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  1. Q

    When I record voice or when I playback voice from another source, all I get is a faint sound of the recording, very low volume

    I'm trying to add narrative to a project made using Windows Movie Maker. There have been no problems with sound in the project until I try to add my voice recording to any particular frame. When I manage to have the right file type, the only sound I got is very faint, as though the voice is...
  2. W

    how to edit a mp4 file in movie maker and save the trimmed file in original format and specifications

    My mp4 file is 10 minutes long. I edit out parts leaving about 3 minutes. when I save the file , using best for computor, my 3 minute file is almost as long as the original 10 minute file, if I save as HD it is twice as large as the original 10 minute file.
  3. S

    Movie maker Live win 10 video is fine but no audio

    I have tried everything I could think of pertaining to the recording of audio but so far, nothing has worked. Any tips ?
  4. F

    Will More Ram Increase Sony Vegas Rendering Speed?

    I currently have a YouTube channel which I upload to 3 times a week. I have recently switched to Sony Vegas Pro 13, from Movie Maker, and I've suddenly noticed how long it takes to render. Rendering 1080p, 60fps, at 26000 kbps bitrate it takes about 4 minutes per minute of footage. Sometimes my...
  5. M

    How to make a movie maker file compatible with Audacity

    How do i make a movie maker file compatible with Audacity? And then how would I turn in back to an mp4
  6. G

    movie maker makes video blurry

    I wanted to do a speedpaint, and I used screencast-o-matic to record myself while I drew. I watched the recordings and they were clear, but when I uploaded them to windows live movie maker, the quality bad and everything appears blurry. It was an mp4 and i was about 15 minutes long
  7. F

    File from camera will play on my friends computer but not my own

    So its the end of football season and I've finished up my last year of high school so that means its time to get all my film together. Throughout the season my dad has been recording the games on my friends camera. So I was just at my friends house and we put the film from his sd card onto his...
  8. D

    Best Video Editing Software for editing and rendering video game gameplay? (excluding Movie Maker)?

    Hello. I've been using nothing but Movie Maker to edit/render all my gameplay videos and it's REALLY bad. I don't do video making for a living and have absolutely NO plan on doing so anytime soon. Vegas seems like it would be the best choice, but it's WAY too expensive. I just need a video...
  9. W

    Movie Maker Player to DVD Player

    Made a movie In Version 12 Movie maker using 6 video clips I put together from digital pictures I took. Do I go directly to Burn DVD and will it play on a Blu-Ray DVD player? What kind of DVD do I use? What if it doesn't play? I've had this problem before, but unfortunately I didn't take...
  10. A

    Compress Video Problem

    I have a problem when compress the video. I use some software to convert such as handbrake, movavi and movie maker. After I convert to MP4 file, I cannot get the same video as original. The duration of video has been changes. Someone please help me.
  11. G

    URGENT playback assistance required

    I have an acer 112 pico projector i make theatre and need to project a short animation onto some mannequins - urgent deadline. The animation was made using movie maker on a windows 7 pc. saving the project from movie maker i have a high res and a low res version low res is fine for the pico...
  12. T

    Movie Maker Audio Problem!

    Hi! I imported a video from my Ipod, into Windows Movie Maker, and when I played it, the was no audio! It shows the waveforms but there is no sound! Thanks!
  13. M

    ive tried 2 different mics for my laptop and niether work on my movie maker.what do i need to do?

    how come none of my mics work?
  14. J

    Movie maker reduces video quality

    I have videos that are in .mpg format and when I watch them on my phone it is clear HD. After I edit them in Windows Movie Maker and export them, though not very obvious, you can kinda see that the video quality isnt as good. I save them as the android 720p MPEG-4/H.264 format. Am I doing it...
  15. A

    Video editing software for easy and precise spliting and joining

    What i need is a software that offers exactly the same funcionality as Windows Movie Maker trim tool but it should actually work. What i want to do is to take some video, cut small pieces from it and make new video from them. The cutting tool should be very precise (about 0.01 s, i know that...
  16. BlueJays92-93

