Jun 15, 2011
ok i bought an mp3 player the make is ARCHOS and well i started using it everything was fine for about 2 weeks about that and now it says i have no music in the musical file so i plus it into my laptop to put the music back on but when i open the files from the mp3 the music file is not there and i have no deleted anything from it at all any help here please?


Oct 15, 2007
this website has shown changes in spelling.. i doubt they are going to help keeping your data integrity.

you post a paragraph and come back to see it been altered, without any 'this message has been edited' on the post.

probably the same type of nuisance you are experiencing.
unless somebody got ahold of the mp3 player and started to delete things.

maybe the chip on the mp3 player proved to say that the file was corrupted, and instead of showing you 'this file is corrupted' or trying to play it back with all of the data artifacts.. the file was removed from the selection.

a memory chip that doesnt hold things in memory is worthless.
having somebody pick up your mp3 player and delete files is also questionable.