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  1. Please Help!624!

    Question Why won't the music on my mp3 player play?

    The music i put on my mp3 player shows up but when i try to play it it wont work and freezes up. i have this one Please Help ASAP
  2. T

    Using Voice Commands Rewind/Forward MP4Videos

    Hi, I'd like to know if I can use voice commands to forward and rewind MP4 videos, these are not streaming videos. But ones I've watched and downloaded in MP4 format. I have Googled and found out about Google Assistant etc but none seem to suit my needs. Thanks.
  3. M

    mp4 file (+4GB) recorded from Simulcast won´t open

    Saved it on external HDD (FAT 32), tried to rename (extension)it, remove it, repair it, split it but no software will open it! What can I do more?
  4. P

    Bluetooth connected to comp plays mp3 but won't have sound from comp videos Avi,mp4 or mkv

    Help with Bluetooth video audio
  5. R

    Corrupt SD card - Can't open JPG-MP4 files

    Hi guys, I really hope you can help me through this: I use a 16gb micro sd on my HTC to save my photos and videos. Recently, while taking video, a short message saying "Video stoppet due to error" and the corrupt SD notification started to pop until my phone didn't recognize the SD card...
  6. S

    Digital video camera with smallest file size

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a digital camcorder to record training sessions at work. Each hour long session has to be archived on a laptop and kept for 3 years. Because of this I need something that will record in 720p minimum but the default file format is small. Maybe mp4? Is that the...
  7. A

    Divide large FLAC file into several - without CUE file

    Hi everybody. Great to be here. I am hoping someone can help me here (sorry if this is the wrong section). I have recently bought a digital FLAC file. It is an entire music album and I want to divide it into several files (by the songs). The thing is, the download did not come with a CUE file...
  8. artistjane

    WD Passport not recognized by Sony Blu-ray BDP-S580

    I have a Sony Blu-ray Player BDP-S580 that works great, plays disks, streams Netflix, plays movies on USB flash drives. Bought a 1TB WD My Passport, wiped it, formatted it to FAT32 GPT, put some MP4s on it. Plugged it into the player's USB drive, get error message "USB device (front) unknown...
  9. E

    Solved! i have a dvd player,i looked up the specs it said it was mp3 format able will it also play mp4

    so i have a dvd player that is mp3 compatible will it also play mp4s
  10. E

    i can't get any sound - that type of not playing.

    I have an mp4 actually and i put a song on there but i don't get any sound.
  11. B

    could mp4 files carry virus?

    mp4 movie, downloadable from the web, could it carry any virus if it's confirmed to be a playable mp4 file? could there be already any hidden virus running at the background on execution of the file?
  12. J

    theres no sound!it took it out

    how to make a converted file have sound again cause when I made my intro and I converted it to an mp4 the sound became static for about 5 seconds and there was no sound for the rest of my intro!
  13. P

    supporting formate for sony nx 500

    i have mp4 in my computer . i convert the video into mpeg2 in onlile which is suitable format for sony bravia nx 500 but it automatically saved as mp4 format but i want mpeg format .what is solution for that?
  14. D

    toshiba media player truelink converted all my mp4 files to truelink instantly without my ok. anyway to undo??

    I have a number of historical military files in MP4 and when I went to view one the Toshiba system asked what I thought was 'did I want to view using Toshiba media player and I clicked on it. It converted that selection and every file in my folder. Is there anyway to convert back to MP4.
  15. M

