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  1. T

    Please help me render

    I am about to put 50 videos on Safari, but I am running into some problems. Here is the issue. When I render in MP4 the file is over a 1.53 GB. When I render in H24 it is 1.42 GB. When I render in WMV it is 571 MB. Safari wants MP4 and another site suggests the H24. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. LlamaCat

    Vegas Pro 12 not starting render?

    Hello, I've been trying to edit a video using Sony Vegas Pro 12, but it won't start the render. I add a .mp3 audio file to the .mp4 video, and then try to render it in the "Internet 1080p" setting but the render just won't start. I've tried changing the audio file to .wav but it still doesn't...
  3. S

    MKV conversion question :(

    I want a good way to convert an MKV to MP4 or WMV or whatever with minimal quality loss. Please help :(
  4. S

    converting avi. to Mpeg4

    Hey is there any FREE software that is trustworthy, good and not full of viruses that can convert avi. video files to Mpeg4? any suggestions would be great
  5. G

    Vegas Pro Rendering more contrasted than supposed to?

    To record my Videos I am using Dxtory and the lagarith lossless codec. Which records as an AVI file. To render, I am using Vegas Pro 12 and have been having this issue for a long time and it has been on my nerves. Whenever I render the AVI file to MP4 it will not look like the original. This...
  6. A

    Converting from Avi format

    Hello, I have recently recorded a Garrosh Normal kill from World of Warcraft using Dxtory. It was recorded in 1080p. I have tried converting it to a mp4 format so it can be uploaded onto the youtube however all the applications i have used including movie maker, sony vegas and a variety of other...
  7. T

    Convert MP4 into F4V 24fps 3000kbps

    Hi! I'm having trouble finding a solution to convert a simple MP4 into F4V 24fps 3000kbps. I tried different solutions but nothing is getting me to 24 fps and 3000 kbps. The system I need the file exported into supports only these specs. Do you guys know the software I need?
  8. S

    Solved! Super acting stupid

    I tried to convert an mp4 file to mkv using Super Video Converter; when i hit 'encode file', the programs closes out. any help? thanks
  9. J

    Handbrake instead of compressing the file it makes it bigger?

    So I have created a video with Sony Vegas Pro 12, rendered it and I got a 600MB file. I wanted to compress the file to as small as possible. Then I searched for a tool/program to compress large MP4 files, and then there's Handbrake. But instead of compressing it, the file was bigger, it made my...
  10. O

    Sony Vegas Pro 12/13 can't finish proxy

    Hey, so when I try to make a proxy file with some MP4 files, it either hangs on 99% and never finishes (I tried sleeping with it at 99%, and when I woke up, it hadn't changed.), or gets stuck at 22%. The files were originally h264, renamed to 264, but when imported into Vegas, it read their...
  11. L

    Problems with video files and editing softwares

    I have a bunch of recorded files that are either in a .mp4 or a .ts file that I've been recording to use for the past few months. All of them were recorded with Avermedia's Live Gamer HD. For the .mp4 files, I can view them back perfectly in sync in Media Player Classic, Quicktime, and Windows...
  12. G

    AVI to MP4 Converter

    Hello! I have a bunch of self made video that are in mp4 format, and I want them in AVI format. I was hoping for a free software program that converted the files while being able to convert more then 5 minutes. Which is all the one's I have been able to find thus far. Thanks
  13. A

    Convert .VOB file to mp4

    What is a good trusted program that will convert a .VOB file to a mp4. When I open the .VOB file in my windows 7 it just players audio through windows media player but when I open it in VLC player it shows video. Thanks.
  14. clozecall

    Converting Canon T5i .MOV bitrate to .MP4

    Hey everyone I have the Canon T5i and at its highest video recording setting it records .MOV file format and plays back at an average rate of 47,000kbps. Now after editing video footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 I want to export at as h.264 as an .MP4 file format, but I'm wondering what bit...
  15. M

    1080p movies run problems

    I need help running @1080p movies with my old computer. Is there any technical solution for this case? Exactly the same movie (example .mp4 files): @720p no problems at all, runs perfectly. @1080p can't play it smoothly. SPECS: 1.PC CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2.01GHz PCB: ASUS K8N-E GPU...
  16. A

    Call of duty ghosts prestige edition tactical camera PROBLEM

    I bought prestige edition of cod:ghosts and i record with this camera. But noone program of video editing (camtasia, sony vegas, adobe premiere) can 'read' this. (camtasia after a few minutes crashes errors (i can render on mp4 and work on mp4), vegas and premiere cannot open it.). After convert...
  17. S

    Media streamers play subtitle files?

