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  1. N

    how to pair Bluetooth audio transmitter to wireless earbuds for nana 6 use

    I have a nano 6 and a iPod Bluetooth audio transmitter with wireless headphones and would like to know how to pair them. Thanks.
  2. G

    Belkin’s New Power Bank Is Perfect for iPhone Owners

    Belkin's newest power bank is perfect for iPhone fans. Belkin’s New Power Bank Is Perfect for iPhone Owners : Read more
  3. M

    Solved! How to connect a music filled USB stick to my car's iPod port

    My Nissan Sentra has a CD player and an iPod port. I have no iPod but I do have dozens of USB thumb drives that we listen to in my wife's car. How can I listen to them in my Sentra?
  4. A

    ipod 3rd gen music copy with out usb

    i have a customer with a 3rd gen ipod that has a destroyed connector, i want to xfer all his music off via wifi with out having to replace this connector, can that be done?
  5. S

    Can I use a USB A male to 3.5mm 4 pole Converter cable to connect echo dot to my stereo usb input designated for iPod?

    My home stereo has a USB input labeled input iPod. I want to connect an echo dot to this but that requires a 3.5 mm cable out of the Dot with a USB end to insert into the stereo. Will this cable work USB A male to 3.5mm 4 pole Converter cable?
  6. K

    How can I transfer my kkh game to a iPod from an iPad

    Help so I recently got a new iPod 6 and on my iPad mini I had the Kim kardashian game and I want to transfer it to my iPod because I worked really hard to get where I am and I don't want to restart can anybody please help me!!!!!
  7. PhilipMichaels

    The iPod Nano Is Dead, but the iPod Touch Just Got Better

    Apple has removed both the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle from its lineup, while doubling the storage on the iPod touch. The iPod Nano Is Dead, but the iPod Touch Just Got Better : Read more
  8. S

    can i use a Y splitter to route IPOD and TV to use same speakers

    i have single BOSE speaker system which takes input of 3.5mm Jack, currently i have connected my TV line In to it, Right now i have a IPOD which i like to connect to same BOSE speaker system, instead of disconnecting every time, since i will be using only source at a time, is it okay to use a Y...
  9. 1

    ipod classic will not work when car play is on

    ipod classic and car play
  10. J

    Solved! How to make a iPod turn in to a iphone

    I just want a iPhone 6
  11. P

    Amplifier headphones smartphone

    Hi all, I don't know anything about audio amplifiers. Could you advise me a good quality audio amplifier? it should connect devices like smartphones and ipod to high impedance headphones. They can be also not portable. thank you
  12. D

    OK to power USB speakers with Apple iPod charger?

    I’d like use an Apple iPod charger, model A1205, putting out 5 watts (5 volts x 1 amp) to power a pair of USB-powered AcoustiX Convertible Speakers (power output: 3 watts RMS—1.5 watts per channel—with an impedance of 10 ohms), to use with a portable CD player. I have tried this setup and it...
  13. S

    Can I connect my sub to a phone/ipod/laptop

    Specifically, the Polk PSW505 Powered Subwoofer, can I connect that directly to my phone or iPod using a 3.5mm male to 2RCA cable?
  14. B

    Need good mp3, mp4, etc.

    Hi, I don't know where to ask, but need good device to learn languages, for audio books, some music, etc. Also it must have very comfy and small headphones for long hours of listening. I don't know brands, prices and etc. But maybe somebody can recommend something. Thanks.
  15. T

    Can I hook an iPod to a marantz sr7300

    Just bought an old marantz sr7300 hoping for the good old full sound from marantz from my younger days. But I would also like to listen to music from my iPod
  16. D

    How can put music on my iPod from my Galaxy S5?