    A problem with an mp4 file, please help

    So i just got a new phone yesterday and it records mp4 file formats like my previous phone. Now everytime i try to put the videos that i record from my new phone into Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier it doesnt recognize it. In vegas it just doesnt allow it and in Premier the file reads as just an...
  16. D

    play mp4 on samsung tv

    My Samsung 55" Smart TV will not play two MP4 files I have on a WD HDD (Plugged into the USB Port). Both files display "The selected file is not currently supported". For solving this problem, I have searched a lot including...
  17. P

    how do i revert jpg file back to original mp4 file

    somehow when I thought I was using a good program wondershare to zip my mp4 files of my brother in laws wedding, my mp4 files got converted to jpg files and now they are pictures. How do I get the video back?
  18. L

    good, high, highest

    I had been working on some videos. all of my videos, Movies & Shows are all in MP4 format in full screen, no black bars. I have a USB media player on my Roku connected to my flat panel TV.. When converting my videos to MP4. The video editor that I have on my desktop has the quality of good/...
  19. D

    I cannot download MP4 videos shot on my Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS-100 camera. I have a brand new Windows 10 Lenovo laptop. I pu

    Problem downloading MP4 videos from camera to PC
  20. A

    Toyota Super Grandia Doesnt Play or Show Videos From USB .MP4 Format

    the player plays the audio but no video converted from set to mp4 at 1280 X 720 HD then edited and saved by NCH VideoPad as HD 720P .MP4 Format at 29.72 FPS how to fix it?
  21. D

    Sir,I need Help

    Sir i want to know how to convert a .mkv file to .mp4 without loosing quality!! Is it possibe?-----------------ThankYou
  22. G

    Vegas 14 annoying error

    Hello guys.. i try to import an mp4 file but i always get this.. I installed quickplay but nothing.. My pc is this... thanks
  23. W

    how to edit a mp4 file in movie maker and save the trimmed file in original format and specifications

    My mp4 file is 10 minutes long. I edit out parts leaving about 3 minutes. when I save the file , using best for computor, my 3 minute file is almost as long as the original 10 minute file, if I save as HD it is twice as large as the original 10 minute file.
  24. P

    Most Common File Format?

    Hope I have this in the right place. I've been working on a project and have run into a problem. I've encoded some files with Handbrake which output them as .m4v files. Is this a common file type that most devices will be able to play? I've loaded these onto a flash drive as a surprise gift, but...
  25. P

    Glitched mp4 file

    I have an mp4 file that takes 1.02GBs and it is glitched at the most.It still shows up a bit on the top and the fade between them are similar colored squares to the top part.Audio is totally fine, do I have a chance to recover this file? Here is a screenshot:
  26. B

    MP4 to AVI Gaming Videos

    Situation: I have recorded a video using time-shift on Action!. I have multi-channel option seleted but the only output format I can have is mp4. In theory, the mp4 files continues two channels. The system sounds audio, and the microphone audio. I want to split these two channels using...
  27. B

    Need good mp3, mp4, etc.

    Hi, I don't know where to ask, but need good device to learn languages, for audio books, some music, etc. Also it must have very comfy and small headphones for long hours of listening. I don't know brands, prices and etc. But maybe somebody can recommend something. Thanks.
  28. A

    Can I use the mic from my mp4 as the main mic on my desktop?

    So I have a really good mp4 microphone and I wanna use this microphone as my main microphone for my computer? Is this possible? My mp4 is a rare Samsung Q3 Please tell me :)
  29. R

    subtitles won't play MP4 file

    Newbie here: I need help with loading subtitles. I use Quicktime Player 7 to play movies: I have downloaded a MP4 file that has the subtitles in a separate folder: I dragged it to the same window as the move and mirror copied the title of the subtitle .srt extension to match the videos title...
  30. M

    Best way to copy MP4 to DVD

    Hi all. Newbie to the site ! I want to copy some of our holiday footage to dvd, preferably including a nice Menu when it starts . The files are currently in mp4 format , and look great on my pc. But when I have tried copying them to DVD , the quality drops . I have tried Windows Movie Maker...
  31. R

    Play Video (Fs) BEFORE App (exe)

    Hi all. A simple question: i would like to launch a video (mp4) full screen and after run a game (exe). How can i make/create all this? Batch file? Any tips is accepted. Thanks
  32. L

    powerpoint 2016 says destination location no longer available when converting to MP4

    After powerpoint processes the conversion error message "could not be uploaded because destination location is no longer available do want to save to another" but destination is still there as I saved it like it asked me to before the "create video" processed. Only a yes or no is available so I...
  33. D

    What is the best point and shoot video camera with low file sizes?

