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  1. K

    Detecting a Sansa Clip

    I've plugged in my new sansa clip but my computer doesn't recognize it. What can I do? Kathy
  2. K

    Detecting an MP3 player

    Hello, I have a new Sansa Clip, have plugged it in to the computer but the computer doesn't recognize it. How do I get it to recognize it? KW
  3. Aleatoire

    New MP3 Player

    I'm in the market for a new MP3 player. So far I'm liking the look of the Cowon J3 player. Does anyone own one of these that could give me an opinion? The Cowon X7 also looks nice for its extreme battery life and storage capacity although sound and video quality are primarily what I'm after and...
  4. W

    Please help me

    mere computer ki awaz achank band hogai hai is ki out pe tarain tech ho gain thi is liye awaz nahin aarahi driver bhi theek kiye huwe hain computer koi aor msla nahin deta Please Please help me for this application. Thanks for you. I am worry about it. :??:
  5. D

    MP3/WMA won't play

    Hi, I just purchased a digital voice recorder that records in MP3 192kb/s, 128kb/s, 48kb/s, and in WMA High Quality, Standard Play and Long Play. When I transfer the files to my computer, only the MP3 192 and 128 (both stereo) will play out loud on Windows Media Player and the WavePad Sound...
  6. B

    How to remove write protection music player

    Hello, i have songs on my mp3 player i cant add or delete songs. with each try it says cannot delete write-protected use another disk
  7. S


    Hello, AR MERE COM
  8. M

    Mp3 Hipstreet, charged it for 3 hours, loaded music files; will not play

    I have a new Clip HIPSTREET MP3 2GB player, I charged it for 3hrs. as manual instructed, ( lights were flashing ok) synced music to it ( properties indicated music is on device) I played the files from it on PC ,but, when I disconnect device from PC and push play, it does not light up or play...
  9. P

    I dont know if you do ipod stuff but i really need help!

    I pluged my ipod touch in my computere and my computer wont recognise it! I tried another computer and the same thing happened! I dont think it is my computers fault cuz when you plug in the ipod nano it works just fine! PLz help my ipod is out of warrenty and i dont know what to do..
  10. D


    hi i have a hipstreet mp3 player, it will not turn on.i turn it off now it will not turn on, is there a reset ?? or any other idea,s? it is a hs-529-2gbmx.
  11. D

    Mp3 not working

    hi i have a hipstreet mp3 hs-529-2gbmx is there a way to reset it ?? i turn it off now it will not turn back on. also if i plug it into my computer it will not do anything. any ideas??? please help thanks
  12. G

    My ipod nano 6 gen problems

    When i click on pictures it resets my whole ipod and im confused..
  13. E

    My mp3 player is not playing and if i connect it to the it will not read and it

    my mp3 player is not playing and if i connect it to the it will not read and it will write i/o error on the computer
  14. D

    Mp4 player buying help

    Hello, Could some one help me buying a mp4 player price $100
  15. G

    Damaged headphone plug

    Hello, i was using my ipod headphones when the sound suddenly cut out. for some reason i now have to have the plug in the exact right position when before i only had to put it in i cant even use it in my pocket is there any thing i can do?
  16. X

    Ipod trouble ugh!

    Hello, i don't know whats wrong with my ipod but it keeps going to the plug into itunes screen(like the screen when i first got it) and im trying to restore it on tunes like four times right now will b my fith but idk what im doing wrong please help
  17. N

    Sony MP3s recommendation!!!

    I want to get a New MP3 with with very good song quality. But i am not sure which........................ The walkman S754 or S544. I tried both @ a local store. The S544 sound better . But i am not sure if its because of the good headset provided. Both sound better than my Sony ericsson vivaz...
  18. E

    Is there accessoires to charge in auto?

    Are there accessoires to go in the car lighter or sterio to charge the player
  19. X

    IPod Touch 4g AC Charger Issue

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category. Nothing else seemed to fit. I bought a Rocketfish Mini/Micro USB AC Charger (Model Number: RF-ERAC01) from Best Buy as a Christmas gift to a family member for them to use to charge their iPod Touch 4g. Descriptions are as follows (ad verbatim from...
  20. woodyhd

    Take chance on another Zune 80, wait, or alternative?

    Gonna be returning a zune 80 I bought off of ebay just now. Arrived with a shot HDD. Should I take the change with another zune 80/120? I've heard a lot about problems with the HDD which makes me hesitant to take the chance again. Love the form factor of this zune. High storage and all tactile...
  21. C

    Best bose mp3 players

    Hello, Which model of Bose player could play mp3 from CD, iPod and memory stick?
  22. J

    How to erase music & reprogram hipstreet mp3 2gb player

    how to erase music & reprogram hipsreet mp3 2gb player
  23. S

    What PMP offer HD radio (other than Zune HD)?