    Can media streamers plays srt files (subtitles) whilst watchin a video thats mp4,avi,mkv etc?
  18. viveknayyar007

    Creating MP4 Files from PPT or PPTX

    The new version of MS PowerPoint allows its users to create MP4 files from the PowerPoint presentations that they create. The benefit of preparing an MP4 file from PowerPoint is that the MP4 file cannot be tampered with, and neither can it be modified as is the case with other PowerPoint...
  19. G

    do most modern DVD players play .mp4

    do most modern DVD players play .mp4 files? I built a slideshow in Lightroom and burnt a DVD using ImageBurn. My PS3 plays it but my friend's old DVD player doesn't recognize it.
  20. Witcher79

    Sony Movie Studio 12 Crashing when i Import mp4's

    Hey today my movie studio 12 started to crash or not respond every time i imported a movie file to it. Please help if you can. Thanks
  21. M

    Vegas 12 help!! Sony AVCHD MP4 format greyed out

    I've just edited my first video in Vegas 12, the clips were recorded in 1080p, I do have the original audio plus music (don't know if any of this matters), I'm trying to render it at 1080p in Sony AVCHD as an MP4 at 60 frames per second for the best quality, however when I customize the template...
  22. S

    converting mp4 to wmv

    i need to take my mp4 on my android and reformat to wmv so i can play my videos on my desktop . i dont have a internet conection. can i download a converter to my phone . then convrt and transfer to desktop. thanks
  23. F

    Want to record water aerobics underwater....

    Want to film water aerobics underwater to make a video to sell. Don't know anything about cameras. Budget around $200. Thinking HD, 60+ fps, and needs to be mountable to a tripod. Suggestions?
  24. S

    How can i preserve subtitles when converting with Handbrake?

    99% of the time when converting videos that have subtitles from MKV to Mp4, the subtitles get messed up. They're either surrounded by a black box or a string of random symbols. Here are some examples:
  25. nikoli707

    Can a DVD hold Bluray format?

    I have some 1080p content in mp4 and m2ts files that in size should fit on a blank dvd...(less than 4.8gb). Although i have a bluray burner and blank bluray's, for sake of ease and because i have many cheap blank dvds... is there a way i can burn m2ts files to dvds so that they are recognized...
  26. Z

    Are .flv and .mp4 the same?

    Are .flv and mp4 videos the same? because under codec information in VLC media player they appear exactly the same.
  27. J

    play mp4 files on a blu-ray player

    I have a lot of mp4 HD videos that I currently play on my computer using VLC. My video card outputs video and audio through its HDMI port, so I watch them on my HDTV. But VLC does not have very good way to reverse, slow, or step a frame at a time. I see a lot of Bluray players will play mp4...
  28. B

    SDHC card recover MP4 video

    One corrupt MP4 file on a SDHC card other MP4 video clips play just fine - downloaded from camcorder via USB connection. The camcorder lost power and shut down abruptly while capturing the (ostensibly) corrupt file. Is it possible to recover / repair this MP4 video file? Any recovery freeware...
  29. Z

    Media Playe Classic .mp4 error

    Hello, I've had this issue for a while now with Media Player Classic when playing .mp4 files. It doesn't always happen but it happens enough that it's finally caused me to try and find a solution. Enclosed is a link to the error message I receive upon MPC freezing...
  30. S

    MP4 Video editors for Windows

    Can anyone point me to any free video editors for Windows that are MP4 compatible? I've been capturing some videos with my phone that I want to edit but they don't work with Windows Movie Maker. I tried converting to AVI but the quality turns horrible. I just need a very basic program.
  31. W

    Best free VOB to MP4 converter/editor?

    I am in need of a (preferrably free) software app that will trim VOB files and convert them to mp4. I currently use MPEG Streamclip, but wondering if there was a more modern app, plus one that might not interfere with the existing quicktime program. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  32. L

    Quality loss - MKV to AVI

    Hello Everybody: I have a simple question which is how does converting an MKV or an MP4 file to AVI will affect it's quality? Another related question is, why do the MKV and MP4 files are so common when only a few DVD players can actually play them. Thank you. By the way, if this thread...
  33. P

    Mp 4 to 3 conversion

    Hi, I just got a new car and while it has an mp4 player, my current music list has mp3's. What is the easiest way to convert the files? thank you
  34. I

    What dvd player will play mp4 files?

    I'm not a techie. I download my entertainment from Bittorent as most shows I watch are unavailable where i live currently. All of a sudden avi format is unavailable and the downloads come as HDTV x264 - LOL MP4 and will not play on my pc or on my dvd player. I don't know how to convert, burn...
  35. P

    How to delete mp4 files.

