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  1. decrypto

    Question PC BSOD when hitting high CPU usage in launching Minecraft.

    My main problem is that this has been happening pretty much on and off for a while now, whenever I tend to try and launch Minecraft my computer reaches around 100% CPU usage and then freezes and BSODs. I get the error Clock_Watchdog_Timeout or something like that and I don't know why it's even...
  2. A

    Question Computer keeps freezing when i plug in USB devices

    Hello. I have a desktop, but i couldn't find any other thread where this seemed relevant Everytime i plug in a USB device to my computer, it freezes 3-4 times for 10-15 seconds each time. If I'm in a game i get disconnected, and the audio still remains, but the microphone cuts. Anyone that...
  3. D

    Solved! Lenovo c40-30 freezes during startup after update

    Hello My Lenovo c40-30 is freezing on the “Lenovo” screen during startup. This is after a windows 10 update overnight. I have access to the BIOS setup menu but do not have a clue what to do there! Any help you can give would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  4. D

    Solved! Dell XPS 9550 freezes after removing ac power and on battery power

    I have a 3 year old Dell XPS 9550 which had a new battery 18 months ago. The problem I have is that when I unplug the AC power cord the laptop begins to freeze. The mouse can be moved with trackpad. Window can be selected a little bit but can't switch between apps. Then within 30 seconds of...
  5. M

    Solved! Coolpad E502 Freeze problems and restart

    Phone: Coolpad E502 Problem: Phone starts to lag,then freeze and after 1min or 2, restart. Problem happen randomly,sometimes when use chrome to browse,sometimes when gaming,mostly when try to update apps on google play specific Google and his app Anyone had same problem?Any solution?
  6. B

    Solved! Laptop freezes completely for 3-4 sec and BSOD shows up

    When I play games, the screen completely stops doing anything. Its doesnt just hang. Every process goes to halt. BSOD comes frequently. When I open Task manager immediately, it shows 100% processor usage and 0% disk usage usually. I have done all tests provided by laptop. I have done ram test...
  7. I

    Solved! few seconds freezing only on battery

    Hi, I have a DELL XPS 15 9550. Only when it's on battery, I experience this issue: everything stops responding for 10-15 seconds (mouse, audio... all freezes). I don't need to restart windows, if I just wait those seconds, it starts working normally again. But after some minutes, it will happen...
  8. HarrisonHo1209

    PC lock-up freezing

    So my PC just freezes whenever I play games, and it occurs randomly. Whenever it locks up, the screen just freezes, mouse and keyboard controls don't work, audio seems to stay static, the LEDs of my case fans are still on. But I have to reset it by pressing the reset button on my case. After the...
  9. P

    Solved! how to fix samsung galaxy 2 boot freeze?

    I've been factory data reset my device and it stock up on blackscreen (literally all black) that keeps on flashing on and off. how to fix this? please help me =(
  10. J

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite L635-S3104 rare battery problem

    Hi to all!! I have a very strange problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite L635-S3104, step to tell you: 1- About 4 years ago i have this laptop with Windows 7 and it was freezing randomly so i have to powered off pressing the button. 2-Then i decided to format (Windows 7) and this issue never...
  11. R

    Net Protector Anti-Virus has dubious processes

    I have bought Net Protector Anti-Virus for my Windows 7 system. The task manager often gets filled with multiple instances (often 30-40) of Net Protector processes such as MAILGEN.exe and GZIP.exe and other non-antivirus processes such as PROCDISP.exe and conhost.exe. The issue is that sometimes...
  12. P

    Laptop blackscreen under load

    I have owned this Sager NP8152 (Clevo P650RP6) for two years, and recently I've been getting a freeze with a black screen while playing games. I decided to reinstall windows 10, run windows memory dianostic as well as memtest, burn in test, and furmark. Furmark blackscreens that laptop after...
  13. K

    ntoskrnl.exe spiking the gpu to 100% and making games freeze.

    Hello. I bought an asus rog strix GL503vd. During gaming, and sometimes on idle, my pc freezes for like 1-4 seconds. I downloaded Intel extreme tuning utility and also watched task manager to see which processes freeze my laptop. In IETU i noticed that during those lag spikes, my CPU utility...
  14. K

    Asus rog strix gl503vd random freezes and crashes

    Hey. Im experiencing problems while playing games on my new laptop. The game is running stable, on very nice fps, and yet every now and then i get a random freeze for like 2-5 seconds. It makes gaming unplayable. I play Rocket League, Cs go and LoL. In RL and Cs go the frame drops happens like...
  15. N

    Acer Aspire 515-51-563w continues to freeze

    My laptop continues to freeze and so far the only answer from my last post was a generic "here do this" that doesn't work in any way. I have already restored then did a reset when it wasn't resolved. Everything is completely updated so don't mention that. It always freezes after the screen turns...
  16. M

    Solved! Black Screen When i plug charger Dell Precision M6500

    Hello everyone, i've asked a friend of mine and he told me that you will help me if i have an issue. So i've downloaded World of Warcraft and i start playing, but my batery went off, so i plug the charger... but after like 10 min i get black screen and the laptop just freez, nothing work unless...
  17. D

    Sony Vegas Pro 13/14/15 Freezes/Crashes when I resume the video?