    Hey everyone, I am looking to purchase a new video camera for one of our employees to use to video interviews with people in their homes (we carry out market research interviews, some of which need to be videoed). In most cases the camera will be setup on a tripod and then left in a fixed...
  34. protox01

    Youtube playback problems 360p only

    "SSF4 [Quad Epic Battle].mp4" "SSF4 [Rival Schooled].mp4" one can't play the other can't play at quality i uploaded it at i only see 360p
  35. Can You Help Me Please

    What Is The Best Video Encoder And Output Settings I Can Use Using Logo Remove Now!

    I just purchased Logo Remove Now! It works fairly well I must say. The only problem the original MP4 that has now been converted quality is sort of pixelated. I have options to output it MP4, MKV, WMV and Divx, Xvid, and X264 to encode it. I am using Nvidia GTX 560 Ti. Should I download more...
  36. Zastrow

    Mg 3 Convertion

    I converted mg 3 to mp4 and when I try to add it too sony vegas I get a error file. How do I change this.
  37. B

    iPad 1 video download

    Does anyone know if a video can be downloaded to an iPad 1 -- a QT (.mov), m4v, f4v or mp4 or mp4 and if so through what app?
  38. D

    Headphones Audio Is Distorted

    So I just bought a new MP4 that comes with headphones included. I wanted to test them on my PC and they worked well, now when I put them in the MP4 the sound quality isn't the same and some sounds are muffled and I can feel it even if it is very small. Is there any way to repair/fix it or do i...
  39. M

    How to make a movie maker file compatible with Audacity

    How do i make a movie maker file compatible with Audacity? And then how would I turn in back to an mp4
  40. Can You Help Me Please

    How do I prevent the hassle of converting video file to Quicktime edit video for avid media composer

    I am using media composer 5.0. I'm importing an MP4 file and it's taking hours to convert. Do I have a choice to convert my mp4 to a quicktime file so that I can bypass the conversion to a QT file?
  41. T

    Im looking for a safe free video converter. I want to convert my windows movie maker to MP4 so i can upload it to youtubeAls

    Safe free Video converter wanted
  42. N

    Unable to play videos (VLC, YouTube, MPC-HC etc.)

    Problem: ------------------ I can't play videos, including ordinary video files and any type of YouTube video. I've so far tried mp4, webm, YouTube and mkv. None of these work. The files won't play in VLC, MPC-HC or Windows Media Player and webm doesn't work in any of these including chrome...
  43. theguyisback23

    Sony Vegas 13 Freezes with different file type videos while editing (MP4,WMV)

    So, what is this problem when adding an mp4 video to my already edited video timeline and it takes literally forever to load and if i click anywhere in the Vegas it goes white and freezes ? Should i just convert all my video files to one particular one in order to bypass the problem? or are my...
  44. K

    How to burn MP4 files from digital camera to play in mp4 bd player

    If I burn normal mp4 videos as data files on a dvd disc, I can play them fine in my mp4 capable blu-ray player. But, if I burn mp4 videos from any of my digital cameras as data, they will not play on my player. Is there a specific way I am supposed to burn these?
  45. B

    TV USB MP4 audio issue.

    I have a Samsung TV with a USB port. It has been successful at playing a number mp4 videos, which it can still play, but there are others that have visual and no sound. These videos play fine on my computer, but not via the USB port on the TV. I have already updated the TV's firmware to no...
  46. G

    Video Converter To MP4 (for Nuendo 6.5 / WIN7)

    Hi. I need MP4 converter. I have 5820K and GTX 960. Quality is a least priority, speed is what matters. What program would you suggest? thanks
  47. G

    Has anyone found a good video converter?

