Sep 27, 2022

I’m looking for a smart monitor system which works with solar panels & will work with 250v as I live in the UK

Ideally I would like a system which works similar to my solar iBoost which diverts excess energy to my hot water tank but with the ability to turn on smart switches depending on the amount of excess energy being produced

For example if the house is using 700 watts & I’m producing 2Kw it would turn on a 1Kw oil filled radiator in the winter, if it was only producing 1.5Kw it would turn on a 600 watt oil filled radiator. In the summer it could be used to turn on air con

I have found a KETOTEK Smart Single Phase Energy Meter on Amazon which looks like it could do it through a scene to turn on one of the oil radiators but wondering if anyone knows if it would do what I want or have any other ideas.