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Aug 6, 2022
I am looking to build a lake home and the plan is to have an attached garage/shop, with a walkout basement which will house two small short term rental apartments to offset the mortgage. Being frugal, I want to have one internet account, and will share access with the tenants. The apartments will be wired with Cat-6 as well, if that matters. How do I keep them separate, and protect my data, personal information, etc. in this scenario? I am pretty stupid when it comes to this technology. I fear a hacker gaining access to my computer or cloud from the Cat-6, but don't know what else I should be concerned with. I will have internet in the shop above also. Ideally would like my personal use for the main house, shop and exterior spaces, but have some kind of firewall, etc. to separate the apartments. I wanted to go with a Control 4 setup, but I am not sure if it will be worked in to our budget at this time. And would it be best to go with Zwave? Of course we would have video doorbells and deadbolts, but will also control security cameras, we have Alexa, Nest thermostats, water leak detectors, smoke/co, lighting, auto shades, all smart appliances, you name it. Any advice is appreciated.


Being frugal, I want to have one internet account, and will share access with the tenants.
Unless you really really really know what you're doing, being 'frugal' will lead to tears.

You're running a business. Treat it as such.

2 completely different accounts.
You obviously pay for both, (cost rolled into the rental), but keep them totally discreet.
Trying to do that on one account is not a trivial setup.

Further, if all on one account...
What happens when/if one of your renters goes into some illegality online?
If all on one account, YOU will be the primary suspect.
2 different accounts, you can more definitively say - "Those guys!"
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