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  1. B

    New Laptop getting Freeze...! Software or Hardware Issue...?

    My new laptop (Acer Predator Helios 300 ; i7 7th gen and gtx 1050 ti) is getting freeze sometimes. When it freezes, it stops responding to any command (not even task manager; Ctrl + Alt + Del).There is no hanging or slowing down or cursor moving, it simply freezes completely still with not any...
  2. S

    Laptop pop sound after shutting it down from the power button

    Laptop : Lenovo Y50 UHD RAM: 8GB CPU : Intel core i7 4710HQ GPU: GTX 860M 4GB DDR5 So this happend to me before but i didn't expect it to happen again (Last time was due to overclocking, but i didn't overclock this time), i had alot of programs opened in background (Minecraft, Google chrome...
  3. S

    SonyVegas Pro 13

    Hey guys. I have Sony Vegas Pro 13, it worked perfectly when I downloaded my first 2 plug-ins, BCC and NewBlue, but after I download the Sapphire plug-in, the software has done nothing but trouble. Every time I attempt to put a plug-in on the media, the software flashes, it flashes from "not...
  4. A

    Comodo doing nothing

    When i try to click on anything in Comodo Antivirus interface, nothing happens. I dont know what causes this problem and i would like to solve this, so i can use it again :(
  5. LukeyG500

    Flickering in and out of not responding

    Recently when going onto some programs such as word or even file explorer, the program seems to... flicker in and out of responding repetitively and i have no idea what is causing it or how i can fix thanks in advance to anyone that helps
  6. A

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Not Responding When I Drag Media In Timeline.

    I am running the latest build of Sony Vegas 13 and usually edit videos using it. Just recently my Sony Vegas 13 Program would start "Not Responding" once I dragged in media from the timeline! I have restarted my computer nothing changes! I have looked at Youtube videos and try all there is with...
  7. J

    SATELLITE P25W-C2300-4K: Touchpad "sticks", freezes, refuses to respond

    While I'm just trying to scroll or move my pointer using the trackpad, my cursor will freeze, disappear, or do some operating it wasn't suppossed to "right-click, zoom, etc) It's not being disabled at all, because when it freezes, The pad is still recognized as operational and not disabled...