New Laptop getting Freeze...! Software or Hardware Issue...?


Oct 30, 2017
My new laptop (Acer Predator Helios 300 ; i7 7th gen and gtx 1050 ti) is getting freeze sometimes. When it freezes, it stops responding to any command (not even task manager; Ctrl + Alt + Del).There is no hanging or slowing down or cursor moving, it simply freezes completely still with not any single action. I have to press power button for few seconds to shut it down completely. This problem is not case specific, i.e. it appears any time from while working in Photoshop to while simply browsing. My Laptop is only 1 month old and free from any virus. (To make sure, I also reset my laptop once, and the same problem is still there).
Is it a hardware problem or a software problem. How can I resolve it?

Don't even think about solving...



Don't even think about solving the issue. The laptop is new. That is not your problem. I would exchange the laptop for the same model or purchase a new one. Sounds like a manufacturer's defect(possibly RAM).