Help with recording settings?


Jan 16, 2014
I know this is probably the billionth of this kind of question, but I need help with settings for recording my games with Dxtory. Most of the games I play will run at a steady 50-60 fps, and I intend to record at that framerate as well, if that would be best. I don't really know what to do with any other settings, such as codec (though I installed the lagarith lossless codec), clipping, etc. Dxtory clocked my hard drive (non-ssd) at 174 mbps, and I record and play to the same hard drive (I know, I know). I've got 8 gigs of ram, and an AMD Fx-6300 cpu. My harddrive is 1 terabyte, and I have pretty fast internet (25 mbps down, 8-10 mbps up), but I don't really want 10 gb, 15 minute videos :p
So, for anyone with experience with Dxtory, can you help me?
(Game i'll most often record will be Minecraft)