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    Can’t find administrators password how do I factory reset without. Disk

    How fo I factory reset my Acer laptop forget password and no recovery cd
  2. A

    Solved! no DVD player for mouse

    I am thinking about buying a Redragon M601-BA Wired Gaming Mouse,I dont have a dvd player in my pc tho and in the pics it shows that it comes with a cd.would the mouse work if i dont put in the cd?
  3. M

    Solved! need recovery CD

    hi, i need Free recovery cd download Toshiba Satellite C50-B-158 cause i delete my partion hdd, can some one help me ?
  4. B

    Yamaha 5 disc cd player remote is damaged, where may I buy another remote, universal or otherwise to replace damaged remote co

    I am new to your site, perhaps I dont understand some of your questions. I have an old Yamaha 5 disc changer CD player. The REMOTE IS DAMAGED, I can not get a replacement here in Hong Kong where I live. any advise please
  5. T

    Solved! How do I connect my old analogue CD player to my HDMI receiver

    My denon receiver is all HDMI inputs, and it has Bluetooth capabilities. My CD player is analogue or optical output. Looking for the best solution. CD output to receiver input.
  6. D

    Solved! CD/DVD drive not working

    My DVD suddenly stopped being able to play on my laptop. I read various articles onliine, and one of the suggestions was to uninstall the CD/DVD drive then restart and Windows 10 will automatically reinstall, but, i have restarted several times and i can no longer see my CD/DVD drive in the...
  7. H

    Solved! CD input works with a Aux input?

    I am looking at the Pioneer VSX-D514-K for 5.1 surround. It doesnt have Aux input but it does have CD input. Would it work if I just connect a Aux Input (red and white male & aux male connection) inside? Thank you in advance for any input. I was looking for the cheapest 8ohms / 5.1 channel /...
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    My Toshiba satellite c55-A5140 has been locked by a CD that installs a program called trilock how can disable or uninstall th

    My Toshiba series C55 - A5140 has a program that was installed by a CD disk called trilock how can I bypass or uninstall or erase the program also is there a way to reset the computer all the way to its factory settings I have already try pressing 0 and going through the that process also tried...
  9. J

    Solved! How to open cd on Lenovo 330 computer

    How to open cd rom on Lenovo 330
  10. P

    Solved! Convert bluetooth CD player so it can broadcast?

    Sorry if this has already been asked/solved! I couldn't find the info I'm looking for....I have Bose SoundLink II bluetooth headphones. They work, no problem. BUT I just got a bluetooth Jensen CD player (Model CD-555) so I could listen to audiobooks on CD through my bluetooth headphones. I'm a...
  11. K

    Solved! Where to get windows CD with Licence

    Answer ME ASAP
  12. Z

    Solved! how can i add a cd/dvd drive to toshiba satellite c55

    It didn't come with one but has the space plate. Can i install a CD/DVD writer
  13. C

    The same problem in Russia with Yamaha MCR-N670D (CD-NT670D).

    The same problem in Russia with Yamaha MCR-N670D (CD-NT670D). Removed by Moderator
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    my laptop it look like has a place of insert CD but when I try to open I didn't see to opened ,what is solution

    My Toshiba laptop has a place of insert CD bt it can't opened is fixed why?
  15. T

    Did I damage my audio CDs with my space heater?

    I have a large collection of audio CDs stored in CD storage cases under my bed. I spent about 10 to 20 minutes doing some reorganizing in the bins after I had bought some new audio CDs and ripped them to my computer. I like to keep my CD collection properly categorized and alphabetized...
  16. V

    can i format windows 7 ultimate and install new windows 7 ultimate without cd

    i have windows 7 ultimate and i want to format it and enter new windows 7 without any cd. is there any way to install new windows 7 . my pc has 2gb ram and 250 gb hd
  17. J

    Solved! I want to pair the CD-playing little shelf stereo in my mom's dining room, to Bluetooth speakers in her living room. I have a

    Transmitting CD player audio to Bluetooth speakers
  18. R

    Solved! I have an old Aiwa 3 cd changer bought in 1997, can I convert this into a DVD player of usb usable?

    I have an old Aiwa 3 cd changer bought in 1997, can I convert this into a DVD player of usb usable?
  19. T

    my new car doesnt have a cd player. so how do i play my cds

    my new car doesnt have a cd player. so how do i play my cds
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    my car stereo. Playing a cd or Bluetooth etc my speakers work fine but playing the radio only the right speakers work. What c

    my car stereo. Playing a cd or Bluetooth etc my speakers work fine but playing the radio only the right speakers work. What could be the problem?
  21. F

    Solved! Can i use an external cd drive to plug into a subwoofer usb?