    So at the start i had Vegas Pro 13 working with no problems. Yesterday i tried to edit some clips using Sapphire effects, and every time i put an effect on a clip the frames go where i stopped for ex: 12 and after the frames it has dots like 12..... and when its like that if i resume, or delete...
  18. B

    New Laptop getting Freeze...! Software or Hardware Issue...?

    My new laptop (Acer Predator Helios 300 ; i7 7th gen and gtx 1050 ti) is getting freeze sometimes. When it freezes, it stops responding to any command (not even task manager; Ctrl + Alt + Del).There is no hanging or slowing down or cursor moving, it simply freezes completely still with not any...
  19. M

    Sharp Aquas LC-70LE660U Netflix and Youtube Crash, tv Ocassionally freezes

    I have a Sharp Aquas LC-70LE660U running the latest firmware 2.22. I ran it off of HDMI for nearly an hour and no problem. I ran Netflix for 20 minutes, the video froze, and the app crashed then the tv returned to the previous channel it was on. I went back and resumed the movie, and it did it...
  20. I

    Laptop freezing/shutting down when low fan speed/idle/low temps

    Recently I've been diagnosing my mothers laptop that at first seemed to randomly freeze/shut down/crash due to overheating. But upon extensive testing it freezes/shuts down with low activity and I can replicate these conditions. It also shuts down/crashes while in BIOS but with opposite...
  21. N

    Laptop unresponsive. Disk indicates 100%, very low read/write.

    Hi there, Since october 2016 I have been experiencing a problem with my laptop (Dell Vostro 3360) where it will suddenly stop responding, most of the open windows become unresponsive (can't click/interact with them), but the task bar and mouse usually stay active but don't do anything. I...
  22. J

    Lenovo Y50 Windows 10. Game's fps freezes randomly which ends up being more annoying than fps drops.

    Hey guys I'm currently on vacation so I decided to take my handy Lenovo Y50 which is a couple of years old now. I realized the laptop didn't have much important files on there so I just decided to reformat it entirely and upgrade it to windows 10. I'm just a casual gamer that likes to play...
  23. T

    Laptop Semi-Freezing and Unresponsive

    My laptop suddenly semi-freezes. I need a solution. Symptoms: -Keyboard has no input. Mouse can still be moved around and sometimes clicked. -Can't restart/shut down in the normal way. Either the PC doesn't shut off after the "Shutting Down..." screen, or the computer doesn't do anything at...
  24. N

    My pc is hard freezing with a loud buzzing noise or outright crashing and restarting with no warning or bsod HELP

    This started, and I thought it was the ram, but it turns out it was not... specs i5 4690k STOCK gtx 1060 16GB ddr3 ran Anyways I had this problem before and I fixed it... Now I am starting to have the issue again! could it be Intel extreme tuning or just a corrupted windows I AM SO LOST!! could...
  25. L

    Windows 10 Random Laptop Freeze

    I had my laptop for 4 months now and about 1 month ago it started randomly freezing no mouse or touchpad response, backlighting still on, mouse light still on and screen stayed on unless i pushed the power key and turned it back on it started doing it on games then on browser, file explorer and...
  26. D

    Faulty wireless mouse and keyboard , freezes lags , involuntary movement and no response.

    Hello Guys. I recently built my own new rig and bought bundle of wireless keyboard and mouse.The problem is that it is freezing , not responding or doing involuntary movements and it happens almost in gaming , i noticed some freezes on keyboard when exploring my pc or typing , what could cause...
  27. D

    My Computer freezes on start up, a few seconds into loading the windows loading screen, ive swaped out hard drives and this ma

    My Computer freezes on start up, a few seconds into loading the windows loading screen, ive swaped out hard drives and the same problem, also wont let me boot up for windows disk as i t freezes on that too, i also reseated that ram and check all connections, the computer is a Acer Aspire quad...
  28. U

    why my pc have random freeze

    Hello guys. A few days ago i post this question . So i reinstall my windows on my laptop HDD and the problem i had before is still alive. But now the freezes are like 1 second long every 10 minutes. This can be because my hdd...
  29. P