    Any opinions on Sony Movie Maker

    Hi All, I'm looking to begin to do some video editing soon and I need to get myself some editing software. I am completely new at the whole video editing thing so I need something that's quite user friendly (I use windows btw so iMovie isn't an option). I was thinking of going with Sony Movie...
  17. I

    Movie Maker not playing sound of recorded video from camcorder

    I copied files from my old Sony DCR-TRV340 camcorder tapes thru the USB cable supplied by Sony. When I play the video in Movie Maker 2 there is no sound. My sound card works perfectly. Is it because of the USB? I also have firewire card MM but MM recognizes the camcorder sometimes and capture...
  18. G

    Native MP4 file bitrates being REDUCED by Movie Maker even when saved as MP4!

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a dilemma here. I thought MP4 was a huge upgrade, especially as a YouTube Gamer who cares about making quality content, but something started to happen. I noticed a significant drop in quality with my videos lately! I'm seriously upset here, and I need answers...
  19. G

    Green screen in Movie Maker

    Yes i have a green screen on my wall and i am trying to put a background on it through Movie maker and am having a problem figureing it out! Any help would be great THANKS BUNCHES
  20. A

    Movie Maker NOT Saving Video

    I imported a mp4 file into Movie Maker (2012) running on Win7. The file includes video and sound. After editing it a bit, the playback in Movie Maker is still perfect. However, when I save it using "Save Movie" in a any of the possible methods, I lose the video (black screen) while the sound is...
  21. T

    why do i have a black screen on movie maker

    Hi! So, recently i downloaded movie maker, and i could make them successfully, but whenever i publish, it turns to a black screen. I have no idea why! ive seached any solutions but nothing worked. Please, PLEASE help!
  22. A

    Converting from Avi format

    Hello, I have recently recorded a Garrosh Normal kill from World of Warcraft using Dxtory. It was recorded in 1080p. I have tried converting it to a mp4 format so it can be uploaded onto the youtube however all the applications i have used including movie maker, sony vegas and a variety of other...
  23. B

    I need help choosing a new laptop?

    Hello, Unexpectedly, after having my computer checked out for an erroring hard drive, I need a new computer. -I will be using it mainly for entertainment and photo/video purposes. (Windows Movie Maker and iTunes are the only programs I need. Although I wouldn't mind Office.) - It has to have...
  24. T

    help with movie maker issue

    I recently recorded gameplay using Dxtory, and after I was finished, I rewatched it and it came out fine. I then spent a half hour putting it in windows movie maker, and after it was done compressing, I went to replay it again before uploading it. Unfortunately when I went to rewatch it the...
  25. TitusRaven

    How to Edit AVI files (from Fraps) in Vegas Pro 13?

    So i have Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 and Vegas Pro 13. I've been screen recording my games with Fraps at 60 fps at full size for long periods of time. Editing these files on Vegas 13 always freezes ("Not Responding") and eventually shuts down, but strangely enough, they play fine on...
  26. napninjanx

    How come when I use After Effects and Premier Pro Video Comes Out 480 P?

    When I use Windows Live Movie Maker and save the videos the quality comes out as 1080 P and 720 P. But when I render videos in After Effects and Premier Pro it only gives me 480 P. I always choose the 1080 i and 720 P does not work for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  27. L

    Anyone know a basic video editor?

    I like to watch certain scenes out of films and rather than have to open the film and skip through the find it I would an editor so I can just clip out that one clip, I would do it in Movie maker but for some reason whenever I clip the scenes out they blow up to 1920x1080 and look horrible.
  28. semaj21

    Movie Maker/Editor Apps with Lots of Effects/Transitions

    Greetings! My girlfriend needs a movie maker/editor software (free or paid) with hundreds of effects and transitions which is user-friendly, easy to use, easy to play with, and not for advance user. Can you recommend one or two? She is using windows 7. Thanks, James
  29. T

    How to prevent graphics from getting worst when editing with Movie Maker?