    What PMP offer HD radio (other than Zune HD)? No not a digital tuner for FM radio but actual HD radio receiver with tagging metadata. Since the Zune HD was released in September 2009 surely there have been a few... and since The radio industry is trying to get HDRadio chipsets into mobile...
  24. nort

    Thinking of Getting a New MP3 Player

    I have been needing a new mp3 player for a while now. I currently have an ipod nano 4g 16gb which I am fine with but I need much more memory because I have closer to 30gb of music. Things I am looking for in a mp3 player: -greater than 16gb of music, 32gb might do but more is better -not an...
  25. M

    Bose radio auxilary

    Can I play my i-pod through my bose via the earphone jack on the ipod and the aux on my bose radio ?
  26. D

    Desperate need of advanced help, Mp3 player won't let me access it....

    Hi all, I am turning to tomshardware now as a final solution.. COWON or Jetaudio (developers of the player) are highly incompetent and will not answer any questions that stray outside their shitty faq. My problem is not BASIC, so anyone who ain't a technical guru can leave right now, i need...
  27. coleam45

    Cowon S9 for $210; Should I jump on it?

    I'm looking for a new mp3 player in the 32 gb+ range (I'm currently tooling along with a dinky 2 gb Sansa player). I've been hearing lots of good things about the Cowon players, and I just found out the Amazon has them on sale for $210 for the 32 gb version. How do they compare to, say, the...
  28. L

    Battery Life for Ipod Touch 2nd Generation

    After downloading the new ipod software from Itunes, my battery has been drained ever since & I am not able to listen to my ipod! It doesnt even charge anymore - the whole thing should be thrown in the nearest trash can! Stupid Apple productions.
  29. G

    MP3 usb device has exceeded the power limits of this hub port

    Hello, power surge.My usb device which is a MP3 on my laptop has exceeded the power limits of its hub port.. any help?
  30. G

    Creative Zen Nano Plus order files

    [I am italian, my english is not so good, sorry] I have brought a Creative Zen Nano Plus, i've tried to insert mp3 files via software (included in the box) and via Windows Media Player but in the player files are sorted always in alphabetical order. I want them ordered as i want, not by...
  31. Aleatoire

    New Headphones/Earphones

    Hi there. Today the left side of my Sennheiser cx 300-II earphones stopped working. Now I need a new pair! I don't really know where to start looking. I don't know if I want earphones or headphones. I like the convenience of earphones but I've heard that headphones have better sound quality (of...
  32. C

    Sansa clip+ sd card troubles

    Hello, I have a sansa clip+ that has a 4gb sd external card. The problem is that when i copy music to the sd card it does not show up when I try to play it. Even when i navigate to the card through the menu it shows empty. This is really frustrating because it did briefly work thru the sd card...
  33. krjcook

    Converting WMA 192kbps to the MP3 Equivalent, What is the Correct MP3

    I have a few albums on my PC that are encoded in WMA 192 CBR and are DRM protected. I have to convert all these albums because I want a format that'll work on all pmps. I already have a program to strip the DRM, but I don't know what MP3 bitrate is the equivalent in audio quality. *What MP3...
  34. G

    Best PMP for ~$300

    Hey guys, I am looking for a PMP for around $300. I have yet to buy my own PMP, always gotten ones from friends who traded up. The biggest thing for me is that I want it to be internet accessable, AKA wifi. That is the only thing that I will not negotiate on. I also want to be able to play games...
  35. K

    Syny flood

  36. G

    Hip Street Video mp3 Player

    i need a driver for the hipstreet video mp3 player for windows 7
  37. M

    .mp3 bitrates

    Over the years I've converted my CD's to .mp3, @ 256k. Now that the wife has bought me a Sansa e250, I've loaded my music onto it. While my PC has no problem with the files, I find that the mp3 player has difficulties with the high bitrate. Are there any reliable programs available to reduce...
  38. G

    Convert mp3 files to mp3 chapters

    Hello, I have got converted a concert from a DVD to an MP3 file. The DVD has got audio chapters but has only converted it into 1 file. Can you please tell me how I can convert this into chapters to make an album out of it. Thank you Dave
  39. J

    IPod Touch 4th Gen (Informative Rant)

    Comments & Discussion welcome... So when apple announced their new ipod line-up, i was so excited :pt1cable: ! i own a 1st gen, and it was perfect time for a upgrade. Tons of great features including: Front and rear cameras. Rear capable of 720p (HD) recording at 30 fps. Retina Display- 326ppi...
  40. sparker781

    ITouch Alternatives

    I have the 1st generation itouch and it's about time that I get rid of it since the battery doesnt hold a charge any longer. I am just confused at whats out there. I don't want to spend 200 or more for a new touch but am not sure about the other brands out there. I was leaning toward the...
  41. Aleatoire

