Solved! A/C Control Smart Upgrade


Aug 22, 2015
Hi All,

Looking for some advice on upgrading my default A/C control panel so that I can control it from my phone etc.

I'm looking to do this as I live in a two story house and the control panel is downstairs, and, it doesn't support / come with a remote.

I've taken a look online for some solutions, however, they don't make it clear if you do or don't need a remote control function first. Ideally, I'd like something to physically replace the control unit on the wall. FYI - I have a Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Zoned Ducted System.

Any help would be great.

Nov 3, 2018
I'm not sure if I got your concern right, but we actuall use a sensibo. We control our AC now through a mobile app. I'm not a tech person but it's easy to install, which is like a plus to me, lol. You might want to read further about it. The only problem I have with it is that I first had a windows phone and it doesn't work with a windows phone, forced me to switch to iphone.
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