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  1. C

    subwoofer connection problem

    My subwoofers only play sound from radio. I have no amp, subwoofers connect to rear speaker output on my stereo. When I try Bluetooth only my front door speakers were, where as with radio my subwoofers and door speakers work great. How do I make my subs work normally?
  2. I

    Solved! Pocket AM/FM radio that will pair to bluetooth headphones

    Does anyone make a pocket AM/FM radio with bluetooth out to connect my bluetooth wireless earbud headphones. I want it built in so I don't have to use a separate bluetooth transmitter connected to the headphone jack or add a wire to the headphone jack for an antenna.
  3. R

    How to Set Up a Radio Channel on Roku

    Roku is very common nowadays. Many people have begun to use this as a platform for watching their favorite movies or shows on the Roku TV. In addition, they set up their own accounts, maintain their own playlist library and also listen to the radio. Here is how you set up your favorite Roku...
  4. ronczap

    Yamaha RX-V481 Net Radio - Please wait- RESOLVED

    Trying to listen to Internet Radio was working yesterday, but now it shows "Please wait" on the display. I have the latest firmware version (2.59). Also the vTuner radio guide web page returns 404 error http:// Did Yamaha discontinue Net Radio?
  5. J

    Car radio DVD player no picture but can hear the sound

    Cant see the picture but can hear the sound
  6. P

    Solved! Mobile Isn't Truly Mobile, Is It???

    Why is it that in places like Mexico they can have high powered radio waves but in the US we are heavily regulated to a point in which our mobile devices are borderline, useless in much of the areas like out camping with wide open skys, No Signals are a huge problem for many of us Off The Grid...
  7. O

    Solved! How can I install a headphone jack on my instabox i90 thank you

    Urgent help apparently this radio doesn't have a headphone jack
  8. R

    Solved! How to repair a Sony radio remote control

    I would like to repair the remote device that came with my Sony radio
  9. E

    my car stereo. Playing a cd or Bluetooth etc my speakers work fine but playing the radio only the right speakers work. What c

    my car stereo. Playing a cd or Bluetooth etc my speakers work fine but playing the radio only the right speakers work. What could be the problem?
  10. W

    Radio 7010b Black screen

    Hi, need Help with 7010b rádio from gearbest. Had updated whit a wrong firmware (7012b model) and now the screen goes Black. How can i rollback the original firmware?
  11. M

    Solved! How to add/link two Bose wave radio together. Can i connect then throught the Bose link port, Please help me in this f

    I want to link both the BOSE WAVE 2 music system and Bose wave 3 music system together. Is there any way to do that.
  12. B

    Radio won’t play

    Cd works but not radio
  13. D

    Solved! Connect old stereo thing to old tv

    I recently moved to another apartment and found that there is a casette/radio player stereo thing with 2 decent looking speakers. Seeing as I have an old Samsung LE-32S81B (its around 10 years old but man is that thing durable), it basically has a 'decent' looking 720p...
  14. B

    How to play music from your phone to an RCA 9518 Radio system?

    Hello, I have been tring to hook my phone to an RCA RP-9518 Radio system to play my music on my phone to the radio and i just cannot figure it out ive been searching online, watching videos on how to do that but none of them had the right one to do so. I was just wondering are you ables to help...
  15. F

    Connecting Bluetooth Am/Fm Radio to a seperate set of Bluetooth Speakers.

    Purchased a Pyle Bluetooth Marine MP3/USB/SD Am/Fm Receiver Stereo. (Module # PLMR51W) Also purchased a set of Pyle (PDWR62BTBK) Wall Mount& BT 6.5" Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System. Need help if anyone can guide me on this please! What I'm looking to do is to Bluetooth the stereo to the separate...
  16. C

    My subs make a pop noise when i shut the radio off why

    My subs make a pop noise when i shut my car off why
  17. S

    Best free recording software for streaming radio?

    I'm looking for a software that can record online radio shows. I'm running Windows 10, thx.
  18. C

    increase usb volume in car

    i have a yatour yt-mo6 and when using the usb for musice i have to increase the volume a lot compared to the radio, so when the yatour stops the volume is to high. eny help out there.
  19. J

    Audio input to PC

    Is there any way to take an audio output (A radio) and plug it into my PC (via 3.5mm headphone jack that is male to male) to play alongside my other sounds (Video Game)? A physical mixer won't work because my headphones are wireless. Thanks.
  20. G

    Connect Sony BDP-S1700 BluRay Player to Bose Wave Radio AWR11W

    [Moderator note: edited post to remove personal information. Full name and email address. Please do not post personal information.] I have a older Bose wave radio (AWR11W) which plays FM radio great. I would like to hook up an external CD player so that we can enjoy our CD collection via...
  21. N