    Next MP3 Player

    Hi there. I realize there are heaps of these threads out there but I can't seem to find a definite answer. I've had a Sony E series MP3 player for about two years now and I feel as if I need an upgrade. What would you recommend? I've heard good things about the Cowon S9. That seems a little too...
  42. shubham1401

    Comment on Audio quality of this Cellphone

    Hey guys! :hello: I hope this is the most appropriate section for my query... I have a Nokia 5230 and I was just going through this review on GSMarena and they did some Audio Quality tests.. There is a "Perfect Audio Quality" section under which there are some readings (Frequency response...
  43. G

    MP3 Player

    Hello, I need a good MP3 player with a lot of storage. What do you recommend?
  44. B

    Sound blaster ct-38 power rating and power adapter

    Hello, Need specs for the CT-38 desktop speaker system and its 6V ac/dc power adapter. I'm running the speakers on C batteries and would like to fine an electronic power adapter. TIA
  45. S

    good mp3 player

    loking for a good mp3 player not ipod maybe zune size 4-16gb i was lokking at creative zen-xifi 2nd gen but i want to know if its good before making important decisions the reason is i have used creative brand speakers for a while and soundcard this mp3 player has a good screen size with video...
  46. JMcEntegart

    Report: Amazon Not Ruling Out Smartphones

    More Amazon ereaders, and possibly MP3 players and phones. Report: Amazon Not Ruling Out Smartphones : Read more
  47. T

    Please recommend some inexpensive yet decent speakers for my mp3 playe

    Hey guys, I'll be living in a dorm type environment for awhile. I have a little mp3 player and would like to find some speakers for it. The speakers have to be able to plug into the 3.5mm hole in the mp3 player. Anyone have any idea what to type? I would prefer to buy from newegg.
  48. G

    Matsui mp3 software

    i formated my mp3 but i cannot play or listen to any music please help
  49. jefe323

    Ipod touch 3g is not recognized by itunes

    when i attach my ipod touch 3g to my computer, i get an error in itunes: "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occured (0xE8000065)" How can i fix this, i want to add more music to my ipod
  50. S

    Best audio output for mp3 player brands

    Hello, Using Ipod Nano 8gig for music source on motorcycle connected to quality system with amp and rare earth magnets in the speakers. Have learned the Ipod output power is very low on Nano. Is there another Ipod-like device with a higher/stronger audio output. I am understanding that I have...
  51. Soulmachiklamo

    Ipod touch 8gb or 32gb?

    Hi everyone, i am going to buy an ipod touch as you guys probably know, the 32gb version has a faster processor but also costs 70 euros (58 pounds) extra. I could use the extra memory but if i compare it with the 8gb that would be fine too. And the 8gb is as i said 70 euros cheaper then the 8gb...
  52. V

    Should I get the Cowon J3 16GB or 32GB?

    So the Cowon J3 comes with a MicroSD slot and I figured I could buy a Cowon J3 16GB for $240 and get a 16GB Class 2 MicroSD card for about $30, making the total price be $270 as opposed to getting a 32GB Cowon J3 for $300. Should I get the 16GB or should I get the 32GB for storage upgrading...
  53. B

    I dont have iriver t30 software what do i nned to do

    i dont have iriver t30 software what do i nned to do?
  54. G

    Car mp3 player?

    I'm looking for an mp3 player for my car. I'd like one that is itself an mp3 player with built in storage rather than a CD player that you can plug an mp3 player into. So far my web searches bring up a lot of CD players with iPod ports. Does anyone know of any good makes/models of mp3 players...
  55. G

    What do I need to be able to playM P3 discs on my DVD player?

    Hello, I have DVD player with 3 leads on the back, 1 white, 1 yellow & 1 red, I want to play MP3 dics through it. What sort of speakers can I hook it up to?
  56. L

    Why does my mp3/wma/rec show no music?

    Hello,why does my mp3/wma/rec show no music?
  57. S

    IPhone 4G V.S. HTC EVO 4G which is better player for DVD/Video?

    Android and iPhone are always old rivals. So, not long after Apple Company released iPhone 4G, HTC released the HTC Evo 4G. But when the iPhone 4 hits retail shelves it will have to battle a gaggle of Android devices for consumer attention — the most significant of which is the HTC Evo. The Evo...
  58. J

    Where can I find decent Mac converter?

    If I have .m4p music purchased in iTunes online music store and want to transfer this music to my MP3 player what do I need to do? All songs have DRM protection. What are the easiest and fastest ways for removing DRM?
  59. G

    How to make a normal cd player into usb player

    Hello, hi canu please answer this
  60. J

    My philips gogear aria 16gb having problems

    hi... my philips gogear aria 16gb has a problem. i hooked it up to my cpu with a USB so I can transfer some songs from my cpu, but to my surprise it is showing me some hebrew words on my philips player. my cpu still reorganizes it but when i try to open the file on (my cpu) it is telling me "...