Solved! Sony Vegas Video Preview Lagging


Jul 9, 2016
i7-3770, 3.40 ghz
GTX 1080
16gb ddr3 ram

I have been using Sony Vegas 15 for a few months now with no problems. I recently switched over to using OBS for my recordings and have been experiencing a lot of problems with the preview window on sv15.I've been using OBS for 2 months now but the problem started approximately 2 weeks ago and has been preventing/stalling me from editing and rendering my videos. I have tried changed draft, to preview, etc on the different options (auto, half, full). I tried changing my settings to allow gpu on vegas and changed how much dynamic ram I have. I've tried uninstalling vegas, clearing the cahce and manually deleting its files from my pc, which doesnt seem to work. No matter what it lags. I even tried installing the older sony vegas (13) and even that lags. I also tried installing Premiere Pro and it was video preview was lagging there as well. I don't know what to do at this pont since all video previews on all video editors has been lagging for me. Please help. OBS settings attatched.