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  1. rimartic

    Need Best Audio Codec (one for all)

    Hi 1- I Have Huge Music Archive which I have gathered eventually in years and most of them are converted from my older Audio Cd's. I'm mostly spending time on organizing and categorizing Music folders, names, release years, Genres & .... for every album and folder one by one!.because most of...
  2. B

    Reset Laptop, Now what?

    Good morning all! Ok, here's the situation. I thought I was going to sell my laptop, so I reset it back to factory, removed everything. Now, it runs like internet speed is horrible, when I run a speedtest, it's slower than molasses (sometimes sub 1.0 Mbps). I run a speedtest on...
  3. E

    old 16/32 bit codec in 64 bit OS

    my company runs an old 16/32 bit codec software that i need to work, but i need a 64 bit OS for fast working.. can anyone help me, how to run this.. VR not helping.. i am working with audio files that use old codecs
  4. H

    HVEC over DLNA via Blue Ray player

    I currently use a LG 830 I think it is, but it cannot play HVEC/x265, only the older 264 codec. Are there any players that can stream the newer codec from my NAS? My LG can see the, just cannot play them. TIA
  5. C

    Sound on tv is not working

    Sorry it says unsupported audio codec. On my 50 in hd tv someone please tell me any ideas how to fix it
  6. T

    I can't play my videos on my pc WHY but can show my photos no problem !

    I have a Hubsan h501s and bought a sd card and took photos and videos but the videos will not play pc shows something about a codec code not sure what this is about ???
  7. A

    Solved! Audio conversion software that uses installed codecs

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some audio conversion software that will decode audio using an installed codec. In my situation, I have a proprietary codec installed to decode jail calls in .wav format. I can listen to the audio in Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic. I would like...
  8. S

    V88 plus box

    How do you fix the error message The support for this video codec is missing from your device? On the V88 Plus box
  9. V

    I want yo know which is the codec for my canon fs300, I can only hear the audio

    I am trying to watch my Videos but I only Hear the audio. I do not have the disc 2 to install the software anymore
  10. B

    MOV video files black ? but sound ok ?

    Ok, this seems obvious. I need updated CODEC drivers ? yes ? but i cannot seem to find ones that work. I have a 5 year old desk top PC, i7, with upgraded Nvidia 1080 and just bought a DashCam. The dashcam videos it creates is in MOV format (UG!) .. but when i try to see them on my old computer...
  11. X

    Plex on Roku Premiere + codec errors

    I have plex on my PS4 and it plays files (.mkv and .mov) without errors. The Roku though cannot play certain .mkv files. The error indicates the required codec cannot load. I'm not sure what the problem could be as other .mkv files can play okay. Any ideas or is the plex app playback issues on...
  12. highendclasslaptop sidoarjo

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack Hardware Acceleration?

    im new in this forum sorry my english not so good when installing K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (the latest version 13.1.6 on Jun 2017) there'are 5 choices hardware acceleration 1. Sofware decoding 2. LAV Video - DXVA2 copy-back 3. LAV Video - DXVA2 native 4. LAV Video - NVidia CUVID 5. LAV Video -...
  13. L

    Retrieve file after deletec codec?

    long story short i had a gopro video(15 gigs so it has a lot of video footage i want to keep) that i transferred to my pc but i guess i might have accidentally deleted the 2nd file for it(its usually the video avi file then some white page looking file with the same name i think) and now the...
  14. Can You Help Me Please

    Where Can I Find A Video Converter That Will Allow Me To Use MagicYUV Codec

    Currently I am using Aiseesoft 4K Converter. The stats are that I have 107 hours to convert my 1080p video to 4K. This MagicYUV codec is supposed to be lossless and fast. What converter can I use so that I can use it?
  15. C

    Can I play lower resolution video files in a supported codec?

