Question Beginner video editing software for youtube videos

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Mar 10, 2022
I am planning on making youtube videos and I am looking for good beginner friendly video editing software. The videos that I want to make are simple hiking videos, amvs and dj mixes.
I have a good computer and I want to edit on pc, so i am not looking for apps.

I am willing to pay for good software and I'd like it to be beginner friendly, but ideally have some balance with more in depth advanced stuff. So I can use it for a couple of years as I learn to do more with it and I wouldn't have to switch after using it for a couple of months or so.

Other things I want:
uncluttered interface.
capable of handling 4k.
I am a bit color blind, so a histogram and/or other helpful tools like that.

Looking forward to your suggestions
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