    I have a subwoofer speaker with radio and usb, I always used this usb playing my music, the cd palyer of my old component is not working properly so i would like to know if the usb drive has enough power to run external cd player
  22. 1

    Solved! Upgrading from Win7 Prem to Wim10 pro

    I have a cd downloaded from MS, can I use this to upgrade my laptop that is running win7 prem, without loosing any data?
  23. H

    Solved! Laptop stuck on start up screen

    1.Tried installing a new OS on my Laptop. 2.Got an error that the CD was corrupted. 3.Tried reinstalling it. 4.Laptop stuck on start up screen. 5.Tried clicking "F2" and it doesn't work "tried "F1" "ESC" "F12". 6.Removed my HDD . 7.Laptop can now click "F2 and others". So can someone help me...
  24. B

    soney dvd cd player hook up to tv have picture no sound

    Red white yellow from player to tv do I need another set of the plug ins
  25. S

    REcommendation for CD player with bluetooth speakers (4+)

    Looking for a CD player that has multiple bluetooth speaker capability. ANy suggestions?
  26. D

    Solved! Denon CD player motor not responding.

    I have a Denon DCD-1700 CD player from around 1990. The motor does not come on to play a disc. The drawer and electronics all work. The unit has been sitting unused for quite a while, but I do not think that it is broken or worn out. What should be the next thing to try? Thanks.
  27. B

    Radio won’t play

    Cd works but not radio
  28. M

    new car has bluetooth...had cd player in old can i now listen to my cds via bluetooth in car

    Have a new hyundai car with in built bluetooth.......previous car had cd player for all my cd can i now listen to my cds vvia bluetooth in car.
  29. H

    Sony bluray player shows cd or usb and won't play movie

    I'm just trying to watch a dvd. I am clueless. I don't watch tv often lol Normally you switch the input, put the DVD in and then the movie comes on. But the screen just shows my option as usb or cd. Any ideas, please advise. Thanks, Cheryl
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    Solved! How to ooen CD drive acer aspire ES1-132

    Acer aspire Es1-132 .where is the CD slot
  31. J

    Solved! TCL TV with Sony 400 disc changer plays cd's but dvd's show no signal message

    I have a TCL C-series TV, model number 65c807 and a Sony 400 disc changer hooked up with HDMI. I can play cd's successfully, but when I switch to DVD's the TV shows no signal message.
  32. C

    Connecting CD player without rca outputs to stereo receiver

    I have a cd player I would like to connect to my receiver so I can listen to it with my new speakers and receiver setup. The only issue is, my CD player doesn't have rca outputs, only the clips for the speaker wire attached to the included speakers. I figured all I had to do was convert speaker...
  33. D

    How to copy boardmaker

    i made a copy with alcohol 120% but with RMPS emulation checked on a win 8 laptop but now i am out of luck i am on windows 10 different computer and prefer to use a backup instead of the original CD. is it possible to make a copy without RMPS emulation? the CD is protected by securom rom and...
  34. B

    Recovery media for restoring the original contents on the HDD on HP pavilion dv6700 laptop

    Where I may obtain recovery cd's for restoring the original contents of the hard drive?
  35. H

    Solved! I have bluetooth headphones. Is there a boombox/cd player with bluetooth that they will work with

    I have bluetooth headphones. Is there a boombox/cd player with bluetooth that will work with the headphones. The CD players I've researched seem to be receivers not transmitter.
  36. K

    I need a cd tray cover for a toshiba satellite laptop.

  37. A

    Car music system no sound only on CD

    Hi When I play CD in my track is running but no sound When I connect Bluetooth I good
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    Apps to CD

    App to CD carad
  39. M

    Books on cd in car without a slot

    I listen to cd audio books but my new car doesn’t have a cd slot.. what do I need to do.
  40. M

    Cant boot or enter BIOS (black screen) AFTER i changed boot priority

    I [watch your language] up. I had my boot priority on 1) ssd(with windows on it) 2) cd rom. Now I accidentaly set the boot option to cd rom only since I thought ,for some reason, it should have priority because SSD is placed instead of CD ROM(laptop- ssd caddy). I do have a HDD in normal slot...
  41. I

    I don’t have the cd for booting my Toshiba lap top. How do I get one?

    I don’t have the cd boot for my Toshiba lap top. It’s stop working and it tells me to insert the cd booting cd I don’t have one. Thank you
  42. T

    Can I use an external CD drive to plug into car AUX port?

    playing cd's in car without a slot
  43. J

    is connecting my TV optical out to Analog Receiver's Phono Input a bad idea?