    I don't know what this box is for but I need to know how to put music on my iPod from my Galaxy S5 phone. May I please get an answer now so I can tell my dad how this works. Plus I haven't been using ipod in about 8yrs because I lost it and I just found a couple of months ago. So I need music on it.
  17. L

    Loud "BOOM" interference when I touch audio cable

    Hi, I was subbing for a spin class instructor and when I tried to plug the audio cable in to my ipod there was a loud BOOM over the speakers. I thought it was a faulty ipod so I tried it with my android phone with the same results. There was another instructor there so I asked her to try...
  18. S

    Sync iTunes to iPod

    I have all my songs on the iPod, and none in my iTunes library. However, my iPod has has several blackouts (just stops working for a day or two; can't charge, my PC can't detect it, screen is all black...etc.) I want to back up my music, but I can't seem to figure out how to transfer the files...
  19. D

    iPad won't charge

    iPad won't charge. I've even bought new charging cable, and tried it on iPod. iPod connects to pc and charges fine. But when i connect iPad, it still saying that i need to connect cable to charge it. Also, when it shows that i need to connect a cable and charge it, screen is flickering. Also, it...
  20. O

    Android Music App with Genre -> Artist

    A long time ago I got an iPod for free that has stopped working and now I want to switch to my Android phone. On the iPod I could search by Genre and then by Artist. The way my media is sorted and tagged right now I really need that function. Most players I have found so far don't even let you...
  21. sophiebeth100

    iPod dock - Android Phone

    I have a set off really good speakers but unfortunately they only have a lightning dock and no 3.5mm input. Is there some sort of adapter or other way I can play music from my Android Phone?
  22. N

    How should I test to see if my 3rd generation Ipod has parts that work?

    Hello People Of The World, I have a 3rd generation IPOD that has been sitting on my bookshelf for a pretty long time because of course it doesn't work. About 3-5 years ago it was working perfectly fine but one day I went to this restaurant and since I was in a rush to go a put it in a bag that...
  23. M

    Playing PS3 through iPod earphones

    I play PS3 and I want to have the sound run through my iPod earphones. Will a RCA to 3.5mm adapter work?
  24. S

    how can I repair the new sport in ear headphones jack piece

    I have a problem in the golden metal jack that goes into the ipod, it broke, can it be replaced?
  25. C

    Specific Audio Equipment

    I want to see if there is any type of audio equipment like this. So I'm looking for a small box with a knob for audio adjustment. There is a line in, and 2 line outs, so i could plug in a ipod or something, and have the second line out not be effected by audio adjustment so i could control...
  26. J

    Pc Speakers are 50% Quieter than when plugged into Ipod

    Hi there, I have BassPulse speakers which are very good (http://www.amazon.co.uk/video-games/dp/B00NVPR6FI/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1432392398&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=bassepulse). When the aux is plugged into my ipod the sound is like 50% more strong and loud than when plugged into my my pc...
  27. J

    windows 8 will not sinc my ipod classic

    I have just bought a new computer with windows 8, when I plug my I pod in ITunes recognizes it but doesn't sync anything to it.
  28. F

    IPod 5 Emergency shut down can't turn on

    My friends IPod has done the emergency shut down where the only way to turn it on is to hold the Home and Top button... problem is... his home button is stuck.... any ideas?
  29. T

    Movie Maker Audio Problem!

    Hi! I imported a video from my Ipod, into Windows Movie Maker, and when I played it, the was no audio! It shows the waveforms but there is no sound! Thanks!
  30. S

    I want my old old speakers compatible with my ipod

    Hello, I want to have a set up where I can have the music from my ipod 3.5mm jack to a pair of Contour 1.3 SE: http://www.dynaudio.com/int/home_loudspeaker_systems/archive/contour/contour13se.php What are these cables and what kind of equipment would I need to buy to achieve my desired set up...
  31. Akalanka Umayanga

    IPod Restore erro "14" How to Fix ??

    I have a Ipod touch 4th Gen its in recovery mode...... when i try to restore it iTunes give me an erro "14" I even try putting my ipod to DFU Mode by Redsn0w..... Please Help Guys........
  32. T

    Can't Play Any Video Related Content (iOS)

    I'm on iOS 8.1.2, and whenever I click ANY video related content on ANY website (I.e. Youtube, Facebook) it just says error playback error or just keep loading. Please help! ;(
  33. R

    need info on ipod repair

    My ipod 160 GB. JUST STOP WORKING.Wont come on wont charge, nothing. Just quit. I have no clue whats wrong, hate to loose over 3000 songs. Any one out there experienced this.
  34. P

    Was the thread I posted 5 minutes ago in violation of the rules?

