Feb 19, 2014
I need help running @1080p movies with my old computer.
Is there any technical solution for this case?

Exactly the same movie (example .mp4 files):
@720p no problems at all, runs perfectly.
@1080p can't play it smoothly.



CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2.01GHz
GPU: ASUS ATI Radeon A9600Pro 128Mb
RAM: 3Gb
OS: WIN 7 Ultimate x64 + SP1 (clean install last month)


CODECS: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v10.32 full features configurated to MPC, WMP and BS.
CoreAVC Codecs v1.8.5 configurated with KMP.

PLAYERS: MPC-HC v1.7.3, WMP v12, VLC v2.1.2, BS v2.66, KMP v3.8

Please, don't need the 'buy a new pc' advice, I know I built this one at 2005.
I'm just asking for troubleshooting about this issue with this machine since I only pretend it for internet usage, watch some decent movies and eventually play a few old-school games.

If it helps, here's some facts about problems noticed using different players @1080p:

MPC - Audio almost sync but turns off constantly through the film. Video full of grain as moving tiny squares (watchable but not smoothly).

WMP - Audio very low. Video full of big squares moving everytime (unwatchable).

BS - Audio very low. Video full of grain as moving little squares. Completly out of sync.

VLC - Video so choppy it's a slideshow and full of squares. Almost sync.

KMP - Video full of squares most of time. Totally out of sync.

Thanks for your attention.
I hope some brilliant mind can solve this problem.


Feb 19, 2014

Thank you for your interest Wolfshadw.

My CPU usage when playing the movie
@720p jumps around 56% - 100%, but mostly uses +/-80%.
@1080p is always 100%

I don't know if it matters but the memory either way is always around 42% which is +/- 1.27Gb
As expected, your processor cannot handle the load and given the age of your system, there's no way of saying for sure that upgrading to the best processor allowed (AMD Athlon 64-3700+) would alleviate the issue.

If you can find an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ on the cheap (free), I'd say go for the upgrade, but in truth, I wouldn't put any more money into that system and say to start looking at a new system for 1080p playback.

-Wolf sends