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  1. Z

    Solved! Crashing Movie Studio

    My Movie Studio 15 Suddenly started crashing when I try importing videos, and when I import other things it crashes when I try to make the Movie. I noticed the problem a week after I used it.
  2. R

    Solved! Do I render a 30 fps video in 30fps or 29.970?

    So i use vegas 14 for all of my edits but I never know what to do. The video clips are sometimes either 30 (rarely) but are mainly 29.970. When im rendering the video do i have the project propteries as 29.970 and the render settings at the same? Thanks
  3. Z

    Editing Software's Are All Changing The Color Of EVERY Video (Vegas Pro 15, Adobe Premiere Pro)

    Whenever I import any video into one of the programs listed in the title (Vegas Pro 15, Adobe Premiere Pro) the preview window looks like it has a negative filter overtop of it? I've updated my GPU drivers on my laptop and I've went through Vegas' and Premiere's settings about 100 times trying...
  4. T

    BSOD While Rendering Videos in Sony Vegas

    Hey everyone, Just looking for a bit of help here. On a couple occasions when i rendered videos, ive gotten the blue screen of death. I used to think it was because i had the render using CUDA option, so i stopped using that and it was good for a while. Most recently i did a batch render for 5...
  5. T

    need immediate help in sony vegas 14

    guys i have a screenshot of my problem but i dont know how to put the screenshot file here so you can see him if you dont know what i mean tell me wher do i click to post an image here so basically im edditing a video on sony vegas and suddenly this happend: for some reasone ther are now ups and...
  6. A

    Record at Native Framerate OR Desired Framerate?

    Hello. I'm experimenting with different methods or recording and rendering gameplay footage on my PC and I had a minor question. I run all of my games (if possible, of course) at 120fps to match my monitor's native display setting: 1080p @ 120Hz. Is it better to record my gameplay at its...
  7. T

    Sony Vegas D3D9.Dll File Error

    I've been trying to render a video all day on sony vegas but everytime it comes with the error: Problem Description Application Name: Vegas Pro Application Version: Version 13.0 (Build 310) 64-bit Problem: Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005) Fault Module...
  8. I

    Why does my video take so long to render?

    I know you guys probably get these questions a lot. I need help rendering, I've looked at many videos on how to stop crashing and speeding up the process of rendering in Sony Vegas Pro 14. PC SPECS: CPU: AMD A10 7890K GPU: Integrated (Soon be GTX 1050TI 4GB) RAM: 8GB 1866 (PC only recognizes...
  9. M

    Which of these 2 laptops are best for sony vegas 13?

    Hello, I'm looking for a new laptop for sony vegas 13. I will be doing 1080p and 60fps videos. Which of these 2 options is best for sony vegas 13? Info of the laptops: Option 1: ASUS X550VX - Windows 10 Home (64-bit) * It has a Intel Core i7 (6. Gen) 6700HQ / 2.6 GHz-3.5 GHz (4 cores and 8...
  10. T

    Help with rendering problems

    I'm looking for some help with rendering videos. I'll start off by explaining what i'm trying to do I use a program called to capture game play footage but the "creat a clip" function of the app is not the best and if you want to crop two or more moments of in game brilliance together...
  11. S

    Sony Vegas Crashing While Rendering

    Hi there guys so this is the error code i'm getting while rendering on sony vegas Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005), I'm running an Nvidia GTX 980ti trying to render videos when all of a sudden this error pops up then shut the problem down after i close the error message, also rendering pretty...
  12. cosmicbatz

    Sony Vegas Pro 11: After rendering video only audio plays?

    After I rendered my video in sony vegas, I went to watch it and the first few seconds are frames struggling to stay alive and then just my text and pictures that I put over the video. NONE of the clips in the movie play, only pictures I've edited over and sound. Can someone please help me? This...
  13. L

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Taking Too Long to Load Frames When I Play Another Part of the Video

    Whenever I jump around clips in sony vegas pro 13, it says it is not responding. This happens every single time, even if i go a couple frames back. Also, when I add a new video to Sony Vegas (actually even the first video) the screen of the recording goes black while it tries to figure which...
  14. F

    Will More Ram Increase Sony Vegas Rendering Speed?

