Sony Vegas 13 Freezes with different file type videos while editing (MP4,WMV)


Dec 30, 2009
So, what is this problem when adding an mp4 video to my already edited video timeline and it takes literally forever to load and if i click anywhere in the Vegas it goes white and freezes ?
Should i just convert all my video files to one particular one in order to bypass the problem? or are my specs so bad that my ram goes full load and i dont have the ability to put more than 2 videos playing in split screen real time render?
My Vegas preferences are use 1024 out of 2046 Mb available just for the render window while my PC specs are
ddr3 1600mhz 1gbX3
core 2 duo e4500 2.2ghz
Gpu ati radeon 4670 HD 1gb gddr3
So Finaly? can i do something to fix this or im forced to convert every webcam video to mp4, or every mp4 to wmv?? also whats the best raw file format for vegas for optimal post production quality?


Jan 7, 2013
You really don't have the horsepower to do video editing with that rig.

Where did you acquire Sony Vegas? Which version (Pro, Edit, Suite etc)?

Has this issue only just started, or has it been an ongoing issue since you installed it.

If Sony still operates the way they used to, you should be able to install your license on to a new machine and it will transfer just fine.


Dec 30, 2009
hello there mate.. i had given between 5-6 years ago around 400 bucks for the sony vegas pro 9 which was upgraded eventually to 10.. so i was using pro 10 ever since my decision to go for 64 bit windows and utilize me 3gb ram and gpu opencl render from vegas 12-13.. it worked a miracle to simple webcam wmv videos and my watermark logo added on second crop,but now where it become more complex, my projects required some raw files and some pre-rendered by vegas in AVC and it just freezes, eventhough the 3 hours and 30 mins render became just 20 mins after the OPEN CL IN PRO 13.. i cant stand losing all the effects and split and cut stuff when im adding an mp4 file to my project media and it just freezes without even have saved my project previsoysly!
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