    I have a Panasonic Plasma TV with an optical audio out. I have an Onkyo Receiver with component audio in. CD and Tape are in-use already. I have an optical-to-analog adapter. I tried using the "Video 1" input on my Onkyo. The sound was very, very low compared to the CD carousel (using CD input)...
  44. R

    i am rety to format acer aspire es1-331 but when i install it therer were error says " a Required CD/DVD drive device driver i

    i am rety to format acer aspire es1-331 but when i install it therer were error says " a Required CD/DVD drive device driver i
  45. D

    Solved! Car CD no sound on some discs

    Had a new CD-Radio player JVC KW-R920BT installed last week. Problem is it plays shop bought music CDs OK but when i put in a an MP3 disc it loads - reads and the track counter moves as though it is playing but there is no sound at all. The content is free podcasts downloaded from BBC via...
  46. W

    Connecting 2 pioneer 300 CD players

    Looking for help on connecting 2 pioneer PDf27 301 cd changers to operate together from one cd remote. Pioneer instructions are contradictory, mis-leading.
  47. T

    Compaq v5000 powers on but only repeatedly attempts to spin cd rom.

    My compaq v5000 will not start. Power light comes on and cd rom keeps trying to spin. But, all I got is a repeated attempt to boot. Was on it the other night and it went into hibernation. Left it for a couple of days and when I tried to start it up? It only hissed.
  48. G

    Connect Sony BDP-S1700 BluRay Player to Bose Wave Radio AWR11W

    [Moderator note: edited post to remove personal information. Full name and email address. Please do not post personal information.] I have a older Bose wave radio (AWR11W) which plays FM radio great. I would like to hook up an external CD player so that we can enjoy our CD collection via...
  49. W

    The computer i have does not have a cd-r. Can and how do i down load the drivers to my computer?

    I just got my computer from best buy. it does have a cd-r on it. I want to down load the drivers to my to my computer. How do i do this from the web? The head phones i just got are ijoy logo.
  50. D

    can a 2016 gmc terrain play a usb port cd player

    can a 2016 gmc terrain usb port play a portable cd
  51. T

    Need advice bad?

    My Compaq laptop widows 7. Has. No bootable CD I obviously did not back anything up before it was deleted wiped clean I guess .. not on purpose..can you help.. just,jody
  52. D

    How to hook up A DYNEX CD PLAYER TO A SANYO T V

    Can I send a picture of the thread
  53. M

    Looking for amplifier

    I have a Panasonic 5 cd changer surround sound system but, the cd player is not working but speakers are in very good condition. Please suggest me amplifier for this speakers. 1) two surround speakers 8 ohms, 60 watts (Model: SB-PS70A) 2) two woofer 6 ohms, 160 watts...
  54. P

    Solved! HiFi CD nil volume, tape and radio fine

    I have a 20 year old Technics ST-CH530 CD player as part of a CH530 hifi set, but not used it for about 5 years and its use has always been light. It has always been in original packaging when not in use and during numerous house moves, yet it now gives no sound at normal setting whilst radio...
  55. johnbil

    CD/MP3 Player Speakers Also Used with TV

    I’m having a problem visualizing how to connect these things. I have a CD/MP3 Player system with some nice speakers. I want these speakers to do double duty. I want them to work with the player when it’s on. I also want them to act as speakers for our TV without the player being on. The...
  56. A

    g510 cannot boot from cd/dvd after entering boot sequence menu

    Trying to enter boot sequence to install windows 10 clean install from CD. Boot sequence does not allow boot from CD (can't find)
  57. U

    Lenovo G50-80 won't turn on, but CD-rom works.

    Hello, I have been using my computer for 3 years and the warranty has expired. Recently while I was watching a video the PC turned off suddenly. -I tried booting without battery, with AC, it didn't work. -I tried plugging out the battery and the adapter and holding power button for 30 seconds...
  58. A

    Windows Installation Proplem

    I have a proplem when i try To Boot My device And Install windows 10 on my Windows 7 ultimate Device From A Cd/DVD it Gives Me A Black Screen After Hitting the Button to Boot From The Cd Any Ideas?
  59. M

    do external speakers for a bose cd-3000 need their own volume control

    I want to connect a pair of Bang and Olufsen Beolab 6000 powered speakers to a Bose CD-3000 system using RCA connections between the CD-3000 and the speakers. Do the powered speakers need their own volume control or are they controlled by the Bose system volume?