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  1. DJFiefs

    Solved! How to reset a phone that keeps restarting and cant access hard reset settings because volume buttons wont work?

    How to reset a phone that keeps restarting and cant access hard reset settings because volume buttons wont work?
  2. S

    Solved! Brightness issue

    My Brightness is not reducing it is stuck at full brightness I have gone to power options, advance settings, but it is not SHOWING the adjustment tab. I have searched for it but couldn't find solution for it, Please anybody could help me to resolve this issue ASAP
  3. A

    Asus Tablet k01A Loading screen won't go away

    I have asus k01A tablet, it got stuck on Asus loading screen, i have been waiting for 10 + minutes but nothing happens, as i tilt it to right [horizontal to either sides] i saw the half menu screen, it means it was turned on and showed menu as well before, but the loading screen is still there ...
  4. R

    Sony Vaio stuck at Vaio logo

    Hello there when I am starting my Vaio laptop it's always shows the Vaio logo and not booting up at all . Well I can actually enter into bios and it works fine. I took the laptop to a service center they asked me that it has a graphics related issues!!! Seriously!!!! I want to fix this laptop...
  5. X

    Laptop can`t load BIOS

    Recentrly was playing with bios, added custom boot option on my ASUS K56CM to Clover bootloader. Now ASUS logo wont show up, screen is black, can`t do anything. Power light is green, laptop cooling is working. Dismounted laptop HDD and SSD. Tried to unplug CMOS battery, but i unplugged cmos...
  6. L

    ASUS Laptop stuck on the start up page (No BIOS page)

    I have an ASUS E200H or ebook and recently it crashed. Now it currently just loads the start up screen, goes blank and the goes back to the start up screen. I left it for a while and it just repeated the same thing. I’ve tried every suggest that google has to offer! I for some reason don’t have...
  7. S

    Factory reset on 79% for 10 hours

    I did a factory reset for my Lenovo G50 laptop last night. I started it about 12 hours ago. For the last 10 hours it has been stuck at 79%. At this moment there is still on this screen:Resetting this PC. However, The circle that indicates that the laptop is charging/ resetting is running still...
  8. T

    Broken Screen, Using HDMI to see Screen, Tried Updating Windows and Now I Am Stuck on a Blank TV.

    I have a Windows 10 HP Notebook - 15-ba079dx (Touch) (ENERGY STAR) laptop, and I foolishly broke my screen, (not the touchscreen, the actual screen) but that isn't the main problem. I wasn't able to pay for repairs, so instead I simply attached an HDMI cable and plugged it into my TV. I was...
  9. E

    Sony Vegas Pro 15 stuck on "Initalizing DirectX plug-ins

    Everytime I try to load sony vegas pro 15 it loads up to Initalizing DirectX plug-ins and just gets stuck there, It wont move or open at all. Ive tried everything, looking in the internet wise and no one has a working fix. If anyone knows please help! I cant edit videos at all! Thanks
  10. N

    How to disable a certain key on keyboard even when booting up

    I have an old laptop which beeps incessantly upon booting. I figured out that a stuck space key is what causes this. I tried disabling it using MapKeyboard (described here: but it still kept beeping when I restarted it. Do...
  11. H

    Laptap Gets Stuck a Lot

    Hello guys! I have Toshiba Satellite C55-B0568 notebook. From a few days, it gets stuck/freezes a lot. While surfing internet, downloading or working on ms office, it freezes and then I have to forcefully shutdown it. Notebook specifications are: Intel Core i3 4005U 4GB DDR3L RAM 500GB HDD...
  12. M

    Gateway Laptop Keyboard Presses 'Enter' By Itself

    Hello Tech geeks! I was given a Gateway NV55C with an Intel Core i3-370M processor. It is currently running Windows 7, but I plan to wipe it and install Windows 10. I cannot enter the BIOS, as pressing F2 does nothing. It may be related to the real problem I'm having with it... The 'Enter'...
  13. P

    AMD R7 multiple issues, nobody can solve them! Please help!