    So I recently posted a thread that was removed without any message or email to me explaining, or even saying why it was removed. This leads me to believe that it was an error, and thus I am asking if it was intentional. It was a question asking if I could use generic software on an iPod, or...
  35. M

    Ipod(5) wont charge anymore

    i kinda dropped my ipod 5 in the shower last night. Now its acting really funny. it only charges when it wants to. when it does it keeps buzzing. other than that it won't charge at all. I've let it sit in rice for 24 hours and kept it plugged it, but nothing is happening. what should i do?
  36. A

    How do I transfer my playlists of my Ipod to my recently installed itunes?

    I just reinstalled Windows. I have all my songs in a folder and installed itunes again. Now I need to transfer the playlists of my ipod to itunes. What should I do?
  37. Minty649

    What headphone Impedance is good for an Ipod?

    Hey guys, so i am looking into buying a new set of headphones and i came across a set, but i am open to other suggestions...
  38. 1

    how do I transfer pics from disabled ipod 5 touch to pc

    I am trying to copy pictures using Explorer DCIM folder of my nieces disabled iPod 5 Touch (she forgot her password). We are using an old emachine D620 laptop, the OS is Win Vista. Once I am able to get her "I gotta have my pictures..." Then we are going to reset to factory settings. Any...
  39. R

    old classic ipod stopped syncing suddenly

    My Ipod was working fine, but about a week ago it stopped syncing. The computer shows it as connected, recognizes it. I have had problems with the usb ports in the past, could it be that I need a new connection, even though the device is saying it is connected?
  40. O

    Turtle Beach PX22 Will not play audio.

    My headset does work, it worked a few days ago... The headset gets power to the in line amp thing. I tried the headset with my iPod and it worked fine but It will not work on my computer. I have Windows 8 if that helps. the only audio I can get from the headset is when it uses the chat volume...
  41. S

    Can I use my USB Wireless Headphones on my tv,Iphone

    Hi, my question is that I have a Usb wireless headphones, and I want it to use it for my tv and iphone. And I have reading on forums that the usb headphones use a different way to give out audio. So can I buy a male audio out to female usb port. Will it work?
  42. W

    Connecting 1988 JVC stereo receiver to wireless speakers...and to iPod/iPad

    Is it possible to purchase adapters for my old JVC RX-450 stereo receiver so that it can: 1) play my old LPs, CDs and even cassette tapes wirelessly throughout the house/outdoors and 2) so it can also play music wirelessly from my iPod and/or iPad? I'm trying to mix old and new here and am not...
  43. Samington28

    Ipod 5th Generation Problem

    I have a 5th generation iPod touch. I lost it and it was found by a nieghbor, I guess they tried to guess the password several times because now it say "connect to iTunes." The computer it was setup with broke and we dont have it anymore. Is there any way to bypass it with out resetting...
  44. G

    Apple ID security questions !!!

    Hello, I am using generly Apple devices, ecxept my PC. I bought an IPod 3 years ago, since then I have my Apple ID ... Last week I got a brand new IPhone 4s! With it I bought a card with credits(15,00€) for purchases on Store and iTunes Store. But to purchase something I have to write : my ID...
  45. E

    Ipod 4G white screen problem

    :hello: I Have a question about my Ipod 4G (ios 6.1.3).....The problem is that,that when I turn it on(no matter it is on standby mod or completely turned off) Its screen goes in white colour(not COMPLETELY white but some 'annoying' STRIPS). So,tell me about it that whether it is my Ipod...
  46. G

    Considering buying my first IPod...

