new car has bluetooth...had cd player in old can i now listen to my cds via bluetooth in car

Nov 10, 2018
Have a new hyundai car with in built bluetooth.......previous car had cd player for all my cd can i now listen to my cds vvia bluetooth in car.
CD is gone by the way of cassettes.

I too suggest transfer all CD to smartphone, guaranteed to work and you will have your whole collection on the palm of your hands without swapping CDs.

If u just need the nostalgia, replace your factory radio with an aftermarket with CD built-in, is just money.


Jan 25, 2009
I do recommend ripping all music to your smartphone or even to the car's internal hard drive if it has one.

But if you must continue with CDs they do make a device that will let you play cds without taking the car apart and replacing its radio system.

Nov 26, 2018
I have a supplementary question - if you rip all your CDs to SD or USB, how do you find the album you want?

I have done this with a limited number of live gigs on a USB but the details don't show up on the car stereo unit.

I'm sure there must be a way of doing it!
Nov 26, 2018
Yes, but do you have to do something while ripping that allows the file info to be read or does the CD have a digital signature that transfers?

Sorry if this is an obvious answer but I've only ever ripped live performances as I like physical music.

Thanks for the response.


A common thing rippers do is to obtain the metadata (album info, artist, dates, blah-blah) from a publicly available database repository (this happens behind your back) and write this info into a so called ID3 tag attached to your .MP3, so that's how a player can deal with your ripped files.

I said "common" meaning you want to make sure by again, consulting your car stereo's manual, it will tell you specifically what it wants. After having consulted the manual and u still don't understand what it's asking you, pose your new question again.
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