    Brand new laptop randomly freezes

    I bought my new laptop 1 month ago, it's an MSI GE72QD Apache Pro. My OS is Windows 10. It worked perfectly fine until a week ago. While I was playing League of Legends having Team Speak open the audio just randomly started to get slower and slower. Everyone started to sound like robots. At...
  30. R

    Asus Notebook A42F Freeze on ASUS screen

    For the last few days my Asus Notebook A42F Windows 7 Freeze on ASUS screen No keys works Any suggestion Regards Rizwan
  31. W

    laptop freezes at/after start up

    I have an Asus laptop with windows 10. I got it about a week ago and it was working okay, apart from a few issues that seem to be windows 10 bs. Theoretically I may or may not have torrented Fallout 4. The computer was fine after this theoretical event until it was restarted. After the...
  32. P

    Additional Hard drive added to Alienware m17x r2, now crashing.

    I added an additional toshiba hard drive to my laptop. Now when i try to install stuff on it, mid-way through my computer will freeze and crash. I got a replacement hard drive and still have the same issue so i believe it is a set-up problem.
  33. V

    Acer laptop MAJOR boot freeze problem. Occurs on Windows 7,8.1,10

    Hey there. First of all I want to say that I am writing this thread after having read over 50 articles and tried over 100 solutions. About a month ago I bought an Acer Aspire E5-572G-58BA laptop. Initially, I installed Windows 7 on it. At first, there weren't any issues with the laptop. After...
  34. F

    Laptop works from 5-20 mins then freezes and goes black

    So I've been having this pain of a problem for a week now and nothing I do seems to fix the problem. So I power the laptop, and If I have good luck it turns on normally, then after about 5-20 mins it freezes then it goes black leaving me no choice but to turn it off.Then when I turn it back on...
  35. theguyisback23

    Sony Vegas 13 Freezes with different file type videos while editing (MP4,WMV)

    So, what is this problem when adding an mp4 video to my already edited video timeline and it takes literally forever to load and if i click anywhere in the Vegas it goes white and freezes ? Should i just convert all my video files to one particular one in order to bypass the problem? or are my...
  36. E

    Laptop lags, freezes, stutters

    I have a HP Pavilion dv4-4266la running windows 10, 8gb of ram core i5 @2.5ghz When i start to play a game (I've tried super meat boy, life is strange, call of duty:black ops 2) with nothing open but the game and, it starts to freeze, and lags it wont shut the game down, but it will start...
  37. U

    youtube vids hang on firefox

    So, lately everytime I click on a youtube vid the firefox browser would hang. also, while the vid is playing, moving the scroller down would also make it ang/freeze. it doesn't do this with my chrome browser. any idea to fix this?
  38. M

    Laptop freezes, reboot, stuck in BIOS

    Hi, since a few weeks, I experience issues with my mobile Workstation Laptop (HP EliteBook 8560w). Those usually do not even have to be when the system is running hot. Examples would be surfing the web or looking for a file using Windows Explorer. There are five cases that happen: 1. Display...
  39. D

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Render Freezing

    My render in sony vegas pro 13 every like 3 seconds pauses for 5-10 seconds and then continues, it's really extending the duration of render. Is it normal or something is wrong with my PC? 1 minute of FullHD 60FPS = 15 minutes. It' stupid. I have 20 minute long video to render and this is a big...
  40. M

    webpage lag when not moving mouse.

    tinkering with my mothers laptop to try to fix an odd issue, when i'm not moving the mouse webpages stop loading, well kind of. i think the page itself is actually loading the info, but for some reason the screen doesn't update unless i move the mouse. reason i think that is that i've seen it...
  41. U

    Chrome keeps freezing

    Hey Guys, I recently buy note edge and everything is nice but sometimes my chrome freezes on page and i couldn't do anything but to close the tab. This happens especially on 9gag. I did a little research and delete the chrome and reinstall it again but that didnt solve the problem. Please help
  42. S

    Laptop freezing every few minutes

    I've acquired a new MSI GS60 Apache Pro Ghost 3k laptop about a month and a half ago. I use it essentially either for playing videogames or to work with BIM, 3D modelling or gaming engine software. I bought this model because I was told that it was a pretty good purchase for my needs (I'm...
  43. A

    Cause for Asus k52jc laptop random freeze

    Hello, I've been experiencing a problem with my Asus K52JC-EX352D laptop, which has the following configuration: Intel® CoreTM i5-460M 2.53GHz 4 GB RAM DDR3 1066 Mhz nVidia GeForce 310M 1GB Flash SSD Kingston V300 2.5", 120GB When using it, at random intervals and with no correlation to what...
  44. H

    Need help with Vaio series E (2009 Model)

    Hi! I have a VAIO VPCEB1S1E ( ) which is 3 years old. From the first moment I got it, it had some problems. Most of them it's problems are heat problems, it has already changed more than 3 coolers and always...