Need good mp3, mp4, etc.

Blitz Blitz

May 18, 2015
Hi, I don't know where to ask, but need good device to learn languages, for audio books, some music, etc. Also it must have very comfy and small headphones for long hours of listening. I don't know brands, prices and etc. But maybe somebody can recommend something. Thanks.


this is what I am using for Duolingo and my book reader.
Ematic egq307 a $39 dollar no name tablet that if I lose/break it, no big deal.
has a headphone jack, wifi, a decent speaker, and supports the files you mentioned.

an el-cheapo tablet will do the trick, and when the screen shatters/cracks/spiderwebs like all small screens do, its 40 bucks for a whole new unit, not just the glass screen cover.

I have been eyeing this tablet for a bit.
headphones can be added later, get the ones you like.



you did not say a word about size beyond the headphones.
what are the dimensional limitations?
watching mp4 on anything smaller is like watching on a smartphone, have you tried a smartphone? smaller and same basic features, does not need to be new, you could get one cheap with no service and just use the Wifi.

wal-mart has prepaid smart phones for like 30 bucks, just use the wifi