    So this chart tells me what codecs are supported for my TV. My videos are in the HEVC H.265 codec but the resolution is only 1920x1080, not 4096x2160 as this chart says. Is the chart just saying that 4k is the maximum resolution supported in that codec or the ONLY resolution supported in that...
  16. I

    HDD Setup for Recording 1440p 60fps

    First off, I'll state that my current setup - whether it be due to my selected Dxtory codec or HDD speeds - does not record at a steady 60fps. I've got a thread on this ( if that helps), but I'm creating this thread to...
  17. W

    i've a problem with my blog HTML

    i have a blog [link removed] i want to change the black menu bar (under my logo) but in the HTML i founded </ul> <ul> and <li> </li>. im trying to change it, after i changed it my blog messed up. i don't know what is that. Please help me
  18. flipflops2001

    Samsung TV h.265 Upgrade

    Will there ever be a firmware update that recognizes the h.265 HEVC codec? Model: UN32EH5300FXZA
  19. A

    VLC + MPC + Potplayer? Can I use all three?

    Can I use all three on my Laptop? I mean, I am not asking to run all of them at once. But can I keep all three players on my laptop? So that I can use different player for different media files without having to uninstall or reinstall one. Will the three software create any type of issue on my...
  20. F

    DJI Phantom Workflow 4K vs 1080p, Best Quality Possible Under 400MB?

    This post is really quite general, so I apologize in advance for any mis-categorizing. Anyways, I am making drone real estate videos with the DJI Phantom 2, but the final render needs to be small to deliver via Dropbox. (400MB maximum) Although I'm not skilled with formats and codecs, I want to...
  21. O

    Can't record audio from system/hard drive please help?

    Thanks in advance guys. I have a Toshiba laptop, 4gb ram, running windows 8. From day 1 the only recording option has been the external microphone - and YES Ive ticked the 'show disabled devices' icon. this is extremely difficult as I record music clips from youtube and also mix and edit my own...
  22. P

    Windows help with codec

    Hi i did a really stupid thing. I downloaded alot of the codec packs and now i uninstalled all codec packs i downloaded and now i think my hole computer is messed up, so i whould love to reset all codec on my computer. Is there i way i can do that? have a good day and thanks for the help. :)
  23. C

    Black screen (fan and battery/power lights on, but no logo, bios, windows... nothing)

    A few months ago my laptop went for repair from a different issue (which i can't remenber.. but it came with two new and spacious hard drives. Now, after around three months my laptop was acting very wierdly while playing videos, whether on wmp or youtube or etc. Sometimes the videos went green...
  24. R

    Trying to clean my PC up from a recent virus infection

    Ok. I'm generally a very cautious PC user, so this here might also serve as a cautionary tale for you: Never attempt to download possibly dangerous things while using your phone. That's exactly what happened to me: Downloaded a .wmv torrent that asked me to install a codec. Since I've never...
  25. G

    best Media Players + codec packs

    Hello On my old Athlon computer for nearly ten years I used media play classic (MPC) together with its included codec packs. Never had a problem with it. Will I get better picture quality with other newer players, even players that you have to buy? Is there any reason why I shouldn't just go...
  26. D

    Movies Players Issue

    Hi ! I have a problem when I try to play a movie. The resolution is way too big, like impossible to watch anything (for example you will only see a big cheek of a person). This happens with any player (BS, windows media, etc). I have the k-litle codecs, windows updated, all the drivers...
  27. R

    Realtek 1150 codec good enough for passive speakers?

    Just wondered if this codec can run a set of passive speakers, without any external amplifier?
  28. M

    Recommendations/Help on Video Converter that Supports Dolby/DTS codecs

    I was trying to take a video, encoded with DTS codec and add some subtitles. I found out that I could not keep the original DTS and was being forced to convert to AC3 or another multi-channel format. Is there a video converter that can encode, or at least maintain existing DTS and Dolby...
  29. B

    VP9 codec + YouTube questions. (Read Description)

    Hello, I am relatively new to video capture, encoding and compression. I am constantly collecting information on what codecs and render/encode settings people use on their YouTube videos with the hope of finding out the best possible combination of codecs and settings to use that will result in...
  30. B

    Does rendering a lossless file using the same lossless codec decrease quality?

    I record videos with dxtory in 1080p30 but have been wanting to upgrade to 60fps capture. I use the lagarith lossless codec but just can't capture in 1080p60 unless i purchase another hard drive and raid it with the one i already have (WD Black 1tb) to improve write speeds. I render my videos...
  31. S

    why use hardware architecture for video codec than software architecture?

    why use hardware architecture for video codec than software architecture?
  32. K

    Windows Movie Maker does not detect all sound properly?

