My philips gogear aria 16gb having problems


Jul 4, 2010
hi... my philips gogear aria 16gb has a problem. i hooked it up to my cpu with a USB so I can transfer some songs from my cpu, but to my surprise it is showing me some hebrew words on my philips player. my cpu still reorganizes it but when i try to open the file on (my cpu) it is telling me " plz insert a disk into drive D"... ? I really dont know how it got like that also when i try to start my player it just show philips then it turns over.... (yes it is fully charged) plz help...


First see if you can access the language settings menu on the player -- maybe it's flipped to Hebrew -- though I've never come across a player which offered that option so you may actually be seeing random characters that just resemble Hebrew.

Check any CD which came with the player for a copy of the firmware and instructions on how to reload it.

Philips' home site has quite a good support section on MP3 and it may contain a newer firmware download for your model.

You might lose any music on the player if you reflash it.

Note that it is not a good idea to format MP3 players using Windows. Always use the player's inbuilt format facility.
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