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  1. Cy-Kill

    Bought An iPod Touch, Need Apps!

    First & foremost, are there any amazing media players that make Apple's vanilla one look bad? And, any other apps you think I should look into, preferably free at the moment.
  2. S

    How to remove write protection from usb

    how to remove write protection from removable disc
  3. U

    Adio driver

    Hello, plz halp me &computers; instal my computer adio driver
  4. vishalaestro

    How to improve fm radio reception

    i'm using philips gogear vibe 4gb mp4 video player as the sound effect of default headphone is not good i brought an another earbuds which is sennheiser cx 270..i will hear radio while travelling on bus and i will sit near the window the problems is the fm reception is very poor i cannot hear...
  5. I

    How do i connect ipod with window xp

    I am not able to connect ipod 30 GB , it say usb not recognised, please help
  6. B

    I cant get the touch screen on my mp3 to work

    Help i cant get the touch screen on my mp3 to work i have hit the reset button and now nothing works on the touch screen. it lights up with the icons but nothing happens when i touch the screen with my finger or a stylus. Help please? I want to listen to my music. Thx!!
  7. G

    Can I use RG59 cable for my sub woofer spaker?

    Can I use rg59 coaxial cable for my sub woofer to connect with aplifier?
  8. Pielam

    Connect an mp3 player to a STEREO

    Like most MP3 players, mine has only a Headphone Jack for output while my stereo has RCA jacks for input. As far as I know, these two types of jacks are not compatible or are they? Last Sat. I acquired a cable that has a headphone plug on one end and a pair of RCA plugs on the other. I...
  9. J

    Sony dmport for iPod

    A few months ago I got an awesome deal on a Sony str-da4400es receiver. It works perfectly, the only problem playing music from my ipod requires me to run a cord from my ipod headphone jack to the back of my receiver, which isn't that bad, only if I want to change the music I have to get up and...
  10. J

    Solution audio problem

    Hello, i want to know how to overcome of audio problem when downloading MP3
  11. T

    Format error for one song on mp3 player

    One song that I want to play on my mp3 player keep coming up "Format Error". Why is it doing this for one song and what can i do to fix it?
  12. N

    Is music on mp3 in fat 16 file format

    Does anyone know if 'standard' music on an MP3 player is in FAT12, 16, or 32 file format?? I have a Sansa Fuse MP3 player I want to connect/play via the USB connection on my Panasonic Blu Ray player; but, when I connect it via USB it indicates it's not in a 'compaitble format.' the only help...
  13. S

    What causes speaker hiss with my ipod?

    I bought a new receiver, and rewired both speakers. The FM stations work well, but the speakers hiss when I'm playing the ipod. Any help out there?
  14. L

    Which one is better? psp or ipod

    hi please would anybody help me to know which one is better? psp or Ipod thx before
  15. J

    How can i get my jvc stereo to sort files by artist instead of album?

    My KD-R520 JVC stereo receiver only sorts the wma's on my usb by album. I have 67 albums on one usb, but they are grouped alphabetically by album name, not by artist name, even though each album is a subfolder of the artist folder. Is there any way to make it alphabetically by artist, then...
  16. S

    IPod Classic Sync Issues - Tried everything!

    My old iPod classic would not sync with iTunes, It would maybe sync the first 30 songs out of my 2000 and then iTunes would freeze and no other songs could be synced. After messing around with the iPod I decided to buy a new one, which I did. It has the exact same issue, I cannot sync all my...
  17. S

    Support@ hipstreet com

    Hi my daughter got a touchscreen mp3 player for christmas and the screen froze. when she tries to go into an icon it does nothing
  18. Slipperss

    Looking for the perfect earphones!

    I've been doing research for 2 days now and I don't seem to be getting anywhere, I want nothing but the best within my budget of course, which makes it all a bit tricky and complicated. With every single one of the buds I've come across, they all ended up having some massive flaw which makes me...
  19. I

    Is 8gb enough for a mp3 player

    I have a Leyra Slider mp3 black 8gb i was wonderin is that enough for a mp3 player plzz reply thank you. :)
  20. R

    Are SENNHEISER earbuds good?

    Are SENNHEISER earbuds good? i'm thinking of buying a SENNHEISER cx 200 or cx 280 How BIG is the difference between the CX 200 AND CX 280?
  21. R

    Difference between cheap and overpriced MP3 players

    I have an ipod shuffle 3rd gen the stock earphones stopped working and i'm unable to buy a replacement as the apple earphones are way overpriced for their quality and i cannot buy any third party earphones as the controls of the shuffle 3rd gen is in the earphones so i'm thinking of buying a...
  22. A

    What are the Best In-Ear Headphones for $100?

