What PMP offer HD radio (other than Zune HD)?


Nov 30, 2010
What PMP offer HD radio (other than Zune HD)?

No not a digital tuner for FM radio but actual HD radio receiver with tagging metadata.

Since the Zune HD was released in September 2009 surely there have been a few...

and since
The radio industry is trying to get HDRadio chipsets into mobile phones by 2012...


Mar 21, 2010
I have an insignia hd radio tuner I bought for 20 bucks off ebay. Here's link to it on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Insignia-NS-HD01-Portable-HD-Radio/dp/B002YXMPPO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1292285544&sr=8-1

For around $20-25 bucks it ain't bad, but it's really not better than a good fm tuner. I had the zune hd for awhile and the hd radio was pretty good. On this unit you're lucky if you're able to get a station in hd. Hit and miss. Even if it picks up on hd signal and moves off fm, it isn't any better. It's decent for $20. They also have a newer model that has a touchscreen, but from what I've seen it's worse than this model. The only other portable hd radio is made by JVC. It's for around the same price and from what I've read around the same quality of the insignia. The insigina doesn't and tagging and I don't believe the JVC does either.

I use the insignia tuner for probably 10 or more hours a week and reception is acceptable to me. Oh, and you're not the only one surprised from the lack of portable hd radios.

Little late, but better late than never.
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