How should I test to see if my 3rd generation Ipod has parts that work?


Jul 19, 2013
Hello People Of The World,

I have a 3rd generation IPOD that has been sitting on my bookshelf for a pretty long time because of course it doesn't work. About 3-5 years ago it was working perfectly fine but one day I went to this restaurant and since I was in a rush to go a put it in a bag that I had to-go tray in. Somehow later when I get home I realized that it was kinda wet from some oil that was in the tray and I guess it does the same damage that water does and stopped working. I never from some reason though to get it fixed because I already had a phone which can do basically the same and more than my ipod could do(Also I did put it in rice hoping that it would dry after it shut off). So now 3-5 years later sonce I have the new one so I was thinking to scrap it for parts but I'm not sure what works and what doesn't. So is there some type of test that I can use to test if the parts .

Thanks to the people that respond in advance.