    Hello, i have downloaded 5-6 mp4 files . now i am trying to delete all those files but i am not able to do it. everytime i tried it shows the message "can't delete it as another program is using it" help me
  36. R


    Hello, Is there a program that will take a ripped Blu-Ray movie and output it has a MP4 file without encoding it? I currently use MakeMKV, but I would like to know if there is a program that does the same thing as MakeMKV does but for MP4. Thanks!
  37. JMcEntegart

    The R2-D2 MP4 Player with C-3PO Earbuds

    We love Star Wars as much as the next team of tech writers, but we're not sure if we can get behind this R2-D2 and C-3PO-inspired MP4 player from Toys R Us. The R2-D2 MP4 Player with C-3PO Earbuds : Read more
  38. F

    How to make a dvd from an mp4 movie

    I have an mp4 movie I want to make into a dvd for playing on a dvd player. how do i do this?
  39. WyomingKnott

    Convert DVD to MP4

    I just got my first Android tablet, the Asus eee Pad Transformer. Supposedly, it can display HD video. Can anybody point me to a good and free DVD converter that will convert my movies to MP4 in h.264 or h.263 so that I can see what they look like on this device? I would appreciate it.
  40. coaX91ox


    Mp4 player is old about 2.5 years. I lost my cd driver and now i can't format my mp4 cause i need driver! Exactly name of the mp4 is "Grandin M-Video 1 GO FM V80" Please help me! HERE IS A PICTURE OF MY MP4 >>> <<<
  41. F

    Saving video in blender 2.56

    Hi guys i have made a small water simulation in blender and rendered it by clicking Render>Render Animation.But the problem is that the blender saved it as 250 images(250frames) in tmp folder.Tell me how can i save this animation(simulation) as a video file(wmv,mp4 etc) so that i can watch it on...
  42. G

    Which dvd players play mp4 video

    does anyone know of a dvd home player that will play the new mp4 movies that i download from the web
  43. F

    Converting MKV to Mp4

    Okay so I have a bunch of movies that I am converting from mkv to mp4 so i can play them on my ps3. All these movies are blu ray 720p or 1080p and whenever I convert them the quality seems to degrade no matter what converter I use. Currently im using Xilisoft HD Converter and I put the quality...
  44. R

    MP4 Audio for dialogue not heard but music and background sound plays

    Audio for dialogue not heard but music and background sound plays when watching mp4 format movies. Anyone know why and how can I fix this? This happens to all my mp4 movies.
  45. R

    MP4 Audio for dialogue not heard but music and background sound plays

    Audio for dialogue not heard but music and background sound plays when I play a mp4 format movie. Anyone know how i can fix this?
  46. D

    Mp4 player buying help

    Hello, Could some one help me buying a mp4 player price $100
  47. Aleatoire

    Sony E-Series Album Art

    Hi, I have a Sony E-Series MP4 player and I can't figure out how to put album art on it. Some albums on it have album art already while most don't. I don't know how the ones with art got their art but they do. How do I put album art on it for all of my albums? No matter where I look I can't find...
  48. Aleatoire

    Video Playback not working Sony MP4 Player

    Hi, I've had a Sony NWZ-E438F 8GB MP4 player for a while now and I've only just got round to trying to find out why some MPEG-4 movies won't play on it. I've got some movies on my PC that I wan't to have on my MP4 but after transferring them onto it, I get a message telling me that I can't play...
  49. TNT

    Problem with mp4 driver

    Hello, can anyone help me please? I bought a Majestic DS88 mp4 but I cannot use it since my pc doesn't recognize it as an external device, it appears to be invisible. I tried to add any possible drivers but nothing seems to work. Whenever I attach it to the PC (via USB) nothing happens and the...
  50. E

    Can anyone ID these two guys?

    Does anyone know what brand/make/model/etc of "MP4" players these are? Thanks!
  51. L

    How good is this MP3/MP4 player?

    I bought though 4 GB version the following MP3/MP4 player: Since Amazon does it have any reviews on it I would like to know if you can find me in reviews or tell me...
  52. I

    Can I burn an mp4 movie onto a DVD for viewing?

    Ive got a moivie in mp4 format on my hard drive. How can I / Do I want to? burn the movie onto a DVD for playback on my home DVD player? this just a waste of time? there a way to convert the mp4 format into something playable on a DVD player? Thanks.
  53. I

    wants to burn mp4 movie to a DVD via a CD

    Can an mp4 500mb mp4 movie be burned to a CD and then burned to a DVD to be played on a home DVD player? Whats involved to do this? Thanks.
  54. I

    Any free mp4 players out there?

    Any free shareware to play mp4 files out there anywhere? Something easy to use and intuitive and will play my mp4 file? Thanks in advance.
  55. G

    M4A / MP4 vs. MP3

    Archived from groups: (More info?) What is the difference between M4A / MP4 vs. MP3 audio files?