    Hello :D I'm looking around for some video converter that can convert some .mp4 videos i have into .mov files. The problem is i can't find a single converter that do not bring a virus or malware with it D: Haave anyone found a converter that is not complete crap? PS. I don't know if this is...
  48. I

    Hardcoded subtitles to mp4 movies

    Hello, i just want to hardcoded subtitles on an mp4 movies to be able to import them on iTunes , and 2nd thing that i'm asking for that the prog better to merge files in short time so i don't have to wait 1 or 2 hrs to merge subtitles with a single movie. thank you and waiting your support
  49. H

    Need to Convert RealMedia Audio Files to MP4 H264 Video Format

    Hello folks, I have a lot of real media audio files, I need to convert them to MP4 H264 video format. It doesn't matter that the real media files are audio and have no video, I just need them to be converted to the MP4 H264 video format. Any ideas? It doesn't have to be freeware, I don't mind...
  50. G

    My MP4 screen is very dark!

    I haven't used my MP4 in a long time, and now I turned it on and the screen is very dim and I am barely able to see it at all.
  51. M

    Shadowplay tearing on gtx850m

    Hi ! I recently got a hp envy 15-k000st. I tried to record some games with shadowplay. When I watch the videos, top side of videos have tearing. Tried Turning on vsync in game, changed record settings lowest quality,lowest bitrate highest quality...
  52. B

    How to convert mp4 files to dvd reading capability? Ie mpeg1

    I have a number of dvds that I have burned onto my computer so I did not need to travel with them. However, I am now moved and do not have my old DVDs and wanted to burn a copy for a friend. How do I convert mp4 files to mpeg1? This is the format his dvd player is in. If there is a simpler...
  53. S

    Converting Movie Formats to Other Movie Formats

    Hey guys! I have a .mp4 file and I want to convert it to a .H246 file in order to run it HD on my Blu-ray. I'm getting confused. Is .mp4 same as .H246? I'm using Xilisoft Video Converter and it's successfully working until it hits 92% and just freezes there and the log says it's an error. The...
  54. R

    Convert a Bdmv file

    I converted a 17 gig bdmv to a MP4 file. What software will convert(if necessary) and burn this MP4 file to a 25 gig bluray disk?
  55. J

    I have a MP4 file on my apple. Using the burn command with my apple super drive a DVD when played indicated no conten

    The DVDs indicated 8 geg file but the DVD player could not read it.
  56. TechyInAZ

    60fps Free DVD to MP4...

    I have a DVD that was recorded at 60fps, however all the free dvd to mp4 (or whatever format) converters I've used don't have an option to convert at 60fps. Are their any free programs that do this?
  57. jacjacday

    Autoplay videos on Facebook

    As instructed I am uploading mp4 video files to my Facebook page (as opposed to sharing them from YouTube, etc.) in order to have them play automatically. However, this is not happening. Is this something you would know about or could direct me to someone/somewhere that could help me? I'm fairly...
  58. G

    Native MP4 file bitrates being REDUCED by Movie Maker even when saved as MP4!

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a dilemma here. I thought MP4 was a huge upgrade, especially as a YouTube Gamer who cares about making quality content, but something started to happen. I noticed a significant drop in quality with my videos lately! I'm seriously upset here, and I need answers...
  59. A

    Movie Maker NOT Saving Video

    I imported a mp4 file into Movie Maker (2012) running on Win7. The file includes video and sound. After editing it a bit, the playback in Movie Maker is still perfect. However, when I save it using "Save Movie" in a any of the possible methods, I lose the video (black screen) while the sound is...
  60. T

    how to use mp4 file for virtual dub

    So i record/upload gameplay commentaries to youtube and i use obs and it saves as a mp4 file and i want to use virtualdub as my editing/rendering program but it does not support mp4. Is there a way i can change something in obs or just something else in general? Answers would be great!