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  1. L

    transfer pictures from phone to pc

    trying to transfer pictures from my phone to computer and keep getting unsupported file type and it won't let me transfer what can i do to get past this
  2. D

    batch file using FTPS in schedule

    [Moderator note: moved post from Networking to Applications General Discussion.] Hello. I bumped into a problem with Windows Task scheduler... So i made a batch file that is supposed to upload files of certain file type to external ftp and then move the files from the local folder to another...
  3. D

    Solved! how to change file type on an old phone

    My mp3 files change into unknown files after i tranfered it to my old phone via bluetooth and it will not play or show up in the music page Need help
  4. A

    "END" File in C: Drive

    I just found a file with no thumbnail, apparently a file type, with the name "END". When opened, in notepad, I found "{}" and nothing else. Can I delete it? I found online some people saying it was malware but the one I found was slightly different than the one described. Any help is appreciated.
  5. M

    How do I download an iso file to an sd card on a galaxy s5?

    Download managers and browsers seem to have trouble with the size and file type of iso files. I have tried several browsers and download managers. The closest I came was when the download manager was completing the download, but i believe it could not recognize the iso file type and failed...
  6. M

    how can i open a DAT file from my-dlink cam

    hi im using a d-link cam for surveillance in my house.but the file type im getting the video file is the DAT file type and i cant open that file type ,not in vlc player using the d-viewcam software.can anyone help me here
  7. J

    Is there a way I can make a certain file type download to a different folder?

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get my music files to download to a different folder. I hate having all my music funneled into my main downloads folder because it's just so clutterly in there. Any way I could get just .mp3 files to download somewhere else? Thanks.
  8. theguyisback23

    Sony Vegas 13 Freezes with different file type videos while editing (MP4,WMV)

    So, what is this problem when adding an mp4 video to my already edited video timeline and it takes literally forever to load and if i click anywhere in the Vegas it goes white and freezes ? Should i just convert all my video files to one particular one in order to bypass the problem? or are my...
  9. S

    trying to install apps on my phone but it says not supported file type. My phone is Nokia 215

    trying to install apps on my phone but it says not supported file type. My phone is Nokia 215.I have tried .jar,.jad,.vxp file type. But still this wont working.Could you please give solution.
  10. V

    Finding File Type

    hello, i have a file named "sxase" in my home directory.on checking the properties i find that the file type is ".mp4".i am looking for a java code that can tell me the extension for the file name "sxase".As i am working on the project that involves implementation of this code too i dont want...
  11. C

    Nikon d3300. I can transfer photos from sd card to usb just fine but then some started not to. These are the NEF file type and

    My sd card is a 16 GB and I've taken pictures just fine and have transfered them to my usb through laptop (hp 2000) without a problem. A few days later while doing this my laptop starts to show that some are not viewable. Most show but others don't. The ones that can be seen are type file JPG...
  12. J

    Uploaded images and when I click on it there are no images but says unsupported file type! HELP!

    I uploaded my images off my Nikon onto my computer. All the images were there and I watched as they uploaded. Once done, the screen popped and no images were visible. When I clicked on each "image" it just says unsupported file type! I've done nothing different!! Did I hit something on the...
  13. L

    Render button greyed out for all types except WMV

    Vegas Pro 12 won't let me render in any type except wmv, which is perfectly fine, except that the dropbox where I'm required to upload my videos recognizes only mov, mp4, avi, and flv. In Vegas, these types are either not listed or, if selected, the Render button greys out. Ideas?
  14. V

    Streamable File for youtube?

    What file type is streamable to upload to YouTube. I have been using MPEG-2 but it says it is not streamable. Anyone know of a file type that will still give full 1080p at 60fps that is streamable? Btw I am using Sony Vegas 12 Also is there a 2K streamable file size at 60 frames? Thanks
  15. V

    Sony Vegas File Type Question

    When I produce my video in 4k in Sony Vegas 12 I cannot open the file after it is produced. I also cannot upload it to YouTube. Is there are program that I can convert the file. I think the type is either skf or mxf
  16. G

    File Association Issue

    Hey all, So I have a weird issue. I am trying to associate a file type (.epub) with firefox. I have done this in the past with no issue. Right Click > Properties > "Opens With:" - Change > Locate the program (Firefox) via the browse option > Click on Firefox.exe > click open and...nothing...
  17. viveknayyar007

    Adding File Type for Automatic Download in Internet Download Manager

    Internet Download Manager is one of the best download managers available, which allows the user to download any content seamlessly in any format. The IDM supports almost all the websites to download content over the internet. Internet Download Manager downloads almost all the files of various...
  18. N

    How do i install WLAN driver?

    I've recently done a clean install on win7 but it never installed any drivers, at the moment i got everything working fine but my wlan is not working. I've found the driver on the manufacturer site(advent dt1310 model)but there was no .exe file in it only net8192su file type-security catalog...
  19. K

    Blu ray file type

    Hello, I have a quick question. I have a Sony bravia KLV-49EX400 at home. I tried plugging in my USB to watch movies but all of my movies cannot be played. Is there a certain file extention for movies that the tv will recognize? Thank you.
  20. M

    How to convert files of this type to playable videos in pc

    TITLE.VOB(file) Content01(File type: File) Content02(FIle type: File) TITLE.FLI TITLE.PG0 TITLE.PGC TITLE.VBM I have no idea what kind of video format that is Anyone can tell me how I can play that type of video? Some .vob files I can find but no idea of what above is.
  21. M

    File type changed, can it be changed back?

    I made a file using OpenOffice.calc (basically Excel). I saved it as a .xls file, then I opened the file using Excel on a borrowed laptop, and saved the file. Now I get a bunch of jarble when opening it in an older Excel or OpenOffice.calc. I checked the file type, and now it's different, but...
  22. N

    Cant open xls viewer online in ie

    Hi Please help I have an issue open xls file and xlsx file from webmail and internet using office viewer Have no problem opening them from local computer thought When i click on the xls file it will show "open" "save" "cancel" When i click open, The file type show : "Unknown File Type"...
  23. A

    Audacity export / quality preservation question

    If i take an ac-3 file, open it in audacity, perform some cuts/splits to it, and the export it (re-encode it) in the exact same hertz(48000) and bit rate(192), and the same file type (.ac3) will i degrade it in quality because i have to re-encode it, or will i end up with essentially the same...
  24. S

    Solved! Unsupported file type unknown format

    Hello, i copied songs from itunes to a scan disk then put it in my samsung solstice phone but now get a message stating unsupported file format. how can i fix this so that i can listen to these songs on my phone?
  25. T

    File Type = Part01 file

    Ok I have two files ,one of the file types is part01 file and the other is part02 file. I am assumeing that these are part of one original file does anyone know how i can put the files together to make the one original file
  26. G

    Sonic version

    Archived from groups: (More info?) What version of Sonic MyDVD do I need to pull in tivo files?? Just got the tivo update but when I try to pull in the tivo file on my 5.0 version I get an error that it can't support that file type. I'm guessing I need a newer version or...
  27. G

    Sonic version

    Archived from groups: (More info?) What version of Sonic MyDVD do I need to pull in tivo files?? Just got the tivo update but when I try to pull in the tivo file on my 5.0 version I get an error that it can't support that file type. I'm guessing I need a newer version or...