    I'm looking for the best sound quality and durability I can get for $100. Extra features like music controls and mic would be nice as well, but they're not as important. The current ones I'm looking at are the Klipsch Image S4i. They do great when it comes to sound quality and extra features...
  23. D

    Good ear buds

    About one year ago I got an iPod touch 4th gen. Ive been using the default earbuds that come with it to listen to my music. They still work fine but are showing their age, so I wanted to get something new. As for the sound quality of the new buds, I have a pair of astro a40's and I think they...
  24. B

    Lenovo 3000 h series audio driver download

    i need audio drivers for lenovo pc 3000H series
  25. M

    Flea market mp3 players

    my computer isn't bringing up my USB device with my MP3 player I bought at a liquidation sale. I have searched all devices and updated them and still nothing, can anyone help us?
  26. A

    Best Sounding Mp3 player

    Hi, Am looking for a MP3 player which need to have exceptional sound quality. I don't need any other features like video,wi-fi,touch nothing nothing i consider, only thing i want is best music quality can some one suggest me good one
  27. darksmart

    Suggest a Budget MP3 player please

    Hi :) I am looking to buy a budget mp3 player for myself during travelling.So i have listed a few..Please suggest the best one.. SONY mp4 player 2gb version-NWZ-e435f, PHILIPS GoGear SA2825- SANDISK SANSA CLIP 4gb- Please guide.As i used to listen music in my cell phone only,I have no idea...
  28. D

    Connecting multiple MP3 players to one amplifier...

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and I really like the communication that goes on here. I'm a real novice when it comes to audio but I have played with many setups over the years just enough to be dangerous ;) I've got a special project where I am attempting to run 6 portable MP3 players...
  29. M

    High end audio

    :hello: I want to increase output of my downloade songs, mostly in mp3 format, please suggest a free software. With due regards, Mehrotra
  30. JMcEntegart

    Microsoft Kills Zune Hardware; Service Lives on in WP

    Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be producing Zune MP3 players, preferring instead to focus on Windows Phone. Microsoft Kills Zune Hardware; Service Lives on in WP : Read more
  31. J

    Best headphones for under 300$

    Hello, I am looking for two headphones. One portable one for under 100$ and one over the ear one fore under 300$ and preferably under 250$. Currently, I like the klipsch s4i and possibly the bose in-ear for the in-ear headphone and possibly the bose comfort 15 for the over-ear headphone...
  32. O

    Write-protection of USB.

    Hello, when i want to copy or delete files from my ADATA 4GB USB or try to format it, a pop-up message appears that the device is write-protected.Please help me remove the write protection from the usb.
  33. mjmjpfaff

    Best headphones for 50-80$

    i have a 4th generation ipod nano and my apple headphones broke and i have been using crap headphones for a few months and i am really longing for a good pair. i have found these headphones via cnet. do you have any other recommendations or which ones do you think are the best that i have found...
  34. M

    Suggestions for a new mp3 player with

    Hi to all! I use to listen my mp3 music by sony mp3 player. Unfortunatly, those models have at max 32gb. I need somethings more strong. These are the feature I need : - 120-200giga - High Audio Quality (maybe with an equalizator) - I need to delete the files (mp3) directly from the Mp3 player...
  35. G

    How can I record live radio onto disk on my windows pc

    I would like to record streamed radio onto my PC for eventual transfer to a flash drive. Your offer of the freeware program mentions 'video' and I assume that any radio input can be captured too. My DAB Roberts radio and car radio player seem only to handle MP3 files (and not MP2 or other...
  36. S

    Audio devices for windows 7 home basic for dell laptops at inspiron 64bit

  37. sidhardtha

    How long do MP3 players last?

