MP3 Player w/ High Storage


May 9, 2012
Sorry for the language but its been a long time coming to apple.


I had a Ipod Touch 2nd Gen 32gb

After using this peice of trash for 2 years my hard drive from my computer died, so I wanted to export the music from the ipod back to the computer, but no, apple is trash company and wouldnt allow us to have freedom. Then I turned off autosync and see if i could drag the music onto the desktop, as the stupid software locks on me and started syning for 10 minutes, then it deleted all of my music.

At least I've learnt to f*ck all devices that dont let you do your own thing, its why i never buy a new phone or laptop.

Hello, I am struggling finding a new mp3 player. I have searched on websites but most of the players only have 8gb of capacity, and I only want to spend about £60 / $100.

I'm looking for something with high capacity like 30-60gb. I would like it to have a screen, preferably non-touch screen.

I know some mp3 players allow expandable memory, this would be good to save money and get a card, though some dont allow up to a specific capacity card say 8gb.

I really don't care about stupid feature, I just want it to play music through my 3.6 audio jack, and it to sound as maximum as it should with it not bottleknecked on the device.

No software, I want it where I can browse the folders my self, unlike apple which really just as screwed me over.

Thanks for reading, I'll really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions :)

while i do share your sentiments in regards to apple, most of the blame is yours.

-using an apple product on your pc did not kill your hard drive.

-if you have a large library why did you not BACK IT UP? why did you not back up your hard drive in general? this is poor computing practice.

-there are two very easy ways to get music off your ipod even though the file names are garbled and itunes refuses to import: the first is a program called senuti and the second is to drag all of the files (with disk mode enabled on the ipod) to a directory and then add that directory to itunes with "keep my music folder organized" checked. i've done this myself and it works flawlessly. irritating yes, hard no.

-what does this have to do with a new phone or laptop? does this mean that you only buy used products or that you refuse to upgrade to new technology due to some fear? sounds a bit paranoid to me.


the two best large capacity mp3 players are the zune and the ipod classic. i haven't seen one yet which comes close to them.

$100 for 30-60gb is likely not going to happen unless you buy a used device.


just think.... 2 minutes of searching on google would have told you how to fix the problem and you would not have had to resort to ranting on a forum.