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  1. Z

    Don't want Divx codec to read my videos

    Hi, After I installed Divx yesterday, it takes ages while watching a video to makes jumps (skip the beginning, etc). I guess Divx codec "took over" the video watching process, but I don't want that. I went to Divx's settings but there's nothing about preventing Divx to take control over all...
  2. The Stealthinator

    Audio codec issue

    I have a bunch of .mod files. When I import them into iMovie, the video remains but the audio goes. The files get converted to .mov. I cannot play the files with video AND audio in anything except VLC. Since I am editing, is there any way I can get the audio to also play in iMovie? Thanks. The...
  3. J

    Codec and torrent

    I noticed that the last few K-Light Codec packs I got at file-hippo have malware was wondering where I can get one that doesn't. Even if I have to go with an older version I need one that's clean. HATE malware besides I don't need extra crap on my old system. Not sure but I think my Utorrent...
  4. E

    Free Blu-ray media player/codec???

  5. J

    Rendering twice with the same codec

    As an example lets say i take a bunch of 30 second clips and render them to save disk space. After i have enough of these i would compile them into one video and render them with the same process. Would this cause any loss of quality using the exact same rendering process as i did when i...
  6. R

    Blu Ray playback on Windows?

    What is a good software for playing blu ray in Windows? Can I just get a codec and then use Windows Media Player?
  7. Z

    Can't play 3GP files with K-Lite codec package with non-Admin user.

    I have a Dell Inspiron notebook with Windows XP Home Edition SP3. I've installed the K-Lite Codec Pack through the Administrator account and this plays 3GP files from my mobile phone, no problem. I'm using Windows Media Player 9. However, when I log in with another - non-Administrator level...
  8. N

    Adi codec for Dell Dimension 8400 windows 7

    Please send me a link to download ADI Codec for Dell Dimension 8400 running Windows 7. Thank you.
  9. C

    Solved! I need mp3 codec for acer

    Hello, have acer notebook and gotomypc says it needs a mp3 codec. where to find one without all the garbage fromm these so called free sites?
  10. laovniux

    Best video player / codec.

    Hello, I was wondering what kind of player / codec would be best used for highest quality movie playback? I'm currently using CCCP codec pack with MPC-HC. I read that using CoreAVC only decreases the load on your pc. My pc is strong enough to handle most of what is thrown at it so I wanted to...
  11. Fletch711

    Codec DSP Group True Speech (22)

    I recently received a .Wav file of about 1 MB that would not play in My Windows Media player on any of my Windows 7 machines. For some reason it opened right up on a Windows XP Machine of the clients friend without an issue. Media Player Web help stated I was missing this Codec: DSP Group...
  12. G

    Free Blu-ray media player/codec???

    Hi Is it possible i can download a free blu-ray player on to my laptop? Thanks NICK
  13. E

    Lag when playing 720p and 1080p MKVs

    I reinstalled Windows on my desktop and now my 720p and 1080p mkv lag significantly when playing them back in VLC. I didn't have this issue before I reinstalled Windows. I have tried SMPlayer, but it still lags on occasion. I get the feeling this is a codec issue but I'm not sure what codec...
  14. E


    Seriously, this thing is pissing me off. I can't view any of this junk I have downloaded, no it's not pron either. Windows media says it cannot play it, Quicktime says its codec needs to update, and I even downloaded VLC media player, and yet nothing has worked. I don't know what the problem is!
  15. R

    Solved! Blu-ray Codec

    Hello, HOW can you download blu ray DVDplayer to your lap top?
  16. S

    K-lite codec download valid win 32 application

    Hello, I'm running vista. I downloaded the k-lite codec pack and upon installation received the message is not a valid win 32 application. Is there any other way to install. The application gives windows media the ability to Play VOB files.
  17. I

    Adi codec windows 7

    Hello,ADI Codec Driver
  18. C

    Codec for rpl file

    Hello, can you give a link for an effective rpl file converter (ex. rpl to flv or avi)? i need it so badly so please help me
  19. M

    Import fraps video but no sound.