    Computer emitting a frequency in the 530 Mhz range

    I work on a sound system that uses four Sennheiser wireless microphones. Two out of three of them pick up a blaring, feedback level, static when the attached mic is off. We did some trouble shooting, and when I turned off the desktop computer, that lives under the desk they are on top of, they...
  22. E

    Waterproof blue tooth speaker with radio

    Is there a good quality, great sounding waterproof blue tooth speaker that has a radio built in with antenna ?
  23. P

    Solved! HiFi CD nil volume, tape and radio fine

    I have a 20 year old Technics ST-CH530 CD player as part of a CH530 hifi set, but not used it for about 5 years and its use has always been light. It has always been in original packaging when not in use and during numerous house moves, yet it now gives no sound at normal setting whilst radio...
  24. C

    One amp for highs and lows how would I separate them

    Please help!!! I have two twelves and four door speakers on an after market radio and I need help
  25. R

    Car radio project

    I know this is kind of a weird thing to put here but I have this cool idea to mount a car radio in the wall of a new building on my property. It’s a pioneer sph-da210 app radio 2 and when I hook it to a power supply all I get is a white screen with a line down the middle. I can find it in my...
  26. D

    Connecting FM radio to a bluetooth speaker

    Is there a way to transmit FM radio to a bluetooth speaker without the use cord and aux port?
  27. N

    LEPY Hi Fi Amp to Car Radio PreAmp Output Compatibility

    Have radio with front and back preamp outputs 2 VRMS. I have wired 2 front speakers 4 ohm units to regular radio FRONT L and R output wires, they work fine. What I am trying to accomplish is use the REAR preamp radio output RCA connects to a LEPY 12 volt mini hi fi amp using the RCA inputs...
  28. J

    Solved! Get channel 8 on my insignia t v. with a radio dmshack amplified he antenna

    Cannot get ABC channel 8 on my insignia TV with a radio shack ampflied H TV antenna.
  29. S

    I need a radio

    I live in Eastern Europe (Serbia), and I like to listen to some talk shows in the US over the radio. However, whenever I google for a "radio", I get those that play local stations and not many of them, is there any radio that I can buy (from Serbian suppliers or from AliExpress) that lets me...
  30. C

    samsung dumb tvs

    Samsung sucks, why should I take 45 minutes to unsuccessfully hear a radio programs stream, by the time u get it figured out the radio program is over. If these tech companies couldn't come up with a functional product they should've never gotten into this business in the first place. Never...
  31. M

    Solved! No stereo radio with CRX-N470

    Our new model worked fine in the shop, and our other FM receiver (NAD) works fine in the house. But the CRX-N470 does not receive a stereo signal when tuned to an FM station. Tried three different antennas and none work. Any ideas?
  32. S

    Solved! Freeview radio channels not working

    Hi guys! We've just got rid of Sky and now have Freeview, but a strange thing has happened whereby when I connect my PS3 to the TV via HDMI, the Freeview radio stations stop working. It's definitely the issue as once I disconnect it, they start working again. The normal Freeview channels are...
  33. A

    Audio stopped working

    I have an 05 mustang with stock speakers and aftermarket touchscreen radio. My radio stops working after I turn it up past 5. What could be the issue?
  34. G

    Where is the aux port on the ihip jambar speaker

    Aux port on ihip jambar speaker So I can listen to FM radio
  35. B

    Portable speaker, cant find one for my prefrences

    I am looking for a portable speaker with FM radio and alarm clock. It needs to connect with the mobile phone, the tablet or the PC via Bluetooth to play music from the folders or internet. The alarm clock sound should be a desirable FM radio station. The speaker should play the music evet if...
  36. P

    How to put an aux input in old stereo

    I have an rca brand stereo and theres no aux input but theres an output and I want to play music off of my phone the problem is all rca to aux adapters have 2 male rca leads and theres only one female plug on the back with a female aux cord plug. How do I get this to work
  37. M

    How Can i Scan for phone near me by my Phone ?

    Hello Everyone Please help me how can i scan for phone near by the radio frequency which it's out from the phone near me please help me in that very important Thanks
  38. A

    CD player does not have sound when turned on

    I have a 2008 Lexus 460. My radio plays fine but when I turn on CD player I have no sound. What do I need to check.
  39. D

    What kind of audio cable do i need to hook up my Bose Wave Radio to my LG smart tv

    Round Bose link on the wave radio square plug on LG tv
  40. J

    Police radio output

    Can you tell me the audio output range of a UK police radio? Is it above 3 5 khz? The standard cellphone is approx that is my understanding. I am asking as this relates to the relevance or not as to whether people with high frequency hearing loss at the 4khz range have a problem with using the...
  41. C

    Solved! vintage pioneer amplifier not producing sound

    hey all, ive reecently purchasaed a 1977 SA 6500 ii amplifier that came with the radio unit as well as two beautful original speakers. my problem is when everything is hooked up properly, the volume is almost non-existent as also very scratchy. ive checked into it hoping it just needs cleaning...
  42. R

    Solved! Recently I purched 2.1 Home theatre but that radio not working properly

    Philips 2.1 home theatre
  43. R

    Can 2 receivers be connected to the same speakers?

