Question Where can I buy parts for this unknown mp3 player?

Oct 28, 2022
I'm an electronic enthusiast
Computer motherboard freak
Android freak etc..

A roommate moving out left a bag of trash (but it wasn't waste ) paper waste & e-waste

Me being the recycling junkie
As a employee of CSETs Dept of Recycling

I seen a few decent books
A simple wallet

& An ipod nano 1st or 2nd generation nano replica imitation

I brought it to his attention
He's complaint was

1)outdated charger
2)mini headphone slot
3)bad battery

As you all know smartphones have taken over the new age tech world

I however come from a background where water & elec +sewer were obsolete
Just as this poor little mp3 player

But for me it's gold
No offense but picture that etheopian kid in Africa starving

& Someone throws a now obsolete ipod away

That kids gonna grab it
That's me ..

Not only that, I'm very curious
I want to know what's inside this device
What kind of battery it uses

How to replace it's machinery
Please someone help me identify and give me a few pointers before I take this apart 🥳🧐😁

My name is Carlos I am a student at Bakersfield college studying as a UX designer the pleasure is mine

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