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  1. D

    Buying a Laptop - seeking advice

    I am looking for a powerful ultrabook for college, preferably under 1000€. It should be able to handle light gaming and have a long battery life. Current options: Asus Zenbook UX310UQ Campus edition Display: 33.8 cm (13.3") Full-HD WideView Matte (1920 x 1080), CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-7200U...
  2. C

    Does not work to change color in Sony Vegas Pro 13

    Whenever I try to change i color in Sony Vegas pro 13, nothing happens, I have tried to many different Video Fx settings. The only thing who change is that it comes up a little black bar like this: https://gyazo.com/b4a4dc970ac3eb84b3a14a402dea63ab I have followed steps on youtube when I try to...
  3. Z

    architecture macbook 2010

    I am going to grad school for architecture this fall and I will be using primarily rhino and the adobe suite for the next three years. I may want to use auto-cad, sketch-up, and less likely revit..but I may want to dabble around in a year or two. My current laptop is a 2010 macbook pro core 2...
  4. S

    SonyVegas Pro 13

    Hey guys. I have Sony Vegas Pro 13, it worked perfectly when I downloaded my first 2 plug-ins, BCC and NewBlue, but after I download the Sapphire plug-in, the software has done nothing but trouble. Every time I attempt to put a plug-in on the media, the software flashes, it flashes from "not...
  5. theguyisback23

    Sony Vegas 13 Freezes with different file type videos while editing (MP4,WMV)

    So, what is this problem when adding an mp4 video to my already edited video timeline and it takes literally forever to load and if i click anywhere in the Vegas it goes white and freezes ? Should i just convert all my video files to one particular one in order to bypass the problem? or are my...
  6. T

    Sony vegas 13 freezes when i click render as? What do i do.

    Sony vegas 13 freezes when i click render as?
  7. N

    Sony Vegas Pro 12/13 Crashing

    Hey I upgraded to windows 10 and shortly after tried opening Sony Vegas Pro 13 to edit a video. At the loading screen, before the program opens I get this error: Extra Information File: C:\Users\luke\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\12.0\dx_video_grovel_x64.log File...
  8. R

    Where would be the cheapest place to buy alienware

    Hi, Hello Everyone I am just wondering where I could buy a cheap brand new Alien ware 13 (Preferably under 1000). And yes I know that alienware is not he best computer but I still want to buy one ;)
  9. A

    OBS and Vegas Settings

    Hi I am kinda new to the whole making videos and rendering and I just have a couple of questions.... Specs OBS - Record Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Edit/Render FX 6300 R9 270 8gb RAM 1. If I record a video with OBS with a bit-rate of 10,000, then I render that video in Vegas with a bit-rate of...
  10. J

    Sony Vegas 13 How to Set (Legacy) Text to Default Text

    When in Sony Vegas 13 I right click and "Insert Text Media" it open the regular text but can I make it so that when I press that it opens text in Legacy, so I can have more editing options with text.
  11. T

    Best 13 inch Laptop for $500 (Laptop FAQ included)

    I’m looking for a portable, 13 inch-ish, laptop that will be used mostly for web-browsing and word processing in the $500 range. I’ll do some light gaming (browser games, Hearthstone, and the like) and coding. I have a desktop that covers true gaming and editing-type needs. I don’t really...