subtitles won't play MP4 file


Aug 15, 2016
Newbie here: I need help with loading subtitles.

I use Quicktime Player 7 to play movies:
I have downloaded a MP4 file that has the subtitles in a separate folder: I dragged it to the same window as the move and mirror copied the title of the subtitle .srt extension to match the videos title.
The movie runs fine but still no subtitles. Quicktime does not seem to have a 'load' or 'open' subtitles pull down menu.

Any directions (using newbie language of course) Goal: hook up laptop (mac) to LGtv.


Sorry I don't use a mac so .... Thinking or your subtitle issue though - maybe download the mac version of VLC (freeware) - in windows at least - it's a very good player that can handle most any video format and subtitles are easy to toggle on and off.


oh - i can't help about hooking mac laptop to a tv but - I'm guessing that anyone who can will want to know the model number of your laptop or at the very least .... the type of video output connector that your laptop has. If you post that info, you may get a quicker response.