My computer nor Itunes does not detect my Ipod. Help!

Oct 26, 2012
Hello All!

I have tried several things.

My computer wont detect my Ipod being plugged into my USB on my laptop....

Ive checked the devices manager... and nothing like Ipod, or Apple USB or any type of USB is being recognized or even listed under the Device Manager.

What else.... Ive tried restarting my computer.... and resetting my Ipod to Disk Mode & plugged my UBS cord back into the laptop after resetting and that did not work.

Not sure what exactly to do.

I also have the newest version of Itunes...

If anybody could possibly help me and provide & info they have that would be wonderful!

Thank you very much.
have you tried:

-plugging the ipod in to a different usb port
-using a different usb/ipod cable (if the above did not work)
-plugging the ipod into a different computer
-plugging the ipod into a different computer with a different cable (if the above did not work)

are both the computer and usb port working fine? plug another device in to the usb port such as a memory stick and see if you have issues.

is the ipod working fine? have you noticed issues before this?

are any of the connectors damaged? (ipod bottom, usb port, usb/ipod cable ends)

does the wire appear damaged? wrapping the wire too tight/kinking can cause a break.