    I have been recoding screen video with fraps for a while, everything works great but one day I have reinstall my codec then suddenly when I import my video into sony vegas the sound didnt get importing in with video. I am now using k-lite codec mega pack. I have also try with xDiv, strom codec...
  20. Alfred_i


    hi,i want to know what is the difference between 2 pass encoding and normal encoding? and which of the codecs have the best quality for 800mg(vob to.....)mkv or mp4? and h264 is better or mpeg4?
  21. B

    Ccleaner codec killer

    ya so i used CCleaner and it deleted half my codecs for some reason so why do people use it?
  22. exfileme

    Panasonic DVRs with Blu-ray Recorder, VHS

    Panasonic's new line of DVRs include Blu-yay writng, VHS, and the company's UniPhier system LSI codec. Panasonic DVRs with Blu-ray Recorder, VHS : Read more
  23. J

    No video on media players!

    many many videos of different formats and codecs that once played on my computer stopped working a few days ago. I get audio but no video. A few kinds of video's still work (most .wmv ones). Nothing to my knowledge has changed that could affect my computer this way.... I have the same video...
  24. G

    Video File Formats 101

    Swimming in a soup of confusing video codecs? Learn to compress and watch efficiently with our guide to video file formatting. Video File Formats 101 : Read more
  25. enewmen

    Simple H.264 video codec questions.

    What is the best H.264 codec? Is it better/sharper/more compressed than Divx? 10x slower to encode? I know there are lots of Divx vs. H264 compare tests, but that was a few years ago and divx has gotten much better since then. 2 pass, insane quality, motion compensation, etc. Can any...
  26. A

    Windows Movie Maker

    I have DOSBox 0.70 and the ZMBV codec installed. I recorded a movie of a DOS game, and so I edited this video into Windows Movie Maker. But now I face a problem when I merge these files. Everytime I try to save it, the application states "[Infinite] Minutes Remaining" even when all of the .avi...
  27. K

    Watching .avi movies on Pioneer CLD-V5000

    Hey everybody. I own a Pioneer CLD-V5000. I have some movies burned in .avi format(had to get codecs to play with Windows Media Player). They are on regular cd's.......close to the 700mb limit of the disc. I would like to watch them on the tv using the Pioneer. Am I not able to because the...
  28. K

    best anti spyware and codec pack

    hi guys can anyone tell me what is best anti spyware?i m using xp sp2 32bit. the other problem that encounters most is "codec missing" as idownload most stuff from internet.could u plz recommend me any codec pack that can play all of my videos thanx in advance
  29. T

    VirtualDub: what codec do you use?

    hello, I just started using Virtualdub, and I was wondering what codecs you use to encode your videos. Is Xvid better than DivX? I'm trying to convert my VCD into an avi; as an experiment, I chose Xvid. At first I let it run with the default configuration but the projected file size was...
  30. G

    IMA ADPCM Codec format

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc.multimedia (More info?) Greetings all: I have been reading through all the posts here trying to find some answers to my PPC / WMP issue and I believe I may understand what my problem is, but I will ask my question anyway. I have a phone...
  31. G

    Searching for cheap(er) audio-codec

    Archived from groups: (More info?) hi ng I´m trying to build up my own studio at home. to get in contact with custumers all over the country I need an audio codec. all I can find on the web are codecs by "mayah" which cost at least 4000 euros. ain´t there any alternatives...
  32. G

    Best TTG codec?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) What MP2 codec do people recommend for best results working with TTG files? I use the directions on Evilnet to convert the Tivo file into an MP2, and I'd like to burn them to DVD reliably, but the Cyberlink codec I'm using seems to be...
  33. T

    error downloading codec

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have tried like crazy to get my TiVo togo feature to work with viewing the video's I have downloaded from my TiVo. I installed* and yet I still get error. I even tried a second codec and that didn't help...
  34. G

    codec problem

    Archived from groups: (More info?) hi I transferred shows off tivo to pc and burned copy on dvd rw. I can see from dvd disk on computer but when I take it on lap top the picture is not normal and is more vertical. Is this a codec issue? I have win xp pro on laptop. I...
  35. G

    Free-Codecs, Codec Pack All in 1

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have just installed the free-codecs all in one codec pack, and now when i view movies with my TiVo desktop the aspect ratio seems to be off quite a lot...Does anyone know how i can fix this..??? thanks..... herbie
  36. N

    Tivotogo Mpeg2 Extraction

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hey does ne1 have the Moonlight-Elecard codec to extract the .tivo files with Grafedit? What about a crack for the SOnic MyDVD Tivo Edition? Thanks
  37. N

    TTG CODEC problem

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm having a codec-related problem with Tivo To Go. Here's the situation. I installed the InterVideo DVD X-Pack, and sure enough, I could load shows from the TIVO onto the laptop and watch them using Windows Media Player. The problem is...
  38. J

    cant find a codec for tivo to go

    Archived from groups: (More info?) where can i find a codec for tivo to go? thanks
  39. G

    Ghosts in Toshiba registry

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) While troubleshooting a video playback issue on my wife's A45-S120 I happened upon a video codec checker called "sherlock" which told me that three MPEG encoder codecs were...
  40. M

    K lite mega codec minimum system requirements

    K lite mega codec minimum system requirements DO you know what they are? What CPU RAM and VGA will I need for smooth playback of videos? Ive heard that I need 600 MHz 256 RAM. but is it possible to play the files with a slower system?? I am getting a second user laptop. Thats why I need to...
  41. G