    Hi everybody I'm new here! I have this problem for months already. I just don't know what else to do. If I have a game opened on a browser (chrome, mozilla, ...) and 1 video or facebook opened, the videos might crash, freeze or not play if I go from on tab to another. Sometimes I just press...
  14. P

    Can't install windows 10 on freedos Asus X550J

    Hey guys, I've bought a free dos Asus model X550J and I'm trying to install windows on this laptop. During the installation, right after "installing features" or " installing updates" I'm getting an error that installation files are corrupted and I should contact the vendor. What have I tried...
  15. H

    repair loop w10

    i have a toshiba satelite pro laptop, with windows 10 installed. The laptop has been stuck on a 'preparing automatic repair' mode for almost 2 days now. it then comes up with a sc reen saying it is diagnosing my PC only for it to not work. It then gives me options such as continue to windows 10...
  16. R

    Ran out of battery and plugged the charger at the same time

    My tablet ran out of battery the second I plugged charger in. This has happened a million times before but this time it got stuck between charging and turning off. First it shows its loading then it turns off and repeats after 10 seconds. I`ve tried to turn it on normally without the charger...
  17. B

    Lenovo- Y50 Frame Rate issues, Stuck Around 60 FPS.

    Hello all, Recently, I downloaded the game Red Orchestra 2, and instantly encountered frame rate issues. After much work I was able to get the frames up to 120 or so, but now I can only get 60 on much lower settings than before. I have tried turning off Vsync in game and in my NVIDIA Control...
  18. E

    Rendering audio FX stuck

    Hi. I'v e been trying to render about an 1:30 long video, but it keeps getting stuck on a part with audio FX. When i pre-render the part with the FX, all of the FX in the video disappear in the final product
  19. FullOfIssues

    I have Sony Vaio SVT21215CXB that is stuck on Boot Agent Screen (version GE v1.5.04) Nothing gets me out of it....can anyone h

    I have Sony Vaio SVT21215CXB that is stuck on Boot Agent Screen (version GE v1.5.04) Nothing gets me out of it. Any suggestions how to get out?
  20. F

    Laptop works from 5-20 mins then freezes and goes black

    So I've been having this pain of a problem for a week now and nothing I do seems to fix the problem. So I power the laptop, and If I have good luck it turns on normally, then after about 5-20 mins it freezes then it goes black leaving me no choice but to turn it off.Then when I turn it back on...
  21. theguyisback23

    Sony Vegas 13 Freezes with different file type videos while editing (MP4,WMV)

    So, what is this problem when adding an mp4 video to my already edited video timeline and it takes literally forever to load and if i click anywhere in the Vegas it goes white and freezes ? Should i just convert all my video files to one particular one in order to bypass the problem? or are my...
  22. C

    ASUS X75A1 Stuck in BIOS after updating BIOS

    I am trying to get a friends laptop back to working order. Not too old of a laptop, probably manufactured roughly 2012 and came with Win 8 and was downgraded to Win 7 (can you blame them?) since then the laptops mouse pad has stopped working, in device manager it would have a yellow explanation...
  23. B

    I have a dell Inspiron that went into sleep mode and now it won't let me do anything, I can't even force it to shut down. Plea

    My computer will not do anything it is all the way charged and stuck in a no wake up sleep mode that won't let me even shut down.
  24. T

    Laptop not loading windows

    I press alt and f10 starts to load files, windows starts up then acer erecovery management screen pops up then it says please
  25. C

    Is There Any Software For LED/LCD Screens Effectively And Fix Stuck Or Dead Pixels?

    Currently I'm running a test with one software and my hour is almost up and if that doesn't work, I'm going to try JScreenFix. I own a Mitsubishi WD-60737, but I'm not sure if it's LED or LCD. So I don't really want to waste too much time. I need to know what software works best if it's possible...
  26. N

    Food inside my s4 mini

    This might sound weird but i dont know how i got the food in there. It is in the charging slot and it is chocolate, will i still be able to charge my phone or would it cause problems if the phone was to hot and it melted. If i need to get it repaired can someone tell me how much it would cost...
  27. N

    Stuck on phone logo Smartphone

    Please,Help I have ArcMobile 401D 4.2.2 android Jelly Bean ...I was on the root folder of my SmartPhone then i go to System and go to Apps then i deleted apk`s and something i thought it will decrease the phone usage of My Internal Memory...