    So, recently, I've been recording using Dxtory, with the Lagarith Lossless Codec, as it enables me to record both sound in game and mic audio. So I recorded a playthrough of a game and it plays fine in Media Player, but when I moved it to Movie Maker, Only my voice was the same volume, and my...
  33. E

    Best Dxtory Codec for 60fps!

    before youtube allowed 60fps I used lagarith lossless codec at 30fps, but at 60fps is sucks. the default Dxtory codec works fine except that the file size is masisive, so any better codec out there. thanks ;)
  34. C

    Dxtory recording software and OBS help

    So I downloaded Dxtory full version. The quality was okay but I wanted better. I downloaded the Lagarith Losless codec and now when I record I only get the sound. It says it's an AVI file but it is just a music note where the video should be and I don't even hear any sound. I have tried...
  35. M

    Flv file won't play on any video player

    Hi I downloaded a flv file of a live brodcast with internet download manager. Its about 15 minutes and 160 mb but I can't play it. Whenever I try to play it, it opens and plays a couple of frames and then it just stops and there is no audio too. I tried it with 2 different computers, one that...
  36. AquinoX

    VirtualDub bitrate question.

    I am wondering if 1500 Bitate is good enough for 1280x720 videos. I am using x264vfw - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec. This is the other settings for the Codec.
  37. K

    AVI Problems with Premiere Elements 10

    Today, I sat down with Fraps and tried to record gameplay. When I was done recording, I compressed the video file with VirtualDub using the XVid Codec. This is when the problem starts. When I open up Premiere Elements 10 and try to import the file it won't work. The error is: "This type of...
  38. jtpetch

    Help with recording settings?

    I know this is probably the billionth of this kind of question, but I need help with settings for recording my games with Dxtory. Most of the games I play will run at a steady 50-60 fps, and I intend to record at that framerate as well, if that would be best. I don't really know what to do with...
  39. B

    Dxtory Help! Cannot edit videos!

    I am just starting out with YouTube and I have just bought Dxtory because I have heard so much good about it! Videos record fine and playback fine in WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER but when I put them into my editing software (Serif MoviePlus X6) there is no codec to decode the videos, so I can't edit...
  40. J

    My samsung HT 330 DVD player keeps giving me "Codec not supported" error whenever i try to play a video file from my external

    My samsung HT 330 DVD player keeps giving me "Codec not supported" error whenever i try to play a video file from my external
  41. A

    Codec not supported

    Hi, I have a codec not supported question. I have a "Next base"in car DVD player. I am also downloading some movies from the web, but when I am trying to play the, I am getting a codec not supported message. I am wondering, is there a way to transform them into the code needed? And also how to...
  42. Brayden Josh

    Bandicam H.264 (AMD APP) Not Working

    My Bandicam works fine with all of the other codecs but the H.264 AMD APP Codec doesn't work as it says: Your system does not support 'H.264 (AMD APP)', so the default codec will be used. I have a Radeon R7 240 (XFX Edition) Graphics Card (Lastest Drivers and Software on all of my hardware!)...
  43. Hjgrove

    Line-IN 7.1 surround sound

    Hi there, I've always wondered this really. How can I get a 7.1 surround sound from my xbox one into my PC. It has a 7.1 Surround sound codec but it only has a analog line-in. It does have two digital SPDIF and Coaxial but they're only output I think. Will the standard line-in support this? Thanks!
  44. D

    Best SmarTV for Media Files?

    Hello, i'm looking for a new TV for playing media files, more specificly MP4, MKV and other video formats, i have a samsung smart tv but the issues i have with it is that most of the file formats are not supported, meaning the codec is not compatible (mostly audio codecs from what i can tell)...
  45. F

    K-Lite Codec Pack v10.4 with MPC-HC problem

    I have recently upgraded to v10.4 from v10.2. Suddenly I can't play random files in my collection, all in AVI format. VLC plays them fine. The files just never start from the beginning when play button is pressed or the file is double clicked to start. The play button clearly remains pressed...
  46. B

    Sony Vegas and .mov File Help

    So I'm doing a project for school and it requires filming and editing. At my school they have macs with iMovie. At home I have a pc with Sony Vegas 12. To get the videos from the mac to my pc, this is what I do. First, I import the video into iMovie on the mac because it can auto detect the...
  47. Spiritos

    Which settings/codecs for streaming movies from PC to Home Cinema Set?

