is connecting my TV optical out to Analog Receiver's Phono Input a bad idea?

Sep 7, 2018
I have a Panasonic Plasma TV with an optical audio out.
I have an Onkyo Receiver with component audio in. CD and Tape are in-use already.
I have an optical-to-analog adapter.

I tried using the "Video 1" input on my Onkyo. The sound was very, very low compared to the CD carousel (using CD input) or the Bluetooth receiver (using the Tab input).

I tried running it into Phono. It works (I have to keep volumn pretty low on receiver).

I am not an electrician or that great w/ the details, but I know phono input is very differerent than other inputs.

Does anyone know if this set-up is a bad idea, like it could damage / blow my speakers? Any advice (assume I want to keep the analogue set-up).



Mar 16, 2017
Here's the deal....the phono input has a higher amplification than a CD input or a tape input etc.

This is why >>>>(I have to keep volumn pretty low on receiver).

If it's working and it sounds good to you, you aren't going to hurt anything.

The problem would be....if you drive the phono input too which case it would sound distorted.....if it doesn't sound distorted you aren't driving it too hard....although being you are using an optical to analog adapter I would almost expect it would sound distorted because those are generally made for tape/CD level signals.

Sep 7, 2018
thanks, jay32257!
I did think to run a better test. when I first hooked it up, I had some drama playing. I tried a Rush documentary last night. it did not take long before the sound became distorted. I switched back to another input.

it's a little annoying that I have to turn my volume up quite higher than expected for TV versus other components, but I have plenty of room left to crank it further.

I am curious why the volume is so much lower, but I'm thinking it's not a real issue.

thanks, again.
1. Having to turn the volume up is not a "real" issue. Just a bit annoying. Some receivers have a volume offset adjustment for each input for this in the menu system.
2. You can't use the phono input. The first problem is that it will overload and distort. The second is that the phono input has RIAA equilization which is just for vinyl playback. That will screw up the frequency response big time with a line level source.

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