Need help finding a small tablet/media player (non-phone, non-ipod)


Aug 27, 2011

Just posting here to see if anyone can help out in the search for a small tablet or media player that is not a phone, smartphone or made by apple such as the ipod touch series.

There is a list here on amazon of ipod alternatives but the Samsung Galaxy Player was discontinued and it had a low mp camera at 2 mega pixels. It seems most tablets are over a certain size as well so after many hours of researching this i still haven't been able to find anything within my parameters.

I'm looking for nothing fancy, just something practical that can do the following:

- be around 3x5 inches in size, give or take 1 inch (fits in your pocket easily as 7 inches is too big)
- camera - over 4 mega pixels or the best possible resolution for the model
- camera flash
- audio/video recording and storage
- music audio use
- be able to download and use offline Google maps for offline use (probably an Android phone)
- be able to connect to wifi when wanted
- typepad to type notes and save text files

That's basically it, I've looked in most big box stores and online but haven't been able to narrow down the search as there are so many models and you may find one that fulfills all the criteria above but has a low quality camera or some other issue. If anything I may have to just get an Ipod but I was just trying to see if there was another option out there.

Thanks for any tips and Happy Holidays and New Years :)
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