Car CD no sound on some discs

Aug 31, 2018
Had a new CD-Radio player JVC KW-R920BT installed last week. Problem is it plays shop bought music CDs OK but when i put in a an MP3 disc it loads - reads and the track counter moves as though it is playing but there is no sound at all. The content is free podcasts downloaded from BBC via iTunes burned on CDBurnerXP.

I have tried CD-RW, CD-R finalizing and not finalizing - all formats are compatible. These disc play in my old car JVC CD player just fine. i burnt them the same as I have been doing for past year with CDBurnerXP.

Any ideas what the problem could be please?


Sounds like the head unit you got can't play the files you burned. Try using different MP3 encoding methods, maybe a lower bit rate. Did you check with JVC to see what files it can play and if it needs a specific format?
^Re-encode MP3 the way it wants it see if it makes a difference.

Then home-burn discs u never know they will play correctly on another player. Reason why, optical disc...sight....going the way of cassettes. These days, load up your smartphone with all the music u need, and just BT over, works every time, anywhere, nice smartphone interface. U want 5 inch disc nostalgia, suffer.
Aug 31, 2018
Thanks for the replies.

JVC recommends 8-320 kbps/Variable Bit Rate so that covers the BBC podcasts. The discs I use are also recommended in the manual.

I've been burning podcasts onto CD's to play in the car for years on my old car radio (JVC) and they never skip and as they are mainly talking programmes the quality is fine.

Strange though that my old car plays anything i throw at it but this brand new car and radio dont - ho hum!

I will try burning at the lower bitrate and see what happens.

Thanks guys.


Jun 21, 2016
Why not just put them all onto a USB?
Seems the simplest solution to me

CD = 800MB
USB = well over 32GB now - so stop using mechanical spinning things, and use solid state
Aug 31, 2018
Yes, I think I will put on a USB stick instead and hope that works. I put in a shop bought cd which played fine, then when i got in car next time it had gone back to the beginning!! Im very fed up now - just wish i had my old one in the car. Anyway, gonna ditch CDs and try the USB method.

Thanks a lot for your guidance.
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