    My MP3 player is about 4.5 years old. It plays the 1st part of some songs, then the sound stops. Some songs sound garbled. I updated the firmware to no avail. It is a Sandisk Sansa Clip, 1 GB. I am on Windows 7. :(
  38. ssddx

    3.5mm to 3.5mm adapter/stub/cable

    Feels odd to be asking a question for once but perhaps someone knows what i'm talking about and can save me a bunch of searching. my dilema is this: I recently purchased studio monitor headphones (audio technica ath-m50s, but its irrelevant) which come with a 6.35mm/.25in headphone jack. this...
  39. coaX91ox


    Mp4 player is old about 2.5 years. I lost my cd driver and now i can't format my mp4 cause i need driver! Exactly name of the mp4 is "Grandin M-Video 1 GO FM V80" Please help me! HERE IS A PICTURE OF MY MP4 >>> <<<
  40. G

    Walkman does not turn on

    Hello, my sont walkman does not turn on .iv reset it then turned it on all that happens is that a black bar comes on then a white won .and nothing eals happens,it wont turn off unless i reset it again then the same thing happens if iturn it on again . please help if u can model number is nwz...
  41. casemods

    Want to use the mic on my headphones on my computer

    Is there a way to split the microphone and the headphone parts of the headset I have? It works with my ipod for calling and on skype. But I want to use it since I don't have any other headphones and it has a microphone built in. The microphone is on the other side of the big silver thing with...
  42. G

    USB storage device killing virus

    how to remove virus
  43. G

    Waterproof microphone

    Hello, i'm an aquagym instructor and i'm looking for a way to reduce the noise my lessons make.i'm looking for a system of personal waterproof mp3 players/recievers that can be activated by remote control for the music to play and into which i can transmit my instructions while the music is...
  44. M

    Free download drivers for lenovo 3000 H series desktop dual core

  45. H

    How to record sirius satellite radio

    Hello, Now that replay is not able to record sirius, are there any other options or is Replay working on a solution?
  46. T

    Digital Audio Files: How do you organize?

    Ok, I admit it. My music collection is a mess! Even with CDDB and ID3 tags, a lack of attention to detail and putting off tidying up my metadata has led to GBs of barely manageable music files. So how do you organize your files? Do you use your computer's file management system to create a...
  47. B


    my mp3 is not working i tried charging it but my screen is all white my mp3 is a hipstreet
  48. B

    I left my mp3 in the car and i chare it and the screen turns all white

  49. T

    What effect removes the buzzing noise in my recording

    i used my mp3 player to record some everyday activity around the house. im trying to edit for, boosting the lower mid range . so the voices are easily heard , but there is a loud buzzing ,maybe an open air type of background noise that is distracting from what im trying to focus on. how to...
  50. A

    Best Ipod docks?

    I'm thinking of getting the Bose SoundDock II I can get this for $380 AU here where I live ($450 normal retail) What are other good recommendations that are around this price range or lower?
  51. M

    Plz help me

    Hello, ok i bought an mp3 player the make is ARCHOS and well i started using it everything was fine for about 2 weeks about that and now it says i have no music in the musical file so i plus it into my laptop to put the music back on but when i open the files from the mp3 the music file is not...
  52. T

    Ipod Touch loud static sound

    Whenever i plug my Ipod touch into external speakers, i get a loud static sound. If i plug my nano into the speakers its fine. If i use headphones for the Ipod touch its also fine. Please help =)
  53. G

    Harman kardon drive and play

    my harmon kardon drive and play is not working
  54. G

    Old 7 pin din connector to audio rca

    Hello, i got an old B&O receiver which have only 7 pin DIN connector. i want to connect my iphone to it and for that i need a 7DIN to audio RCA connector/ do anyone know where to buy it or to make one thank you!!
  55. S

    Mp3 not working

    mp3 516-2 not working although it has been charged, it still will not come on. I don't see a place for a battery.
  56. D

    FREE music download?

    im wondering what a good program is for downloading music... iv used limewire and ares and i like both.. but very risky im wondering if there program like those that is un monitored?
  57. D

    What portable MP3 player has the most storage?

    I'd like one that has the largest hard drive b/c I have lots of music and wish to store as much as possible on it. Thanks. I don't have any interest in watching video, so screen size is not important. Just wanting to play music.
  58. W

    Hum turntable mp3

    I had a deep loud hum when I was recording using Audacity from a Technics slBD3 turntable onto my Dell Inspiron laptop through a Griffin Imic usb adapter. THen, I disconnected my laptop from its ac charger and ran off battery power, and the hum is gone. Something to do with the ac-dc transformer?
  59. stumpiesgrump

    8gb ipod nano. does not recognize any mp3 music

    was given an ipod nano. it does not recognize any mp3 music i load from my pc (use winamp). suggestions ? giver of unit unable to assist. -stev
  60. H

    Ipod only produces sound when speaker plugged in a certain way?

    I have an Ipod touch 2nd Generation and 8gb. It has been having this problem for months that if you don't plug in speakers/headphones a certain way, the sound is REALLY quiet. I have to twist the jack plug-in to an angle where it sounds okay. I've used 2 sets of Apple stock earphones, Sony...