    When I drag the video into Movie Maker graphics are ok. When I press "Add Title", graphics become extremely bad. You cannot see anything! Do you know what can I do to prevent this from happening? Please give me a solution. P.S.: Some months ago videos were being edited well. When I tried to...
  30. F

    When I edit my video on movie maker it screwed up the quality ?

    When I was editing my minecraft vid I was removing bits and then after finished editing it makes it look really bad. Why Does it happen and how to fix it.
  31. M

    Audio Won't Work In Movie Maker

    When i record something using Dxtroy, and play the recorded file, the audio is fine. When i try to open it in Windows Movie Maker, the audio does not work. How can i fix this?
  32. L

    windows live movie maker 211

    Won't play dvd on tv I have a Toshiba SD4300KU dvd player and useda DVD+R to burn pics and music from movie maker and it plays on computer but not my tv....what can I do?
  33. F

    Combine multiple mp3s to form one larger audio file.

    Forgive me I've gotten roughly 2 hours sleep in the last 48 to 55 hours and my brain may not be functioning at maximum capacity. I've been hopelessly dependent on Windows Movie Maker and Windows XP for the last 5 or so years for compiling my projects. I have multiple mp3s which I often need to...
  34. N

    All video Editing software crash's - Codec issue

    Hey guys OS: Windows 7 lately ive tried multiple video editor's in an attempt to change a video around. and ive tried videopad, Windows movie maker 6.0 , and live movie maker 2012 And no matter what program i use, it crashs when trying to load the video, which original format was flv, but i...
  35. timarp000

    Does editing in movie maker reduce quality?

    every time i edit 1080p game recordings from FRAPS the quality and level of detail comes down... Why? Is there a setting to stop this from happening?
  36. J

    Nvidia card not working with Movie Maker?

    Hello, I just got a brand new ACER, windows 7 with a ICORE5 and with NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with 1 GB dDedicated VRAM. When I go into movie maker to begin editing my video ( which I think was filmed in HD) I get lag when I'm previewing. It's making me sad. Please help explain what I need to do...
  37. B

    My voice sounds like robot

    I have a Dell XPS M1530. Any recording of my voice and when I try to use Skype my voice is only robot. All other features of Skype and movie maker etc are fine. I am desperate to fix my outgoing voice on Skype as I need it for job interviews. I have done everything Skype recommends. Still just...
  38. K

    Solved! Copying camcorder film to p/c

    we need to copy pix from cannon camcorder and put them into a movie maker program but the p/c refuses to see canon camcorder. can someone help please?
  39. H

    Movie Maker file disappeared

    I have been working on a file for quite some time. After saving my file, I restarted the program, Movie Maker, to connect my headphones for sound. After connecting the headphones, I went to open my movie maker file and it was gone. I have read a few forums and it sounds like the file crashed as...
  40. G

    Dvc-80 driver movie maker

    driver link for moviemaker please
  41. G

    Windows Live Movie Maker

    How does Microsoft’s free new video app for Windows 7 stack up? Our opinion: Best free A/V software for PCs, no extra hardware needed. Windows Live Movie Maker : Read more
  42. sabot00

    Free Movie Maker?

    Any1 know of a good free movie maker? I used windows movie maker a lot but the interface is slow & it publishes RLY slow. There is also not enough options.
  43. S

    Cant burn to disc with movie maker

    I am unable to burn a movie i created using windows movie maker on windows XP, I have used pictures, transitions and audio, and when i click on 'Save Movie File' it begins doing the process and then i get a message saying about source files etc. I have been able to burn these to disc in the...
  44. D

    A Good Software about edit video

    Hello I'm new here and I'm from Brazil so I can write some wrongs words xD I wanna know if someone has a good software to edit videos like movie maker...but it's very simple, and don't have many effects and transistions....So if anyone knows one good software about it plz write here thanks bye bye
  45. Q

    Creative Video Blaster Movie Maker

    Hello... Has anyone of you already tried to use Creative Video Blaster Movie Maker... How is it?