File from camera will play on my friends computer but not my own


Jul 9, 2013
So its the end of football season and I've finished up my last year of high school so that means its time to get all my film together. Throughout the season my dad has been recording the games on my friends camera. So I was just at my friends house and we put the film from his sd card onto his laptop (Windows 7), at this point we were able to look through all the film and check what was worth keeping. When we got what was good we put that on a USB and then i took it back to my house since i was the one that was going to edit it all together. When i put it into my computer, all possible programs i try to open the file with (Quicktime, Video, Windows Media, Movie Maker and Sony Vegas) can't open the files but the files do have size to them. Please help!
Download MPC-HC ( and see if the file plays. It's possible it's just a file format that you don't have a codec for.

If MPC-HC can't play it, the file is broken and you need to copy it again, preferably on a different media (different stick, transfer online, etc)