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  1. M

    new car has bluetooth...had cd player in old car...how can i now listen to my cds via bluetooth in car

    Have a new hyundai car with in built bluetooth.......previous car had cd player for all my cd music.....how can i now listen to my cds vvia bluetooth in car.
  2. M

    Monitor driver IMPOSSIBLE to find

    Can't find driver for Hyundai D190MLI Touch Screen **ANYWHERE**. Tried driver finding software like Driver Max, Driver Pack Solution etc but to no avail. Hyundai don't have the drivers on their HyundaiIT or Hyundai Monitor websites.
  3. J

    apps to sd card y can't I mean very them.

    Phone. Android. Hyundai Uno. Y can't I move apps to sd card. No option in settings then app. Only to launch clear cashe or uninstall. Y have the sd slot then.
  4. B

    My Hyundai mobile cell phone won't turn on or recognize a charge why?

    I try charging n won't power up or just trying to turn on n it won't why?
  5. rutherfordsc

    Hyundai Sonata is First With Android Auto

    It's time for other car makers to catch up to Hyundai, which has become the first company to ship Android Auto, as seen on the 2015 Sonata. Hyundai Sonata is First With Android Auto : Read more