    I recently bought a Sony HT-SS1300 HCS (with some help from the people here) and I have some questions: 1) I predominantly play movies on my PC which is connected with HDMI to the HCS and then unto my TV. I use Media Player Home Cinema and I was wondering what settings and codecs I'd need to...
  48. nate vongrimm

    Need help with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and PowerDirector 12 editing H.264 codec!

    I recently started using a new codec with Bandicam to record my PC. I moved from the MPEG-1 codec to the H.264 codec. Ever since then, Both Sony Vegas and PowerDirector 12 have been throwing fits at me. Sony Vegas barely runs preview over 1fps and slightly lags on the timeline and PowerDirector...
  49. M

    1080p movies run problems

    I need help running @1080p movies with my old computer. Is there any technical solution for this case? Exactly the same movie (example .mp4 files): @720p no problems at all, runs perfectly. @1080p can't play it smoothly. SPECS: 1.PC CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2.01GHz PCB: ASUS K8N-E GPU...
  50. B

    What is the best codec for dxtory "READ DESCRIPTION "

    I need to know what the best codec someone would recommend for my terms i have just attempted the Motion JPEG codec and the file size is great but image quality appears so be very bad. What is the best codec for dxtory that has a good balance with performance ( i have a gtx 760 GPU and a i7...
  51. vFMXv

    Dxtory recording software codec problem?

    I am trying to record with Dxtory video codec but when I watch it back there is only sound, no video.
  52. viveknayyar007

    I Want to Add Additional Codecs in Virtual DJ

    By default Virtual DJ has almost every codec already installed in it. With the help of these codecs, the program easily codes and decodes the audio files, their samples, and all other program and media specific information without any hitch or glitch. The built-in decoders that Virtual DJ has...
  53. M

    Windows Movie Maker vs lagarith codec

    I'm recording a vid with lagarith, but when I go to work on in in either Windows Movie Maker or avidemux, neither software sees the file properly. With avidemux it's just green screen while with WMM I get colourful vertical lines across the video. funny thing is that when I restart the vid in...
  54. legacyBIOS

    PC Gaming Recording Codec Question

    Hey Guys, I have a couple questions for gamers who upload PC gaming videos to Youtube. First, I am using DXtory as my application to record my BF3 gaming. I am currently using the Lagarith Lossless Codec for my videos, which I hear is supposed to be one of the best. I am recording 30fps @...
  55. Solar Trans

    Can't get Vegas Pro 12 to play videos encoded with the DivX Codec

    I've tried looking it up and I can't find out how to get Vegas Pro to load videos encoded by DivX... There were videos saying to download a new aviplug.dll to replace with the existing one and it will work but it didn't for me. I've tried many codecs and DviX is the only one that gives me 30FPS...
  56. T

    Extracting audio from video Audition 1.5

    Hi, I'm new here. Some weeks ago my pc crashed and I had to reïnstall Win7. I lost all programs too. I reïnstalled Audition 1.5 but the only thing that's not working is FILE - EXTRACTING AUDIO FROM VIDEO (like MP4 files) The message says: THE SELECTED FILE IS NOT A SUPPORTED VIDEO FORMAT OR THE...
  57. exfileme

    Google Upgrades Hangouts with 720p Video

    Google is moving to use WebRTC in Hangouts. Google Upgrades Hangouts with 720p Video : Read more
  58. FauxFox

    Learning a new coding language? (need help)

    Hello fellow forum members! I am a 13 year old boy, and I want to learn code. I had a friend's parent recommend Scratch to "Get my mind thinking about how code works" Well...I can surely say that after about a week of screwing around with Scratch, I understand it well. :) My ultimate goal is...
  59. J

    Does anybody know how to rename audio codecs on a pc?

    I put off trying to solve this issue months ago, but since all the interfaces that I plug into my pc all read as "AUDIO CODEC", I usually have to click through every option to find the correct in/out sound source. If there were a way to rename each of my 10 AUDIO CODECS, it would save me tons of...
  60. lilrex

    USB codec for mixing board

    Does anyone know of a good USB codec? I am using an alesis mixing board and the microsoft codec keeps playing hell with my setup