    I have one receiver with radio output connected to 2 sets of speakers. This receiver allows you to select one set of speaker or the other or both. I have another receiver connected to a CD player and turn table. Can both of these receivers be simultaneously connected to the same 2 sets of...
  44. D

    Hi I want a device that can help me monitor multiple TV and radio programs at realtime and also record them

    I am consulting for a broadcasting regulation and I have the task to monitor all TV and radio channels in my locality and also record realtime for proper reporting pls what device do I use or how can I set it up
  45. B

    Solved! Problem with my audio from projector

    I have my desktop pc under my table and have the hdmi cable running through the wall right into my projector. Since I don't have any space for another aux output at my pc (because the front is broken and in the back it's connected to my headset) I decided I'd connect my new majority oakington...
  46. S

    To use my android phone as a radio scanner. I've bearcat of old!?

    Looking to find app to use my android phone as a multi band radio scanner, is bearcat, or similar, without wiring up to other gadgets, ie I want portable use.
  47. C

    No audio from home theater system when watching TV but sound with videos and radio

    I have an HDMI cable connecting my Panasonic Home Theater surround sound system, model # SC-PT650. Link to manual: There is no sound coming from the home theater when watching TV, which is hooked up to a cable box. There is sound when a...
  48. C

    7010b clock lock sreen problem

    Can somebody say to me how to turn off clock on the lock sreen on the 7010b when the radio is off, the clock exhausted my battery and there is no option to turn the clock on the lock sreen when the radio is off
  49. N

    Speaker support plz

    We just replaced both front speakers over Christmas and still have the problem...When my radio is on the normal stations both speakers work amazing but when I switch it to aux it a CD only the right speaker works
  50. G

    Blue tooth accessible

    I have a radio shack 12-589 radio and asking if it has blue tooth capabilities
  51. R

    Echo as Radio

    echo used as clock radio, wait to hear am 640KFI on Iheart Radio at 4:30am, how to set up?
  52. T

    Help picking source

    I was given a 5.1 system without the receiver, I want to use this in my garage for radio only. What kind of receiver would be good for this setup, I'm looking to spend as little as possible. Thanks
  53. N

    general electric clock radio connect speakers for to sansui television with audio plug. don't fi

    Getting audio speakers to work for sansui non digital television.
  54. E

    Is it a good idea to buy a 1930's Electrohome tube radio and record player?

    The seller states that it is a three speed record player and the tube radio still works. I am just wondering if this would be a good purchase? I have a crosley record player which I am looking to get rid off as I have some very old collectible records that I would like to play but also keep in...
  55. L

    Trying to connect two receivers together

    I have a jvc model 4vr-5426x the receiver doesn't work can I connect with another to get radio station
  56. G

    Bypass car radio

    My car radio won’t work and I can’t afford a new one. Is there a way to bypass radio and play an auxiliary device directly through the speakers
  57. K

    SA-HT730 Radio sound only in woofer

    Panasonic home theater SA-HT730 Only speaker producing a muffled sound is the woofer! Have input set on radio. Older unit, only has RCA connectors. Bad amp? Power lights are lite. Display works. Not connected to hdtv or cable box. Can I test amp? Paid for Panasonic tech, no help! Thank-you!
  58. P

    Lost (nearly) all Streaming Radio Sound

    I have been using the TuneIn App on my Windows 10 Desktop for years without problem but just recently I lost the sound. It looks fine with no errors but it is as though the volume has been turned to zero ! I thought it was a problem with the App but when I try to listen online via the Radio...
  59. L

    My speakers have too little sound

    Hello, I have a DVD receiver, the speakers on it are 50W@6Ohm with a 120W sub@8ohm. I took two of them, put them in my car, but the sound they give from the car radio, which is 60W per channel is too low, maybe 10 times lower than that of the DVD receiver. It's the same wattage. Anyone know why?
  60. K

    Radio Transmitters and recievers

    I have a FM radio with a USB port and 6 3.5mm audio jacks, How can I send audio from my pc to my radio wireless? I have a windows pc with external USB wifi adapter