine

    Java won't install at all. I deleted everything that has to do with Java from control panel, uninstall program. I have tried to install old version, reboot the PC, ect. Nothing is working and it keeps saying the same thing whenever I am trying to install it. I have 16GM of RAM and I already...
  34. Z

    How to detect incoming traffic when someone is trying to hack router?

    Recently I have noticed that my network kind of slows down and if I try to access my router, it has maxed out login attempts. I have ■ TP link router, TL-WR841N ■ WiFi network is hidden ■ I have disabled WPS from start ■ The password to control panel is long and complex Contacting my provider...
  35. O

    Solved! Cannot see the News by accessing them from the control panel

    Dell Inspiron 17 7000 series. When I click the icon of "News" in my Control panel screen it does not open. The same goes for the "Money" ikon. Can you help?
  36. M

    Solved! I can't head anything from my headphones when i know they work...

    After using every jack in my case, and using multiple pairs of headphones, the control panel still doesn't notice anything's in there; says nothing's connected; therefore I have no audio
  37. M

    Can't do anything on laptop!

    Hello, After resetting my laptop it was stuck at the "Just a moment.." Screen for two hours so I decided to shut it down and now when I switched it on. The background is black and nothing is working. No notification icons(WiFi,Battery etc) and can't do anything. Can't access the settings or even...
  38. T

    Laptop screen replacement

    I'm looking for lcd panel for dell xps 15 (40-50 ms way too slow). Specs : FHD, 120 hz, <25 ms (response time). So basically you just need the same pin and size right? Is it possible to find someone in London who is better then average technician who can rewire pin to the compatible one?
  39. M

    2 year old possible virus I can't remove :(

    I downloaded what I thought was Cities Skylines back in 2015, only to find out it was a Russian virus. I panicked and deleted all the files, only to find that the program is still lurking around. It shows up in my Uninstall list but I can't uninstall or modify it. I've tried uninstalling it...
  40. T

    Sound Blaster Control Panel Won't Show Profiles

    I'm hoping someone has run into this problem before. My Creative Sound Blaster Roar speaker has worked great on my computer for months. I use SBX Profiles to tweak sound quality in Sound Blaster Control Panel. A couple of days ago, the profiles just disappeared. Control Panel shows the speaker...
  41. P

    Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration not in

    Hi, so when i open "Nvidia Control Panel" and when i'm going to "Manage 3D settings" then under "Global settings" then i can't see "Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration" what to do?
  42. B

    any simple free online store website?

    I need a simple, free or low-cost, online store that shows my products and I will update the sites from time to time. However, I don't need an automated payment system and I have my way of doing offline payment with my customers, so the online store is practically just like a simple product...
  43. D

    McAfee Real Protect & Stinger

    I downloaded a virus scanner called Stinger.exe. It also came with RealProtect.exe. Neither of these files can be located in control panel uninstall. This is supposed to be a McAfee file. I don't trust this entire program. I can see the file path for RealProtect from program files to the...
  44. A

    Unable to get 5.1 surround pc

    I have configured my speakers to 5.1 surround in realtek hd control panel and the sound test shows all surround speakers working properly(green bars popping up in test) but the audio is coming out only from front speakers.I have enabled speaker fill and updated drivers.Connections to pc were...
  45. Ill91_Gamer

    Basic Windows Troubleshooting

    Hello, Today I will show you how troubleshoot Windows. This is for basic issues that need to be fixed. This feature comes with Windows and is made by Microsoft. Steps: Step 1. Open Control Panel Note: This is how to open Control Panel, if you do not know. Windows 7: Click on the search tab...
  46. S

    Cannot open Nvidia control panel

    Everything was fine till yesterday. Today I started Rocket League, and got a blue screen. Restarted laptop, and all games are lagging. Found out that i cant open the Nvidia panel. It says: Display settings not available. You are not using a display attached to Nvidia GPU. Checked the Device...
  47. M

    What is BGN file ?

    I mistakenly deleted BGN.exe from control panel. Was it important file ?
  48. M

    Can't uninstall Baidu Antivirus

    Ok, I'm in a bit of a pinch here. I recently re-installed Baidu antivirus, and soon after, I get that "application failed to start correctly" error. I realize that the cause is Baidu! However, it's broken things so badly I can't even run its own uninstaller (control panel or manual) or any other...
  49. P

    Solved! unistalled skype but i keep hearing skype notify sound every now and then

    exactly as the title say.. i simply unistalled skype fro the control panel (win7) and all went normaly but i still hear skype notify sound every now and then help please thanks in advance
  50. A

    Problem with NVIDIA Control Panel on laptop

    Greetings, Around three years ago I bought a laptop for the sole purpose of gaming on it. A bad choice, I know, but then I knew completely nothing on the subject and now I feel ripped off. Anyway, I have pushed the limits of my laptop quite a lot, and I feel bad for having done so. Over the...
  51. M

    Looking for Dell Inspiron 5558 Touch Screen Driver

    Dear all, I've been suffering from Dell Inspiron 5558's touch screen not working. The problem all started when I turned it off once at Human Interface Devices of Device Manager in Control Panel. After some time, I went back to look for HID-Compliant TOuch screen but couldn't find it on the...
  52. NDDU Julius BSIT

    What does Application Optimal Mode in Intel Control Panel do?

    What does this setting do? I experienced my screen flicker while playing games or just surfing the net when this was turned on....
  53. D

    Solved! Samsung Keyboard ERROR HARD

    I am stuck at the windows log in screen so cannot go to control panel. When i type some characters, EG 2 = two characters, no idea what they are as i am on password screen so it just shows two dots. Clearly my keyboard is producing asci characters or similar. Is there anyway out of this from...
  54. F

    Mic problems with windows 10 using beats

    I recently built my pc and I have a problem where I have a mic in and headphone slot on my front panel connectors. when I plug into the mic slot the mic shows up in the control panel but no sound is coming through the mic. I know I need to get a splitter to use mic and headphone but is there any...
  55. M

    Missing NVIDIA Control Panel options on laptop

    I have an MSI GS63VR laptop. I recently updated the gpu drivers. I went to adjust my image settings via NVIDIA control panel and notice I couldn't because I am missing all setting options except the 3D settings tree. Has anyone had this issue or could someone help me. I've tried reinstalling the...
  56. S

    Transferred Pictures Thumbnail

    I transferred pictures from my Note 3 onto my PC to clean up some space. Once I transferred the pic's, they're listed as a name, screenshot, file etc. But, I can't view the thumbnail pic any longer. I would like to be able to view thumbnail pic. I did go into; control panel, Folder Options...
  57. tinynja98

    4K TV with somewhat old laptop

    Hi, first off, I know there are many websites where this is discussed about, I searched for quite some time to find a solution by myself, but without success. I have this 4K television on which I have this somewhat old laptop. Right now, it is connected to the television via an HDMI cable...
  58. P

    Solved! Hp coumputer's Control panel - Sound port - play back port, HDMI icon is not available. Hence, i am unable to get HP computer'

    IN HP computer's Control panel - Sound port - play back port, HDMI icon is not available. Hence, i am unable to get HP computer'
  59. K

    it says that i dont have sufficient access to uninstall mtorrent, what should i do ?

    i want to remove the uTorrent prog "bit torrent' when i started to uninstall it from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features when i click on uninstall it pops up a msg saying that i dont have a sufficient access to uninstall the prog. and i should contact with the system administrator. i...