    ReplayTV codec?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I am using DVArchive for the first time, and just downloaded the first show from my 5080 to my PC. I tried playing it with Windows Media Player and only got the audio. After reading the FAQ at, I see that I may need a...
  42. G

    ReplayTV codec?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I am using DVArchive for the first time, and just downloaded the first show from my 5080 to my PC. I tried playing it with Windows Media Player and only got the audio. After reading the FAQ at, I see that I may need a...
  43. G

    Wnidows Media Player Codes

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc.multimedia (More info?) Hi, I use Windows Pocket PC 2003 SE with its installed Media Player. I've jsut downloaded some Microsoft webcasts and like to view them on it.. but I have no video and no audio, probably because of missing codecs (if...
  44. G


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I need the following codec for the IPAQ 5450 WM2003, does anyone have any ideas? The audio codec identified by the format tag 45 is required to play this file.
  45. D

    Digital audio stream terms?

    Archived from groups:,,, (More info?) I'm listening to a stream via WMP. The Get Info box says: Bit Rate: 24 Kbps Audio Codec: Windows Media Audio 9 20 kbps, 32kHz, mono 1-pass CBR Can someone please clarify...
  46. G

    Best Codec Paxckage

    Hey fellow geeks, I Have a pretty extensive DIVX, MPEG, AVI and M2P movie and other video file library, I was wondering what is the best "bug free" codec package out there? I am currently running "DIVX Total Package 1.7" , but I have a few newly posted/received videos that this package can't...
  47. M

    Unknown Codec!

    Hi fellas, I recently joined to this great community. I've been doing divx coding for some time. But yesterday I've encountered with a problem that I can not figure what to do. I've downloaded a movie for a friend from internet (thanks to my broadband access). When I tried to open it, to see...
  48. alltaken

    favorite audio codec

    ok whats your guys favorite and least favorite audio codec. both loseless and Lossey codecs are fine. least favorite for me = MP3 Ogg is good but i have to say my fav is FLAC (which is loseless) i encoded 18.5 Gb of music in FLAC, thats only 619 songs BTW LOL anyway whats the public...
  49. N

    Totally clueless

    Pardon me, I have no knowledge of editing videos... Does anyone know where to download the original Microsoft mpeg-2 codec? Was there something special about that codec? And what's the difference between a mpeg-2 & mpeg-4 codec? Thanks
  50. N

    real mpeg2 convert

    The situation: Well i got a real cool tv card that records tv shows with high quality. Hauppage WinTV PVR PCI. Anyways, it has a hardware encoder that outputs mpeg2 directly, unfortunately what they failed to tell me its not REAL mpeg2. You have to install THEIR intervideo codec to view the...
  51. S

    2U4U DMR-300 WMA Player Review

    This is for Christian Stavro or anyone else interested. You made up a good article but you forgot to include important things. First, which program did you use to encode your mp3s? It should be one using the latest LAME codec. If your encoding program is using a public Franhofer codec like...
  52. M

    MP3, WMA, AAC OK -> Where is Real Audio?

    The article "2U4U DMR-300 WMA Player" is very interesting. Fially somebody compare side by side audio compression. Grate idea. It will be also good idea to compare Real Audio codec just as a reference. I consyder Real Audion codec better then MP3 but I am not sure how it compare to MWA and AAC.
  53. S

    TMPGEnc and the disappearing Video Codecs

    It's weird. It used to show it. Then I was testing out something and uninstalled DivX 5.0, installed 3.11 then 4.0 then installed 5.0. Now when I go into TMPGEnc and try to save as AVI I don't see DivX as one of my options and I used to. I went into Virtual Dub to see what it had and sure...
  54. E

    divx (still) sucks

    I installed the new divx 4.12 codec and XMPEG 4.2a which THW raves on about. And YET again this piece of [-peep-] gives more blue screens and errors then anything else I've seen. I've been trying to use both divx-encoder , flask/xmpeg and virtual dub on different computersystems and it allways...
  55. C

    Divx Codec crashes my system - any advice?

    I just installed the Divx 4.11 codec, and while playing an .avi or .mpeg (using windows media player 7) it causes my system to either reboot or crash to a blue-screen-o-fatal exception error. I updated the drivers for my Hercules 3D Prophet III (aka gForce 3) and it still happens. It seems to...
  56. lhgpoobaa

    best codec

    Alright you smart people... when encoding mp3's what are the absolute best codecs to use? not concerned with speed here but QUALITY, both with 128 fixed and 128 VBR. I would show you some apathy, but i just cant be bothered.