    After years of using my Sony Walkman 8GP MP3 player (for FM radio and playlists), I'm considering buying an IPod. My Walkman has aged visibly, and Sony has messed up the E38x series. Other MP3 players have vanished from the shelves in favor of Sony, Apple and Eclipse. I've never owned an...
  47. G

    iWatch May Replace iPod in Apple's Lineup

    Analysts expect unit sales of iPods to decline as the rumord iWatch takes over some of the MP3 player's functions. iWatch May Replace iPod in Apple's Lineup : Read more
  48. Tuvs

    windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device, ipod classic

    HI all:), the prob is exactly the title i plug in my "new" ipod which i bought from ebay, and my pc goes 2 install the driver and i get that message, windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device ipod classic, plz help any ideas... I tried following this person...
  49. faizy02

    Iphone 4 Verizon CDMA locked

    Hello everyone, My aunt from US gave me an iphone 4 CDMA few days back which is locked to verizon US . She dint know that , so I wanna know what can be possibly done so that it can be used as an ipod . A thick ipod . No network . Thanks in advance .
  50. C

    uploading cds to itunes

    hello all, i am wondering if anybody has figured out a way hook up a 300 cd changer to itunes to upload the cds automaticly. also i am using windows xp and have a rca to usb converter box to hook the cd changer up to the pc.
  51. P

    line of site issue with direct tv

    i live in arizona in an apartment on the north side of my building and ground floor. Landlord says the satellite dish has to be on tripod, can't be mounted on the roof. I am wondering if Dish can get a line of site? I got cable since direct tv said there was not a line of site, but hate cable...
  52. B

    HELP - Connecting AV Receiver to Some Old Speakers!

    Need some help please, have these old (but amazing) computer speakers, Dell Altec Lansing ADA995. 5.1 system- all plugs into a massive subwoofer and three cables come out of that. Been using them with an adaptor to create mono sound for my iPod but now want to connect them to an AV receiver for...
  53. V

    Ipod touch 5th generation. Computer can't find the drivers.

    Hi there! I'm have a huge problem with my Ipod touch 5th gen. I downloaded Itunes and then plugged my ipod into my computer. What happened is that my computer couldn't find the device driver for my Ipod. I went onto my mom's laptop and installed Itunes and plugged my ipod into it. It read my...
  54. M

    Need help finding a small tablet/media player (non-phone, non-ipod)

    Greetings, Just posting here to see if anyone can help out in the search for a small tablet or media player that is not a phone, smartphone or made by apple such as the ipod touch series. There is a list here on amazon of ipod alternatives but the Samsung Galaxy Player was discontinued and it...
  55. H

    iPod Safari Pictures

    So whenever I Google images on my iPod touch 4th Gen, some are blurry and some load just fine, anyway to fix it?
  56. SwissedToast

    iPod sound quality drastically different than PC

    My Audio Technica ATH-M50's, which are excellent excellent headphones, sound completely different on my iPod than on my PC. With my iPod, the music sounds great, full, deep, and bassy. The same song with my PC sounds shallow, watery, and weak. I've tested various media players including WMP...
  57. ihog

    Stereo Speakers to Accompany Subwoofer

    Hello, all. This is my first post in this section of Tom's. What's up? For my PC, I have a subwoofer and a 3rd-party iPod dock. Now, the subwoofer is great. No qualms about it at all. But, obviously, this iPod dock is dreadful at high volume. I'm just looking for the best stereo speakers to...
  58. A

    Ipod touch 4gen or Ipod touch 5gen

    Ipod touch 4gen or Ipod touch 5gen, im looking to get one, i dont really care which one but I want to know if it is worth it to buy an ipod 5 for the extra 160 dollars
  59. A

    Portable Speaker Reccommendation :)

    Hey I bet you get this a lot so I'll keep it short. I'm looking to buy some nice portable speakers for my room but also for going away/travel. I feel like getting a Bluetooth set would be cool/handy especially in the room but when I go away on weekend etc I asked my mates and they reckon...
  60. K

    Android equivalent iPod

    Looking for an Android platform device around 4" that runs at least icecream sandwich for around $100-200. So basically a budget iPod touch on android platform with optimum compatibility and reasonable hardware, smooth operation is what i'm looking for.