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    subtitles won't play MP4 file

    Newbie here: I need help with loading subtitles. I use Quicktime Player 7 to play movies: I have downloaded a MP4 file that has the subtitles in a separate folder: I dragged it to the same window as the move and mirror copied the title of the subtitle .srt extension to match the videos title...
  2. Can You Help Me Please

    How do I prevent the hassle of converting video file to Quicktime edit video for avid media composer

    I am using media composer 5.0. I'm importing an MP4 file and it's taking hours to convert. Do I have a choice to convert my mp4 to a quicktime file so that I can bypass the conversion to a QT file?
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    File from camera will play on my friends computer but not my own

    So its the end of football season and I've finished up my last year of high school so that means its time to get all my film together. Throughout the season my dad has been recording the games on my friends camera. So I was just at my friends house and we put the film from his sd card onto his...
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    can't produce in MOV

    When I try to produce in MOV format I get an error message telling me to install Quicktime but it is already installed on my computer I am using PD12. Any suggestions? Thanks for any assistance in advance.
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    Sony Vegas and .mov File Help

    So I'm doing a project for school and it requires filming and editing. At my school they have macs with iMovie. At home I have a pc with Sony Vegas 12. To get the videos from the mac to my pc, this is what I do. First, I import the video into iMovie on the mac because it can auto detect the...
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    batch file writing

    Hi, i am new to this batch writng and looking for some advice, i am testing a silent Install and i cant get it to work can someone help e and tell me where i anm going wrong the script is as follows msiexec /i "c:\users\homewatch\desktop\tempinstall\7.6.8\QuickTime.msi"/qn installdir=C:\Program...
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    Quicktime. To Buy or Not to Buy?

    Is there a dependable Open version of Quicklime?
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    Reinstalling itumes 10

    When I try and update to itunes 10 it get quicktime.msi not found and the process stops? why is this? do I need to deinstall itunes 9 first? If I DO deinstall Itunes 9 first, will that also remove all data file eg song and videos. Help please?
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    Cannot removed ITunes and QuickTime.

    Hello,When I try and removed itune sand quick time I get message that says the feature you are trying to use is on a network resourced that is unavailable. Try and find folder that the installation page ITune.msi
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    Cyberlink Power DVD 10 Vs Apple Quicktime

    Can someone please explain to me why Apple's free Quicktime player is so much better at playing video than Cyberlink Power DVD 10? Cyberlink and other DVD players can't seem to handle having the video slider bar be dragged forward without crashing while Apple's free Quicktime player never has...
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    I cant delete quicktime off my control panel

    Hello, i go to my control panel and it says the feature you are trying to use is on a network resouce that is unavailable
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    Deleting Quicktime Movies

    I have several Quicktime movies which I have put in the Recycle Bin. The Bin will not empty as it states that they are in use when in fact they are not. One of the movies is listed as an "rbt" and I have no idea what that is. Also, the other file say that they are a Dc # file and those won't...
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    Make Snappier Vids, Use This Software

    Which new software will help you make the hottest YouTube video: QuickTime Pro 7, TMPGEnc 4, or maybe even light Web-based tools? Make Snappier Vids, Use This Software : Read more
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    Apple Patches Quicktime Flaw For Vista, Mac OS X

    Cupertino (CA) - Apple has released an update for Quicktime to fix a potentially dangerous flaw that affects most versions of Mac OS X and Windows Vista, as well as Windows XP Service Pack 2. The software update, Quicktime version 7.4.1, closes a secur Apple Patches Quicktime Flaw For Vista...
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    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc.multimedia (More info?) Greetings everyone, I was trying to find a cheap to free media player that will play .MOV files. I use BetaPlayer for most and then WMP for the rest. I cannot seem to find anything that will give me .MOV playback...
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    Quicktime and Acrobat

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Does anybody know of any software that allows you to view quicktime files on the PDA. Also, any software that can view adobe PDF files. Thanks, Jasper