Connect Sony BDP-S1700 BluRay Player to Bose Wave Radio AWR11W

Aug 17, 2018
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I have a older Bose wave radio (AWR11W) which plays FM radio great. I would like to hook up an external CD player so that we can enjoy our CD collection via the Bose system. I also have a Sony BluRay player (BDP-S1700) which I hope to be able to use as the CD player. The Bose (which I assume is an Analog device) has a pair of RCA input jacks labeled AUX and the Sony (which I assume is Digital) has 2 jacks labeled (DIGITAL OUT COAXIAL and HDMI OUT). I am assuming that I need a Digital to Analog converter. Could somebody please help me by explaining what I am going to need to make this work and how to hook it up.Thanks in advance.
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You need a DAC which would connect to the coaxial digital audio output of the Sony. That can be any coaxial 75 ohm cable with RCA plugs. There are cables labeled for digital audio but most composite video cables and even some analog audio cables will work. The converter will have left and right audio outputs with RCA jacks so those would connect to the input of the Bose. Set the Sony to output in PCM stereo.
Aug 17, 2018
Hi, Thanks for the quick response. I already have a DAC similar to the one you mentioned and I had attempted last week to hook it up but I didn't get very far. After reading your answer I see the problem, on my Sony I had the audio setting on AUTO instead of PCM. As soon as I get a chance I will make the settings adjustment and get out all of the cables and try again. Once again,Thanks for your quick reply.
Aug 17, 2018
Hi, I finally got around to changing the setting on my Sony player to PCM, hooked everything up (75 ohm cable on coax out to dac and rca Y cable to Bose AUX input) and I still get nothing when I play a CD with the AUX button depressed on the Bose. Is there a simple way that I can test the AUX Bose input to see if it is functioning correctly?
(bought on EBay "Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA L/R Audio Converter Adapter" & 75 ohm coax cable)


A lot of these converters do not come,with a power brick & you absolutely 100% need external power,to,run digital to analog.

Yours should have a 5 or 12v power input - are you actually running external power to it ??
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