    I currently have a YouTube channel which I upload to 3 times a week. I have recently switched to Sony Vegas Pro 13, from Movie Maker, and I've suddenly noticed how long it takes to render. Rendering 1080p, 60fps, at 26000 kbps bitrate it takes about 4 minutes per minute of footage. Sometimes my...
  15. M

    Sony Vegas / Adobe After Effects editing problem

    Hi guys, So I created a simple Music Visualizer in Adobe After Effect(link1), no problems there.. if I render it as an AVI the raw file is way to large (15Gig) for a 2.45min song. Instead I use H.264(.mp4) to keep the file size small. The problem comes when I import the visualizer into my...
  16. F

    File from camera will play on my friends computer but not my own

    So its the end of football season and I've finished up my last year of high school so that means its time to get all my film together. Throughout the season my dad has been recording the games on my friends camera. So I was just at my friends house and we put the film from his sd card onto his...
  17. T

    Sony vegas 13 freezes when i click render as? What do i do.

    Sony vegas 13 freezes when i click render as?
  18. D

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Render Freezing

    My render in sony vegas pro 13 every like 3 seconds pauses for 5-10 seconds and then continues, it's really extending the duration of render. Is it normal or something is wrong with my PC? 1 minute of FullHD 60FPS = 15 minutes. It' stupid. I have 20 minute long video to render and this is a big...
  19. B

    Sony Vegas 12: Flickering and artifacts

    I'm having an issue in Sony Vegas where the video flickers, has artifacts and objects kind of 'drag out' (Like, comparable to the trail when you drag a window on an old computer that's freezing). This happened in the preview but i figured there won't be a problem after rendering but after...
  20. R

    Rendering Help Sony Vegas.

    I'm rendering 720p videos and they are taking 16-17 minutes just for a 5 minute video, doesn't sound right at all. I have an fx 8350, with 8gb 1600ram. I'm at stock speed too. Can someone give me some settings?
  21. Q

    Sony Vegas 11 / 13 not working with GTX 970

    System stats: i3570k @ 4.0 ghz with H100 cooler 16 gb 1600 mhz GTX 970 Previously I was using a GTX 560 ti (448 core) and was able to render a 30 min 1920*1080 video in about 45 minutes using GPU acceleration in Sony Vegas 11. I upgraded to a GTX 970 and the program fails when trying to...
  22. M

    Gigabyte P35W v2 or MSI GS60 for Portable Video/photo-Editing?

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a thin and light 15.6" laptop for school. I'm having a hard time choosing between these two laptops: The original prices cost the same ($1699), but I will have to make some add-ons to either one. GIGABYTE P35W v2-CF3: +16GB RAM +2nd 128 GB SSD = $1787.71 MSI GS60...
  23. J

    Sony Vegas 13 How to Set (Legacy) Text to Default Text

    When in Sony Vegas 13 I right click and "Insert Text Media" it open the regular text but can I make it so that when I press that it opens text in Legacy, so I can have more editing options with text.
  24. O

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 post webcam recording problem

    (I used a Logitech Pro c920 Webcam and running windows 8) So after I fnish a recorded video in sony vegas for some reason when I try recording it for around 20 minutes it only shows for Print Length for 6 seconds but it clearly says that it recorded for 20 Minutes?
  25. M

    Best Multimedia laptop

    I am looking for a multimedia laptop for the budget of £500 I will use the laptop to play minecraft , record minecraft and also edit my videos on sony vegas 12 it has to be able to carry around easily and not very heavy. i want it to have a dedicated GPU so if i wanted to play other games it...
  26. V

    Sony Vegas 2K Render Option

    Hey! So I just got Sony Vegas 12 and want to upload 2K and 1440p videos to my YouTube account. I have some gameplay of BF4 and want to render it but the render template for 2K that Sony has cannot be opened in my Windows or uploaded to YouTube. The file type that doesn't work is XAVC 2K...
  27. SpartanSK117

    GTX 760 and Sony Vegas Pro 12

    When enabling CUDA Acceleration on Sony Vegas, it says that CUDA is available and it also recognises my GPU (Gainward Phantom 2GB GTX 760). However after clicking render, it crashes almost immediately but I've watched videos where GTX 660s and older cards work fine. Some people said its to do...
  28. H

    Sony Vegas Long Render

    Hello, I have quite a decent pc: CPU: intel i5: 3570k GPU: GTX 760 RAM: Kingston 1600mhz 8gb Im rendering with CUDA but it still takes 30 mins to render a 10 minute video. Also... im using windows 8
  29. G

    sony vegas: scaling problem on video import with differing resolutions/aspect ratios

    Hi, I'm trialling sony vegas pro 12 to create a video from several inputs. these inputs are shot with different cameras and can have differing resolution or aspect ratios I noticed SV scales the frame size of imported tracks up to the output resolution maintaing aspect ratio, but keeps the...
  30. ECaarnage

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 Render help.

    Me and a bunch of friends have created a YouTube channel and I have volunteered to be the editor because I have a little bit of experience with editing and this would help me to get better at it. I have 1920x1080 resolution. One of them have 1680x1080 and a few other resolutions that I can't...